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CQAR Magazine Contest

We invite visual artists, working in all fine art media that can be depicted on the printed page, to submit their artwork in order to be considered for publication in the Summer 2022 Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine.

Circle Quarterly is a premium quality printed magazine, available also in digital form. With seven back issues, the magazine has been met with great success from an extended readership of international art lovers and art professionals.

Through this contest, 60 artists will be selected for 1, 2,3 or 4 pages and the Front/Back Covers of Circle Quarterly Art Review | Summer 2022 Magazine.

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Artists On Review

Minimal Visions: Peter Zarkob

Renacer - Photograph 30 x 34,9 cm

"My work is inspired by real scenes from my closest environment, transforming them to endow them with symbolism and thus represent abstract concepts in which my thoughts, reflections, feelings, state of mind are reflected... Minimalist photography allows me to reduce a scene to the minimum expression, focusing on the essential and eliminating the superfluous."

From Australia with Love: Jan Williams

Iron lady 5 - Iron, polyester-fibreglass 38 x 20 x 20 cm

"A large proportion of the population where l live is overweight. In a non-derogative way, l like to use their formal qualities to create personalities and use their shapes as a language in expressing a variety of ideas from the natural and the human world, sometimes, portraying people l know."

With a Twist: Victor Montague

The Starting 5 - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in.

Victor Montague is a self-taught artist, born and raised in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Specializing in realism and figurative painting, he uses oil paint to convey his message. Growing up rooted in a community filled with the riches of black culture came with both its benefits and challenges while simultaneously trying to cope with growing into manhood being black in America.

Baroque Skies: Jason Engelbart

EUPHORIA II - Digital Neo Painting, Fine Art Print on Alu Dibond 180 x 145 cm

"My abstract-baroque works are based on my personal exploration of the diversity of our being. They are at the same time a reflection of the universal love that unites us all and they are an expression of my deep respect for our being, for the wonders of life and for every creature in this world. Against this background, my works are a homage to life, to our being."

Scale Matters: Oleg Lobykin

The Head of AI (profile view) - 55 x 26 x 26 cm

"Observing the natural world and mystery of transformation inspires me. My work depicts an ongoing search for the origins of form and exploration of portals to other dimensions. Shifting realities is a recurring theme in this work, as are transformation and challenging perception. Ideas that are thought-provoking, impactful, and engaging take form in the visible realm."

Sotrytelling: Susan Borowitz

Marooned - Archival Digital Print 40 x 27 in.

"I am a storyteller. And it’s the story deep inside our psyches that I seek to tell, revealing opposing forces inherent in my subject: humor in the darkness, beauty in the ugly, oddity in the banal. I invite my viewers to feel uncomfortable."

Visions & Dreams: Klara Sedlo

Cloudy, Partly Dinosaurs - Oil on canvas 159 x 100 cm

"I work with the viewer's subconsciousness; my paintings want to nudge your imagination, they are based on visions and dreams. Short sneak peeks into stories and characters allow viewers to run their own continuation of what is depicted on the painting."

New Age Expressionism: Eric Wixon

"Inner conflict / inner peace seems to be the most commonly recurring theme in my work. Often, my paintings attempt to process the whirlwind of emotions associated with the human experience. I find intent, meaning, and relation are all coincidental with creation, regardless truly personal work speaks to the collective consciousness."

The Perfectionist: Nyle Major

Repulse - Oil on canvas 50 x 100 cm

"Classical realism is a driving force behind this painting. Coupled with a contemporary framework, the work is drawn from traditional inspiration & methods to replicate and expand on the 19th century French art movements, while using a theme familiar to traditional art."

Digital Media: Nicolas Castell

The Meeting - Digital media 21 x 31 cm

“I like to explore the limits of the imagination; there is a nice sense of travel and freedom in this way of creating. I would like to offer a little journey to the spectator with my work. Where he can relax, imagine and feel free.”

