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Issue 12
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Artists On Review

Re-Art: Francesca Busca

Hybrid Cactus (...And Then It Wasn’t), 2018 - Plastic, bone, marble and smalti on marine ply 25 x 43 cm 100% reused material. A year worth's supply of the same medicine vial, fruit nets and used plastic cutlery

Busca is part of the BAMM Committee in the role of Exhibition Officer, and has taken permanent residency at the London School of Mosaic, where she holds a shared studio and teaches short courses from February 2018 on the innovative subject of "Mosaic as Mixed Media".  Francesca is also a member of the Governing Body of the London School of Mosaic.

Re-imagined Landscape: John Brooks

Westminster 3 - Digital composite, Giclee print 90 x 60 cm

"The usage of color transformed my work and added another dimension to the possibilities of creativity and focused on abstraction within the areas of urban and rural landscape influenced by the work of Harry Callahan and Joel Meyerowitz. This period of my work continues to the present time with studies in both the “Deadpan” and abstracted styles."

Ceramics and Installation: Mary Di Iorio

Untitled - Ceramics

Mary Di Iorio collaborated in the formation of the Faculty of Arts, Federal University of Uberlândia - MG, where she was a teacher and Chair of the Department. She is the author of the book "Ceramics in Brazil: Systematization Bibliographic." and has been published in critical catalogs, magazines, books, newspapers etc.

A bridge between the past, present and future: Mathieu Nozieres

Man Listening To The Wind - Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm

I'm inspired by humanity and its various cultures.Through my artworks, I aim to create a bridge between the past, the present, and hopefully, the future."

Milinkov: Ornamental Surrealism

Summer - Acrylic and oil 100 x 81 cm

Serbian Artist, Milinkov lives and works in Paris, France. He has produced hundreds of artworks over the years in his unique and distinctive style.

Everything is A Medium: Sara Hupas

ASPECT - Sponge recycled, hot glue, width 97 cm, variable dimensions

"My works result from the need to organize and give meaning to what people have abandoned and treated as waste. I draw inspiration from phenomena, situation and the specific characteristics of matter. I create abstract works containing an emotional element referring to the psyche and human experience."

Painterly Political: Christopher Pothier

The Scrum - Oil on wooden panel 33 x 60 in.

“Masterfully executed, rich brushstroke and an intricately balanced focus guiding the viewer’s eye around the canvas and forcing it into the center of the scene, Christopher Pothier’s paintings carry the surreal to the political in an array of visual metaphors. His works, sumptuous yet delicate, present philosophical allegories that invite the viewer to contemplate social, civil and very intimate issues.” - Myrina Tunberg Georgiou (Circle Foundation Curator)

Pastel Bridges: Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna

Own Space, 2016 - Pastel 66 x 83 cm

"I search for the tangible surface between the inner and the observable world by introspection during the painting process. I get ignited when something gets a metaphorical meaning. I bridge the soul and reason within the concept of time. Through imagery, I consider the complexities of these dualities."

The Shape of Jana Osterhus' Mind

The Middle of Freedom, 2015 - Acrylic and collage on canvas 160 x 160 cm

"I already had my own style as a child. As a nine-year-old I started an art education, which I completed at the age of sixteen. I studied the image-building of the Old Masters and developed my technique, form and content. Overlay, time, reinterpretation and refractions of the apparent shape my work."

The Watercolorist: Arlene Cornell

Boardwalk - Watercolor 9 x 12 in.

American artist, Arlene Cornell has had major exhibits in galleries in NYC (NY), Toronto (CAN), Spring Lake (NJ) and Rhinebeck (NY) with paintings in numerous collections through the USA and internationally. A self-taught watercolorist, Cornell is a member of the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and the Brooklyn Watercolor Society. She has won numerous awards in juried art exhibitions.

A Realm Beautiful as Imagined: Gus Fine Art

Afternoon - Digital media 2250 x 3000 px

"I'm just trying to show the world what my mind imagines in life; real situations seen through a "filter" in a special, imaginative way. "I'm a dream hunter," I try to capture forever what goes through my mind at that moment when I see an image, I let out that 'dream'."

