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Amazing Detail: Monica Lee

Kevin - Graphite 21 x 31 in.

""My inspiration comes from photography. I like black and white photographs because of their classic quality. Thus, my drawings are in black and white. I like the idea of using something as simple as a pencil to create a piece of art. My style emphasizes the details and textures of the subject matter."

Telling A Story: Ola Lis

Touch # 2 - Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm

"Despite my education, I am not so interested in Architecture as much as I am in Man. As a scientist, I explore issues regarding the relationship between Man and the environment and, aside from my research and teaching work, Man is a subject for my painting studies in various portrait impressions."

Ceramics and Installation: Mary Di Iorio

Untitled - Ceramics

Mary Di Iorio collaborated in the formation of the Faculty of Arts, Federal University of Uberlândia - MG, where she was a teacher and Chair of the Department. She is the author of the book "Ceramics in Brazil: Systematization Bibliographic." and has been published in critical catalogs, magazines, books, newspapers etc.

Structures in Nature: Eric Wiles

The Rose - Color photograph

"As a world traveler at an early age, the appreciation of natural beauty and the allure of man-made objects sparked my creative imagination. Photography allows me the opportunity to capture moments in time and share this expression of beauty through Still Life and Fine Art Imaging."

A Very Personal Aesthetic: Olga Nozdrina

Foky, The Moment You Graduated 21 x 30 cm

"My personal purpose is to show the whole universe in simple everyday objects, to give them an extra meaning, and also an additional architectural geometry. William Blake: To see a World in a grain of sand, And a Heaven in a wild flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour."

Mysterious Worlds: Sam Barrow

Stasis #1 - Digital photography on canvas 700 x 700 mm

"Photography is my way of entering a magical ‘Between World’ – a world that is more vital and real than our everyday illusory experience would have us believe. Playing with mystery and fooling with dark and light allows me to reveal half-truths within my sanctuary of harmony and serenity."

Variety of Discipline: Yuichi Onouchi

E-Stool - Wood and iron 550 x 450 mm

Yuichi Onouchi is a Japanese Artist born in Tokyo in 1990, and working with a variety of media producing from photography to fine art furniture.

Beneath the Surface: Vicky Talwar

Colours Of Worship - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 30 x 40 in. (detail)

" Inspired by what lies beneath the surface, I experiment with mixed media to unravel hidden layers, creating an illusion of depth. Layering and texturing is a key theme in my work, exposing the intricacy of the natural world and in ourselves."

The Nostalgic Images of Eduardo Fujii

Still Life With Self Portrait And Gerbera - Pigment ink on archival luster paper 12 x 18 in.

Like Robert Mapplethorpe once said about himself, I am obsessed with beauty and perfection, and like him, I am also never satisfied. I have a need to make art and impart something of myself to my work just like self-portraits. I work with film/digital cameras, lensless cameras, or no camera at all."

Storytelling in Porcelain: Eva Cocco

N.027 - Aegean white porcelain 13 x 10 in.

"I am a self-taught sculptor and by far my favorite narrative tool is porcelain. Besides other things, I am a sci-fi geek and through my pieces, I talk about meandering cities and tortuous architectures, about heritage and ancestral stories, entropy and chaos, life and death in this and other planets."

Unique Technique: Lynden Cowan

The Wetlands - Oil on canvas 24 x 30 in.

"I strive to envelop the viewer with the feeling of inclusion in the mood and transformation of visual presentation, to the finished artwork."

The Oddities: Terry Golletz

The Oddities Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in.

"I do what I do because I enjoy the challenge, the process, and the results. All else seems beyond my control."

From Russia with Love: Natalia Bragina

Landscape With Young Man By Samovar, Oil on cardboard 70 x 50 cm

Bragina has had no fewer than fifteen solo exhibitions including shows in Sweden and the USA as well as art auctions in Paris, France. Bragina recently exhibited at New York World Art Fair 2016, the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City and opened her most recent color show VISION at Marina Tsvetaeva Museum, Moscow.

PhotoRealism: Danguole Serstinskaja

Tortoiseshell Cat - Pastel on velour 25 x 35 cm

"Photorealism perfectly represents my understanding of art, in that it must display the mastery of the artist."

Award-winning Lithuanian artist, Danguole Serstinskaja focuses on hyper-realistic animal portraits. With decades of experience in training, breeding and judging dogs as an FCI Judge, as well as keeping other animals, she draws upon her understanding of animal psychology as well as anatomy to produce art that captures and embeds the animal's emotions.

Sensitive Gesture: Gunilla Daga

On Stormy Seas Acrylic on canvas 53 x 68 cm

Living in Stockholm, Sweden, Gunilla Daga produces art which, in John Austin’s words, is “drawn out of private experience, reaches out in universal terms to touch everyone on different levels."  Her use of earth tones and primitive shapes reveal a sensitive delicacy. Daga mixes red iron oxide, bone black and titanium white to achieve a sophisticated pattern that produces an organic aesthetic. 

Eastern Influence: Anna-Maija Rissanen

Growing Up - Acrylic and black ink pen on paper 32,5 x 26,5 x 1 cm

“Tensions such as visibility-invisibility and fragility-power inspire me; linking how I experience life. I tend to represent these themes through landscape scenes that lay in between eastern-western representations of figurative and abstract painting in divers supports and medias.”

Subtle Meaning: Grace Huang

One Way - Oil on canvas 100 x 121 cm Price upon request

"My work concept has captured the subject matters for the art and reality, to explore the subtleties of meaning in everyday life. I aim to share my ideas with the viewers who participate and inspire their imagination. I think, to a certain extent; we explore the art world from different perspectives.”

Surreal Juxtapositions: Janice Alamanou

Human Nature - Spring

"I want you to look deeper, to see and understand emotion, life, and nature within the image."

Young Photographer: Sarang Bhand

Pollen - Mobile Photograph - Archival paper print 10 x 10 in.

"A keen student of photography, I’m still exploring the Art and love to experiment with new techniques."

Carving New Narratives: Elizabeth Frank

Migration #3 - Carved fallen aspen, bronze, acrylic paint, metal leaf, wax, 18.5 x 18 x 8 in.

"My carving style is inspired by iconic images found in folk, tribal and primitive art. The themes I choose are personal yet universal. My love for the natural world and my concern for the environment translate into works about the complex relationship between humans and nature in this modern age."

Attention to Detail: Max Werner

Con Art - Acrylic and graphite on canvas 38 x 58 in.

"My work is generally based on observation of my environment, or what surrounds me. Landscapes, public places such as museums, libraries pubs, etc... This feeds my imagination, produces ideas, and the result of this has variously been described as realist narrative, with a touch of surrealism."

Bare Minimums: Bernd Steinert

Urforme Sickl - Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

“I’m a dreamer and love real things. That's why I reduce mercilessly.”

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