Color Story: Aina Putnina

Stairs to the second floor - Acrylic on canvas 90 x 70 cm

Latvian artist, Aina Putnina graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1992 and the Baltic International Academy in Riga, Latvia in 2011. Since 1994, Aina participates in exhibitions, workshops, plain airs and other projects in Latvia and abroad.

Architectural Visions: Artem Ogurtsov

QUADROFARIUS - Oil & acryl on canvas, paper, collage 70 x 100 cm

"For a long time, I have been worked as a designer in various professional areas. Due to the lack of creative realization, I took up my own independent creativity. For a long time, I positioned my art only in a nonprofit format and recently started to enter the art market. A short time ago, I became interested in creating video art, and experience in CG, especially with 3D-graphics, came in handy."

Juxtapositions: Annuli Viherjuuri

Consideration and Maturity, 2022 - Oil on canvas 110 x 95 cm

"I work with oil on canvas. I like to play with thin and thick layers, and also with glossy transparency and velvety of beeswax. My goal is to create an organic whole of different shapes and color, and to leave space for surprises and for many interpretations."

The Rhythm of Color: Georg Douglas

Secret garden Oil on canvas 200 x 300 cm

"The complex world of flowers from the visible down to the molecular scale and dancing, especially Irish dancing. These may seem disparate themes, but they inspire finished abstract works which are very comparable.

Color Burst: Paul Foropoulos

Night Fever - Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in.

"My Art is inspired by everyday images which are composed from life. It is also inspired by the beauty and wisdom of color and meaning that our Creator has offered to us through His Amazing Creation. It is very important to express and share these meaningful thoughts through color and Shape. A tiny dot to our culture."

Bold & Beautiful: Eduardo Blanco

Naisei - Oil on board 0 x 60 cm

"I consider my artwork as Contemporary Figurative. I mixt a few different styles to get a painting according to the times we live in. My work is the result of reflection, planning, analysis and execution through different techniques, although I try to make it seem fresh and spontaneous. Inspiration comes through different channels: an image; light and shadow effects; a concept or idea; a theme..."

Tenderly: Weiting Wei

Seed - Polymer clay 5 x 12 x 5 in.

"Transitioning from girl to mother feels like the moment that we acquire our protective layers, our feathers, scales and armor. But our interior becomes softer, more sensitive with the love and bond we develop for our children. So in some ways, we are weaker should something pierce through our armor."

Wood Relief: Scott Troxel

King (2021)

"I draw on the aesthetics of bygone technology and the forward-looking designs of the Atomic Age and mid-century modernism to make dynamic, retro-futurist wooden sculptures that evoke nostalgia for the past as much as they look to the future. I am fascinated by the way pieces of technology, culture, and design reveal their age and aim to make work that cannot be pinned to a specific era."

Past and Present: Lannie Hart

THE LOVERS - Two pedestal sculptures that fit together. Bronze, brass, polymer clay, wood, gold foil, black marker and found objects 71 x 25 x 9.5 in.

"My work examines the perception of women in contemporary society as informed by their portrayal in history and myth. My figurative sculpture, installation and painting embrace ornate found object assemblage as I work to merge the past with the present."

The Photographer: Holly Wilmeth

Calm in the Storm - Photograph

Holly creates images that embody elements of nature, mysticism, and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies, symbolism, diverse cultures and a deep spiritual practice, her images are a personal interpretation of her life’s sacred dance. Both wisdom and wonder speak through her images, as they reveal a visual journey of the alchemy of being human and being part of this earth.

Tensions: Maj-Britt Niklasson

The very first morning - Oil on canvas 130 x 120 cm

"My inspiration: shadow and light. Tension pulling in different directions. Suspense, endurance and patience until the right moment is there for that which has to mature and be born into something new. Thesis and antithesis become a synthesis. This is a big part of my inspiration."

