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Spotlight Magazine

Issue 21

Discover the 21st issue of Spotlight, Contemporary Art Magazine featuring a diverse selection of over 120 works by international artists from around the globe. Together, we examine one more chapter in the story of what art looks like today, in a wide array of media, discipline and style. Flip through the pages of the entire magazine online or order your print copies to enjoy this remarkable collection.

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Artists On Review

Magical Realsim: Lukáš KÁNDL

(Lukáš KÁNDL) Lohengrin - My Beloved Swan oil on canvas - 195 x 130 cm

"I like to think that in another life, I was yet living in Prague, as somebody in charge of Rudolf II’s fabulous collection in which you could find, for example, astrological tools, potions to make gold, the philosophical stone, impenetrable manuscripts full of VITRIOL formula."

Lukáš received 1st Place in the CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019.

The Sensationalist: Iva Troj

"As a child, I was taught to question one-dimensional narratives, which grew from a survival technique to a technology of the artistic self. That is probably why I often focus on the normalization of dysfunctional discourses, from the victimization of the female gender to religious dogma and racism."

Iva received 2nd Place in the CFA Artist of the Year 2019 Award.

Fresh and Colorful: Sarah Ann Weber

Installation: Chicago 1969 at EXPO CHICAGO, presented with Anat Ebgi Gallery, 2019

"I draw landscapes that combine my observations and memories of the natural world with abstraction. Here, figures are camouflaged, androgynous, and more plant-based than human. There is beauty, but upon closer inspection, violence and decay are also present."

Sarah received 3rd Place in the CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019.

Visible/Invisible: William Catling

Guardian of the Sacred, 2017 - Stoneware 82 x 16.5 x 16.5 in.

"Using the figure as a vessel for ideas and concepts, the work is about the continual discovery of the true human condition residing deep within the earth and the human form. The art is a blending of the visible and the invisible; Matter and spirit joining. The work of the artist, the alchemy of art."

Marks: Joyce Pommer

Curtain Call, acrylic, handmade papers, fabrics on canvas, 30 x 48 in.

"My paintings evolve out of my subconscious in a free-flowing intuitive process; I do not start with a preconceived idea or plan – the art is my reflection. The work I create makes people feel good and instills positive emotions and harmony, along with a curiosity. My work frees the mind and spirit."

Imaginary Environments: Shaun Haugen

I Am Dimension Flora, 2019 - Oil, spray paint, and neo megilp on canvas 76 x 53 x 1,5 in.

My work is an experiment with the portrayal of exotic forms in nature. I depict not only exotic plant life, but sensual images and colors that relate to nature in its prehistoric state. My paintings are an imaginary environment where viewers can immerse themselves in an alternate condition that existed at the beginnings of humankind."

Total Mood: Laura Peretti

No Tomorrow - Mixed Media 8 x 11 in.

"My work is based on the atmosphere of a moment and its intimacy; the secrets behind it. I have always believed that stories have a life of their own. I like to silently intrude into different private scenes of ongoing stories, inviting you to come along with me as a silent spectator."

Subject to Being: Abbey Stace

Coma - Mixed media 30 x 30 in.

"My images have no subject, but refer to both material and conscious states of being. They aim to capture the mystery, spaciousness, and rich imperfect beauty of the natural world and reflect that all matter is interconnected and subject to the dispassionate pressure of time."

Color Pop: Janni Nyby

Untitled - Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

"I paint colorful nature and landscape abstractions. The inspiration I get from nature's incredible colors, shapes and elements. My approach is best described as abstract expressionist and I love using all colors in the palette."

Colorburst: Sushila Oliphant

Ataraxia - Acrylic pointillism on art board 11 x 14 in.

“I love to capture that wondrous spiritual feeling of awe that certain places in nature emit. I paint from those memories and the peace and joy of having been there - even if only in my imagination. Painting nature is so inspiring and is the food for my soul on its journey."

Beautiful Abstract: Katie Willes

Puppet on a String - Mixed media 12 x 16 in.

"I paint abstractly, layering line, shape and color. I build up layers, letting things peek through, and I break them down, scratching and scraping, to reveal what’s beneath. For me, it’s about the process. The journey brings its own meaning."

Bold Rhythms: Rosario Bond

Happy Ashes I, 2016 -Acrylic-Flashe Paint on Canvas 72 x 72 in.

"In my work, the process is where the excitement is. I really need to be in the present, it is like a meditation, my work is completely intuitive and develops as I go along. It is also very physical, gestural and dynamic. I tend to work very fast at the beginning then I start slowing down, observing and editing. I like the element of surprise."

