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We are overwhelmed by the remarkably high aesthetic, technical and creative standard of the participating artists in our 2017 Artist of the Year Award. With 1072 visual artists from all 5 continents,  working in disciplines that encompass the entire spectrum of visual art today…


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Circle Quarterly Art Review 

Submit your art today to be considered for publication in the Winter issue of CIRCLE QUARTERLY ART REVIEW. Fifty (50) artists will be published through this contest in one or two pages inside the magazine as well as the front and back covers. 

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Spotlight Magazine

Issue 4

Explore the latest issue of Spotlight Magazine and discover a remarkable selection of art to collect. Connect with each artist with a simple click on their name, read details about their career and inquire about collecting the work. 

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Artists On Review

Modern Master: Pavel Sokov

Jackie - Oil 18 x 24 in.

Pavel Sokov wins the 1st Place Award, in Circle Foundation's Artist of the Year Award. The prize included a 2000Euro cash grant and was announced in January 2018.

Oil on canvas: Karina Plachetka

Tomasso - Oil on canvas 55 x 65 cm

"Anyone expecting just a single subject or technique from my portfolio will be disappointed. The world of creativity is far too large and lively to be so limited. My curiosity attracts me towards the abstraction, after which I return with fresh insight and impulse to realism."

Ambience: Asta Caplan

From a Dream Collector’s Catalogue VIII Oil on canvas 60 x 40 cm

Born 1982 in Finland, to a family of artists, Asta Caplan graduated the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts in Painting with studies in printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Since 2014, Caplan lives in Munich, Germany selling and exhibiting art internationally.

Fluid Geometry: J Nakashima

Chorale 1 - Paper, ink, gel medium, glue 70 x 40 in.

Nakashima's intricate mixed media works are built-ups of delicate textures and precisely juxtaposed forms that produce unique patterns in toned down neutral palettes paired with bolder hues of blues and reds.

Mixed Media: Ritva Georgiades

Flower - Mixed media 39 x 39 cm

"Art is my hobby, my obsession, my love, yearning for something that I cannot give a name to. It is an ongoing journey with its ups and downs."

Pink Minimalism: Oto Rimele

Lumiquadro 1 Wood, color 195 x 37 x 8 cm

“The problem of light is in its being so self-evident that we do not see it; it only becomes marked through its shadow.”

American Printmaker: Deborah Maris Lader

The Heron and The Fish - Etching with Chine-collé 24 x 22 in.

Deborah Maris Lader (Artist, Musician, Performer, Administrator) is the Founder/Director of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative since 1989, and member of the touring indie-folk band, Sons of the Never Wrong.

Storytelling: June Sira

A Girl With Flowers On Her Shirt - Tempera on canvas 120 x 87 cm

"I have always made drawings. Ever since I was a young child. It was just unnatural for me to do anything else even though my parents thought artists was not a profession. The role of an artist is to be true to yourself."

Material Fusion: Teresa Martins

Transformation - Stained glass on canvas 100 x 100 cm

“My painting is a joyful one. The color patch fills the whole support, creating dynamics as a result of the techniques used. It's a liberating and spontaneous painting, and as such perceived by the viewers, conveying a positive and warm energy in each and every work.”

The Tangible VS The Metaphysical: Marek Grychczynski

Desert Heat - Digital media Prints available in various dimensions

Born and educated in Poland, Marek Grychczynski earned his Master’s Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. He presently lives and works in Oakland, California.

Contemporary Photographer: Jenny Woods

Lady - Digital photograph

Jenny Woods is from a rising generation of self-taught photographers. Throughout her childhood in rural America, her camera was her best friend. Now residing in Brooklyn, her work evokes her own life: the turmoil of a small town girl fighting to make it in the city. She is an avid daydreamer, and one can see this dreamlike quality reflected in her art.

Visual Systems: AINO

Read Me I Paper 60 x 84 cm

“My work is more about asking, giving an impulse to reconsider preconceived notions, working out the right questions - a way of reaching a balance within a system.”

To Love Many Things: BaerenzCao

Splash - Breakfast in the green, 2016 - Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm

"The way to know life is to love many things." - Vincent van Gogh

American Illustrator: Eva Redamonti

Collide, 2017 - India Ink on Paper 18 x 22 in.

"By combining movement, structure, symmetry, and detail, I try to obscure the lines between cosmic fantasy and reality while creating a three-dimensional space within two-dimensional media."

Vocabulary of Gesture: DDiArte

"Our work can be seen as satirical in a globalized world, yet still full of differences, other examples can be seen as purely scenic, to be contemplated at will. If some shout out against discrimination, at the same time they pay indelible homage to beauty. Our main source of inspiration is mythology."

Simili/Stimuli: Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Natural Resemblance II Digital photograph (aluminum print) 100 x 75 cm

"I use my camera to transfer and materialize the emotions, which develop in my mind, the excitement caused by encountered reality. Sometimes the photos can abstract from reality, showing different aspects of colors and forms, whereas other times they can simply reflect certain situations."

Texture Adventure: Ida Schjaerff

Wintertales 3 - Magic Snowdrops - Acrylics, pen and transfer on canvas 140 x 120 cm

“ I love the simple fantasy-world of a child that has not yet lost her innocence. I believe in what she perceives, and I believe she is delicate, vulnerable and invincible in her immediate perception of the world.”

What is it? Andrew Etheridge

Primary Specimen II - Silicone and acrylic 3 x 2 x 2 in.

“Throughout history, the human has tried to explore his skin in order to understand, cope, and advance his existence. The focus of my work re-imagines the body as a new creative hyper-surrealistic form by morphing, rearranging, confining, amputating, and displaying its parts for the viewer to examine.”

Heart and Soul: Aleksandra Klepacka

Euron Greyjoy - Pencil on paper 30 x 40 cm

“ ‘I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.’ I am a traditional realist painter with boundless admiration of the world around us and trying to project its beauty onto my canvas.”

From Tel Aviv with Love: Jack Ronnel

Stretching Exercises #2 - B&W Archival-grade cotton matter rag paper print 60 cm x 42 cm

"With documentary-style portraits, without my intervention in any way, I am able to get the real human interaction, emotion and spontaneity, creating an involvement that the viewer can experience."

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