Performance Art: Shuai Xu

4C+37.11 - Land art

“My current works focus on the invisible world, and much of my inspiration comes from my dreams. I am interested in humanity's relationship to the cosmos, particularly as it plays out here on Earth, in the relationship between individuals and nature. I hope to explore my interior world more deeply while expanding outward, to engage society and beyond.”

Surreal and Poignant: Ophelia Redpath

British Domestic - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm
""My work is currently centring on the relationship between the wild world and the human world, with an emphasis on the sharp distinction between natural life forms with their motivations intentions, unique characteristics and colours, and the synthetic world devised by human beings, which is rapidly eclipsing and confusing our planet. I pose questions as to what is natural at this point in time."

New Genres: Mary Mattingly

High Anxiety - Graffiti on aluminum with neon 24 x 54 in.

"My work draws attention to the continuity of images as they pass through time, from my all-American upbringing time frame to today’s contemporary imagery of outside graffiti. Inspired by multiple mediums, I can rarely confine myself to one art form, sculpture, mixed media, prints, and drawings."

Classical Realism: Abdelfettah Karmane

Nature morte avec instruments de musique - Watercolor on paper 81 x 113 cm
"I am a laureate of the School of Plastic Arts in Rabat, my career spans more than 36 years of artistic experience in which I have organized several individual and collective exhibitions at the national and international level I also have several interviews, reports and press articles, the last of which was a very nice encounter with the watercolorists' magazine l'art de l'aquarelle."

Colorful Abstract: Christiane David

"As life is a journey, my art is my vehicle and I see my work as milestone expressions. Using watercolor and oil I emphasize the nature of the color more than the nature of the object itself. In my abstract painting I completely eliminate the subject to concentrate on color, shape and rhythm, a painterly exploration and an attempt to capture the soul essence of life."

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News from our Latest Contest

CFA Artist of the Month

Rafael De Armas

(Painter, Uruguay/New Zealand)

Rafael De Armas was born in Uruguay, South America. He completed tertiary studies at the Uruguayan School of Fine Arts using Bauhaus methods. As the result of Rafael's high achievement he was accepted by well-known landscape artist Eduardo Amezaga and Italian Master Lino Dinetto as an apprentice. After many years of vocational training Rafael joined a number of advertising agencies and worked as a free-lance illustrator.

Rafael received the 1st Place Award in the 6th CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting his artwork.

Nathan Miller

(Painter, USA)

Nathan Miller is a contemporary realist painter of wildlife and people. His work primarily explores the theme of coexistence. Nathan began his professional career from the beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica, where he spent five years painting the wildlife and people of that region. In 2017 Nathan returned to his home state of Florida where he has since been featured in the American Art Collector Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, and the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine online.

Nathan currently lives in Covington, Georgia where he is working on a series portraying vulnerable species often immersed in scenes with man-made artifacts of cultural significance.

Nathan received the 2nd Place Award in the CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting his artwork.

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Hari Lualhati

(Painter, Philippinnes/South Africa)

Hari Lualhati is a full-time artist who is permanently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She calls her latest works “SOULWORKS” because they are a direct connection to her soul. Her figurative subject being accompanied by animals and nature shows that we are all connected. Hari’s pieces harmoniously combine impressive realism with fine details, and amazing expressionism with her techniques and symbolism that unfold a story behind the elements used.

Hari received the  2nd Place Award in the CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting her artwork.

Read a Q&A with the artist >>

Michele Benzamin-Miki

(Painting/Drawing - USA)

"My art is inspired by my work over the past three decades as a teacher of Zen and a mentor to artists, activists, business people, and prison inmates. I use large calligraphic brushes with Sumi inks on paper. Each stroke involves meditation, a ‘point zero’ inner stillness before or as I am creating each piece. I want to make visible this inner world. The intention is to invite the viewer to access "a whole body state of being present, in the presence of the art." To see the art with the experience I had while I was painting. A transmission."

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