The Medium is the Message: Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger

OT 1 - Tissue paper, acrylic, paper wool on wooden plate 54,5 x 54,5 cm

“The material finds the idea, the idea finds the material.”

Nodular Creatures: Satomi Sugimoto

Ballerina, 2017 - Oil, glue, and steel wire on stone powder clay 14.5 x 20 x 10.5 in. / 37 x 51 x 26 cm

"I have always been attracted to forms and lines since I was a child. I see motifs of life reflected in my work including organic forms, elemental forces, body parts of humans, insects and animals. My art-making is a spiritual process; a search for the essence of objects."

Public Sculpture: Walter Gordinier

American sculptor, Walter Gordinier was born in 1950 in El Paso, Texas and today lives in Portland. Gordinier is a Blue Chip American artist specializing in large-scale sculpture for private and public venues. He conceives, fabricates and installs proprietary, site-specific works of art for both interior and exterior placement. Walter has a highly motivated vision concerning the environment surrounding the sculpture. He designs urban plazas, healing gardens and develops the landscape theme.

Touched by Philip McKay

Another Life - Digital media 60 x 60 cm

"After years of creating digital art I was still searching what exactly I wanted to achieve and create in my work. I came across the Belgian surreal artist Rene Magritte. When I first saw his work it was then that I wanted to create scenes of idiotic and unreal places."

The Nordic Perspective: Maija Vanhatapio

Rock - Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 x 1,5 cm

"Later I graduated in graphic arts for advertising business and have been an art director in many ad-agencies and during the last years of my working history, I had my own advertising agency. Some years ago I carried out open university studies of fine art in the University of Lapland at Rovaniemi. I also attended several Art courses and workshops."

The Body as a Monument to Beauty and Elegance: Michael Ian Goulding

Amy XVII - Film Capture, 14 x 11 in. $300 (matted, unframed)

"My work celebrates the beauty of the female form and spirit.  While my aesthetic sense springs from wonder at the variety and mystery of the body's physical reality, my photographs are primarily aimed at recording the beauty of the female form from an abstract point of view."

Building Up and Tearing Down: Tadas Zaicikas

Pond - Oil on canvas 59 x 40 in.

“I experiment with various styles and techniques to create something mixed; spiritually and physically on canvas, by continuously building up and tearing down, layer upon layer, adding and subtracting. An instinctive dance between the conscious and the unconscious until the emotion is expressed.”

The Small Things: Rina Suzuki

Secret Garden - Acrylic 20 x 16 in.

Rina Suzuki was born in Taiwan and raised in Japan to a family of artists. She is currently attending a small liberal arts college and is in the process of earning a Degree in Visual & Performing Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art.

PhotoMontage: Anne Jeffery

Florescence - Photomontage 28 x 28 in.

"I photograph the diminutive landscapes of wild and garden flowers, leaves and grasses, and the birds, bugs, and butterflies that dwell within. My montages merge these photographs with clouds, streams, waterfalls, bubbles, and splashes of color. I intertwine multiple layers into a final composition."

Mixed media: Adi Zur

Changes Everything - Mixed media 24 x 24 in.

Adi Z
ur graduated with Honors (Drawing and Painting) at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Ontario. She has studied at The Academy of Art Teachers, Tel-Aviv, Israel and AVNI – Institute of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel and majored in Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University.

Carving New Narratives: Elizabeth Frank

Migration - Carved fallen aspen, antique tin, found objects, mica, acrylic paint, wax, 84 x 16 x 16 in.

"My carving style is inspired by iconic images found in folk, tribal and primitive art. The themes I choose are personal yet universal. My love for the natural world and my concern for the environment translate into works about the complex relationship between humans and nature in this modern age."

East Meets West: Lynn Chen

Grace - Oil on canvas 116.8 x 91 cm

Lynn Chen's art philosophy is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language. An art of goodness, beauty, and truth for sharing with this Universe and expressing the positive power of “Love.”

Visual Thinking: Wolfgang Bellingradt

AMPHORE BLUE, 1999 - Acrylic pigments 190 x 150 cm

"My painting is visualized thinking. I do not see myself as a reminder or a missionary, but as researcher, perceiver, observer, questioner, and documentarist, for instance in the sense of Alexander von Humboldt or Charles Darwin."

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