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Although this is a challenging time, we hope the common experience that people are sharing globally can provide an opportunity for goodness and become the ground for each one of us to look inward and to grow forward people, as citizens, as creatives, as artists.

Just Opened: Artist of the Month Contest & Grant

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We invite artists working in all fine art media (except video and film art) to submit their images for participation in our Artist of the Month contest.  Through this contest we will give out a 1,000€ cash grant as well as feature on our website for the selected artists and finalists. Visit the contest page to see details and prepare your images to join this project today!

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Artists On Review

Magical Realsim: Lukáš KÁNDL

One pearl per day for Judith (tribute to Caravaggio) - Oil on canvas 195 x 130 cm

"I like to think that in another life, I was yet living in Prague, as somebody in charge of Rudolf II’s fabulous collection in which you could find, for example, astrological tools, potions to make gold, the philosophical stone, impenetrable manuscripts full of VITRIOL formula."

Lukáš received 1st Place in the CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019.

The Sensationalist: Iva Troj

What Gives - Oil on canvas

"As a child, I was taught to question one-dimensional narratives, which grew from a survival technique to a technology of the artistic self. That is probably why I often focus on the normalization of dysfunctional discourses, from the victimization of the female gender to religious dogma and racism."

Iva received 2nd Place in the CFA Artist of the Year 2019 Award.

Fresh and Colorful: Sarah Ann Weber

The Plot - Colored pencil on paper, framed 24 x 32 in.

"I draw landscapes that combine my observations and memories of the natural world with abstraction. Here, figures are camouflaged, androgynous, and more plant-based than human. There is beauty, but upon closer inspection, violence and decay are also present."

Sarah received 3rd Place in the CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019.

Brushstroke by brushstroke: Marion Tubiana

Renaissance - Soft pastel 40 x 50 cm

"To give a soul and an emotion to my paintings is before all that I look for. I paint with my heart, I put what I feel and beyond the realism that emerges from my paintings, I try to have this something that will make it more than a photo. The work of looks and dramatic light fascinates me. The eyes reflect the soul and can not lie and it is the light that allows me to give dimension and strength."

East Meets West: Emiko Aida

Sinfonietta - Rising, Mixed media 120 x 160 x 5 cm

"So many fantastic inspirations come to me from Art, Nature, Spirituality and Science. I can see shapes in Music, rhythms in Nature, colours in Spirituality and vibration in Science. I am just trying to be a good receiver and explicate them into my art. Gautama Buddha, Nikola Tesla are my imaginary masters."

Dancing with Color: Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Twilight - Bruges XI - Oil on linen 80 x 46 cm

“If the world were clear, art would not exist.” - Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

Look Closer: Gary Aagaard

Blinded by Delight Redux - Oil on canvas 30 x 20 in.

"My work is the product of my environment over the last three decades. Generally, I've had a positive experience yet tend to be irked by frequent political and religious hypocrisy, general apathy and dogma of any stripe that leads to social and spiritual tunnel vision."

Impressionist Abstracts: Kristin Holm Dybvig

Cascading Vivacity 3 - Dry Pastels on 300g cotton paper 48 x 36 cm

"My artworks are vibrant impressionistic abstracts, I explore the dynamic dialogues, the inherent luminosity and vitality of the colours. I use dry pastels to achieve an ethereal quality to my work that is hard to come by in other mediums."

Mixed Media: Fay Wood

Bird in Flight - Collage 20 x 20 in.

“I’m inspired by the materials I work with (usually found objects); the touch, feel and intensity of them. The pleasure of working with a beautiful piece of wood, the visual impact of applied color, and the textures of fabrics; how I can imagine the ways to use them is intensely moving.”

Body Speaks, Light Listens: Amazilia Photography

Body Ballet - Photograph 20 x 16 in.

With a life-long connection to nature and a fascination for humanity's place within the natural world, Amazilia strives through his photography to express humans' love and appreciation for the world around us, and our place within it. Diverse beauty and creativity are at the core of his work.

Worlds Imagined: Angela Keller

Metamorphosis - Oil on linen 60 x 83 cm

“My painting is about passion and the freedom of experiment, in search of the poetic, surreal and ironic essence where nothing is impossible.”

Oil on canvas: Ruthie Marchand

Spiraling - Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in.

"I am interested in the role of the figure and portrait in conveying a psychology with which the viewer can empathize. My subjects are immersed in introspection and situated in an environment reflective of their psyche."

Making Purpose: Anson Liaw

Taking Lives - App. 20 x 30 in.

"I feel I am useless as an artist when I am happy. Pain is what creates my artwork. The painful experiences that people go through as they journey through life from childhood to adulthood which is full of chaos and hardship are what motivates me to possess my objectives to make purposeful artwork."