Waves: Sarah Morton

sea//shore 2 - Digital photograph 100 x 60 cm

“Based in Kintyre, Scotland, surrounded on three sides by water my work is very influenced by the sea and the notorious Scottish weather. I am constantly amazed and challenged by the changing light and atmospherics, the unpredictable weather and the awesome light quality.”

From Italy with Love: Laura Daddabbo

Vision softly creeping - Digital photograph

"My creative production is mainly focused on the identity, emotions and sensibility of the female world always in relation to time and the importance of the past in women's lives."

New Genres: Mariojosé Ángeles

Bajé con Trenzas

Mariojosé Ángeles was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1965 and is a visual artist with more than 30 years of experience and international background. In 1982, he began studying Architecture (University Autonomous of Santo Domingo) and three years into the program, he decided to completely change direction and study Painting.

Imperfections: Joakim Sederholm

Black&White - Painted wood 78 cm

"My focus is on the human experience, on what it feels like to be human. The warmth and kindness within us inspire me. Like us humans, my sculptures have their shortcomings and defects. Patches and stitches hold parts together. By sharing things life becomes easier for everybody. Nobody is perfect…”

Animal World: Angela Banks

Hide and Seek - Oil on canvas 130 x 90 cm

"Living and working in the rat race city of Johannesburg, I am inspired to create a quiet world of my own away from all the daily noise. Within this still space, I am able to filter the busyness by creating paintings of people and their counterpart animals in an ordered world of alluring calm."

Moon & Stars: Jisoo Kang

Moon and Stars from a Sea Cave - Color slide film 60 x 60 mm

"We are passengers traveling together on a spaceship called Earth. I circled the sun 44 times in this spaceship, which is spinning around itself once a day. One of my favorite works is the panning shot about this spin with color slide films."

The Classicist: Jon Bøe Paulsen

Beneath The Facade - Lithograph 62 x 93 cm

"Being a painter suits me perfectly since I like to be my own master. I consider myself as an artist belonging to the group of new realists where the human being is looked upon in a new light and painted strongly figurative."

Mixed media: Barbara Andino-Stevenson

Woman Spirit

"My rich internal life longs to find a form in which it can be seen, felt, and touched. A sculptural alchemist, I work with natural materials--clay, bark, and sometimes stones--enjoying a magical collaboration with these elements. Magic happens when I allow myself to enter the quiet flow where only clay, bark, my eyes, and the skill of my hands reveal the visible from the invisible."

Mythologies of Color: Gerhard Rabe

Waymarks - Acrylic on paper 26 x 36 cm
"My picture compositions unite aspects of the naturalistic area with abstract elements. Visual art gives me the opportunity to bring my innermost to the outside. My art always oscillates on the border area between objectivity and abstraction."

Reflections on Nature: Shirley O Originals

Appearing - Canvas

"On my many walks in nature, I see faint images in plants, trees, concrete and old metal. I then take a photo of the image and spend many hours or months, digitally painting what I imagine it to be."

Porcelain Dreams: Eva Cocco

2019 Android's Dream - Porcelain 13 x 12 in.
"My heritage is a main theme in my creative process: I use as reference the corals, the shells and sea-urchins of the Sardinian sea, the unique design of ancient jewelry that still nowadays decorates our traditional costumes. I get inspired by the distinctive shape of the typical sweets of my hometown, Nuoro.”

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CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Lukas Kandl accepts his award

Paris based painter, Lukas Kandl ( accepts his award. Lukas was selected as 1st Place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

“What is the most important to me is to offer paintings in front of which the spectator will take time to sit down, to enter in harmony with the painting, and then have his own walk, as an awaken dream, giving him, even for a short time, a rare and unusual feeling.”

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Sarah Ann Weber accepts her award

Los Angeles based artist, Sarah Ann Weber ( accepts her award. Sarah was selected as 3rd place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

"I draw landscapes that combine my observations and memories of the natural world with abstraction. Here, figures are camouflaged, androgynous, and more plant-based than human. There is beauty, but upon closer inspection, violence and decay are also present."

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Artist: Chris Pothier

Accepts CFA 1st Place Award in the contest "Art in the Time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing"

Artist: Holly Boruck

Accepts CFA 2nd Place Award in the contest "Art in the Time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing"

Artist: Mayuko Ono Gray

Accepts CFA 3rd Place Award in the contest "Art in the Time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing"

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