Light is the Medium: Philip Noyed

Skyfall - Lamda durantran print, acrylic, LED lights 4 x 3 ft

Philip Noyed creates luminous art that explores light, color and space in two and three dimensions. He combines the use of abstract photography, digital manipulation, acrylic fabrication, printing technologies, LED lights and VR to create innovative color and light experiences.

Attention to Everything: Paola Boni

Lucky Luke is so crushed - Acrylic and oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm

Italian painter, Paola Boni was born in Colorno, Parma where she lives and works today. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Commerce and for years she has worked in her family's business until she decided to follow her strongest desire: to work every day with colors.

Constructing Narratives: Milos Nejezchleb


"My photographs are characterized by their bold color, artistic concept, often with elements of Surrealism. I usually capture my projects in series of 3-10 pictures and like to hide social themes into them. I often use elements like minimalism, symmetry, emotional emptiness."

Adding Positively: Dieneke Tiekstra

Balancing in Time (Two views) 64 x 27 x 20 cm

"With my sculptures, I want to contribute in a positive way. My art must invite people to ask questions. It must challenge, evoke reactions and emotions. It is a constant search for balance, not too abstract, not too figurative, but somewhere in the middle so the imagination is stimulated."

Transforming Kitsch: Pancho Jimenez

Marks the Spot

"I explore the elusiveness of dreams and memory joining together molded forms in unlikely combinations. I Transform kitsch elements into complex pieces with a rich and relevant focus."

His own world: Billy the Kid Neon – Numen

The Adventures of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans & The Known God & Abraxas & The Unknown God in the Lost Canyon - Mixed media 9 x 5 x 5 ft

"I am an outsider artist. I am self-taught and use unusual materials in my work such as sheetrock and neon paint. My work is for me a spiritual path. I became an artist when I was "Richard Dreyfussed" (as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) at Home Depot one day and have been at it ever since."

Still Life Photographer: Lynn Karlin

Still Life with Grapes & Plums - Digital Photograph 24 x 16 in.

"My still life series was inspired eleven years ago by a book on 19th-century amateur photographer Charles Jones, an English gardener whose passion was to document fruit and vegetables. The opening quote by Vincent Van Gogh who said, "How difficult it is to be simple." resonates with me."

Let's Nature Speak: Stas Bartnikas

Low Tide Secrets - Digital photograph 120 x 90 cm
"I'm convinced that Mother Nature is the most sophisticated painter and see it as my mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form."

An Expressive Formalism: David Safhay

Bark Quatet - Ash bark, watercolor, Polymer clay, graphite, 4 aluminum framed walnut cradles 36 x 96 x 2 in.

"In my early works, I drew from nature to learn how things grew to look the way they do. Structures and surfaces possessed properties that one could reproduce if you had the eye and hand. The more believable or convincing a piece grew, the more closely you would have to observe nature. I would do this until my later years where I shifted towards sculpture where 3D would contribute to verisimilitude."

Rejoice: Rebecca L. Fraser

Centering - Ceramics
"My work is anthropomorphic and whimsical. Subtle and varied influences have shaped my unfolding as a ceramist artist: patterns revealed in the rhythm of life, and the constant vitality of contemporary reality."

Ample Beauty: Gerard Huber

Classical Figures II - Amplexus Aeternus

"My strategy is to employ beauty as a subversive instrument of seduction, a peacefully sensual way of drawing the viewer into a space that challenges heteronormative assumptions of male competition, and which demonstrates that same-sex relationships are wholesome, healthy and life-affirming."

Circle Annex: A Quiet Place

A quiet place, a happy place, a dream, a pause.

Violently engaged in a participatory culture that requires us to be constantly connected, our minds are incessantly bombarded with an array of unsolicited information pleading for our emotional reactions. The media has become a cacophony of commercial and political propaganda never ceasing to deliver us personally-outfitted messages aiming to reach our pockets or our deepest feelings.

Our social instinct of belonging has been downgraded to a bunch of pixels forming an upward-pointing-thumb.

Whether we lack the understanding of how our collected data can become the collective enemy or whether we are willingly letting it be gathered for the sake of a bit more comfort in our lives, the cost of our digital habits is about to equal the loss not only of our political democracy, but of our true identities altogether. Can you truly form your own identity when you are constantly occupied with what others are, say, do, think, or want you to be, say, do or think?

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Lukas Kandl accepts his award

Paris based painter, Lukas Kandl ( accepts his award. Lukas was selected as 1st Place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

“What is the most important to me is to offer paintings in front of which the spectator will take time to sit down, to enter in harmony with the painting, and then have his own walk, as an awaken dream, giving him, even for a short time, a rare and unusual feeling.”

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Sarah Ann Weber accepts her award

Los Angeles based artist, Sarah Ann Weber ( accepts her award. Sarah was selected as 3rd place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

"I draw landscapes that combine my observations and memories of the natural world with abstraction. Here, figures are camouflaged, androgynous, and more plant-based than human. There is beauty, but upon closer inspection, violence and decay are also present."

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