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Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine

Issue 17

This issue includes a unique selection of 65 artists from around the globe working in a variety of media. With a wide range of aesthetic the pages of the magazine provide a comprehensive chapter in the story of what art looks like today. Flip through the pages to discover art worth collecting and contact each artist directly to discuss acquiring a piece.

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Artists On Review

The Photographer: Bruce Cowell

Speakers Corner, London - Photograph 36 x 55 cm

"My work should not be categorized into different fields of photography but viewed holistically. The aesthetic and intent of each is consistent. The subject does not define a photograph. It is, ultimately, a vehicle through which we can explore the nature of our reality."

Aerial Photography: Stas Bartnikas

Colorado River Tree - Digital photograph 120 x 90 cm

"I'm convinced that Mother Nature is the most sophisticated painter and see it as my mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form."

Shapes & Marks: Cynthia Coldren

Trees on a Thousand Hills

"My paintings are intentional contrasts, both structured and fluid. I use hand-painted paper with acrylic paints, inks and pencil on canvas and paper. My goal is to create visual tension and contrast that expresses a strong connection among disconnected things — aesthetically pleasing and meaningful."

Romance: Asta Caplan

An Extract from a Sleepwalker’s Diary IV Oil on canvas 80 x 120 cm

"As an artist, I'm captivated by light and life. To observe short-lived, mesmerizingly manifold and constantly changing aspects of beauty in life is enough - I believe - to capture something deeper in human intellect and wonder. At their best artworks become life companions to their viewer."

Pointilism: JingFeng Li

Contemplating - Pen and ink on sketching paper 76.4 x 52.3 cm

From Beijing, China, JingFeng Li graduated from Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of American Portrait Society, a contractor of the Sena Art Gallery in France, and a representative painter of modern Chinese painting.

A Unique Perspective: Maryse-Anne Couteau

Chaussure à Son Pied - Color pencils 38 x 38 cm

"I draw with colored and black pencils, and also with very fine Rotring. Anything can inspire me but I enjoy drawing the human body in a fantasy world."

Op Art: Garry D Harley

A Morning in May, No. 14 - Archival pigment ink on canvas

"The series 'A Morning In May', uses traditional abstraction technique searching for intuitive emotional response of serene mood and insight. Each viewer will bring their own individual life experiences to the visual introduction to each piece, but I strive to find a universal serenity response."

Freedom By Juxtaposition: Reiner Langer

Angel Trusted - Mixed media collage on paper 18 x 24 cm

"I have worked my whole life for Freedom. For more than 35 years, doing Mail Art projects titled, "AGAINST WAR" by Reiner Langer. I employ a very special technique: Old-masters mixed media collage, including free drawing, all elements are hand made including the coloration."

To Innovate and Create: Zu Sheng Yu

A Sunny Day

Born in China and living in Long Island, Zu Sheng Yu received his Bachelor's degree (Sculpture, 1987) from Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Arts and is ARC Affiliated Living Artists™. Zu Sheng Yu constantly challenges himself in an artistic sense. His versatility and creative passion lead him through life to create a diverse array of innovative work that includes architecture, painting and sculpture.

PostModern Impressionism: Carmen Rey

Rennes - canvas on wooden panel 38 x 32 cm

"I strive to achieve an emotional representation of the figure, through realistic or imaginative details. Trying to capture the real nature of a person is what propels my art."

Body Landscapes: Michael Ian Goulding

Amy XVII - Film Capture, 14 x 11 in. $300 (matted, unframed)

"My work celebrates the beauty of the female form and spirit. While my aesthetic sense springs from wonder at the variety and mystery of the body's physical reality, my photographs are primarily aimed at recording the beauty of the female form from an abstract point of view."

What Can't Be Seen: Newel Hunter

Quitting While I'm A Head - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in.

"I'm fascinated with the idea of exposing what can't be seen, what's underneath it all; the history, the story, the abstract and random image. And while some of my work is very precise and structured, I revel in the unfixed nature of things. Imperfections are so much more interesting.".

The Perfectionist: Paola Boni

Tex Willer - Acrylic and oil on canvas 60 x 60 cm

Italian painter, Paola Boni was born in Colorno, Parma where she lives and works today. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Commerce and for years she has worked in her family's business until she decided to follow her strongest desire: to work every day with colors.

The Universal Language of Motherhood: Weiting Wei

Lotus.Baby - White Porcelain 4 x 4 x 7 in.

"In my work, the paper lotus is inspired by the lotus pods without seeds. It brings forth a feeling of being left out. These empty lotus pods reference my experience with postnatal depression. My sculpture uses traditional elements to explore very personal, yet universal, experiences of motherhood."

Captured in Bronze: Chippie Kennedy

Into The Woods - Bronze Life-size

“Sculpture is an art form to be shared. A piece of work is an open invitation to the viewer to enjoy and experience through both sight and touch. Each brush of a hand brings subtle changes and new life to the piece. In these moments the piece belongs to the viewer as well as to the artist.”

Alone In Nature: Dennis Casey

Mystic Stacks - Digital photograph Canon 5D Mark IV 24 x 36 in.

"I have been an outdoor adventurer for almost half a century, and I have always had a passion for being alone in nature. My goal as a photographer is to produce images that allow other people to actually feel these experiences and to give them the feeling of what it is like to be alone in nature."

Speaks in Clicks: Moving Elephant


"Moving Elephant by Mark is a Zurich-based photographer and a represented artist of Agora Art Gallery, New York City. For Mark, the art of photography is synonymous with life, embodying a never-ending journey which is manifested in his creativity and artistic vision."

The World Of Painting: Syra Larkin

My Heart's Desire - Acrylic on linen 74 x 83 cm

“I do not set out as an artist to challenge, but more to help realize a deeper sense of ourselves. To gaze at a painting is to take time out from the reality of our lives and enter into the thoughts and reality of another.”

A New Vocabulary: Dave Weindorf

Zodiac, 2017 - Acrylic enamel, glazing and watercolor on clay panel 48 x 36 in.

“I read a lot about historical figures, primitive cultures, and ancient symbols. That definitely influences my art. I feel like I'm bringing the past to today in my expressionistic paintings with bold compositions of line work, watercolor, and abstract glyphs.”

Contemporary Legends: Gill Bustamante

Jungle Portal - Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in.

"I am a professional artist based in East Sussex and I paint large oil paintings featuring landscapes, seascapes, animals, birds and fish. My painting style is a fusion of semi-abstract, traditional, expressionist, impressionist, a little art nouveau and something I refer to as 'Memory Impressionism'."

Inspired By Nature: Monica Loncola

Volta - Oil on canvas 28 x 22 x 2 in.

"My inspiration comes from an intuitive muse deep inside. I find that I'm stopped in my tracks by a guttural pull to create an impression of what's before me. My intention is to capture the essence of an object, rendering a sense of the ethereal. I take my queue from nature and follow my intuition."

Mixed Media: Franco Margari

APPARIZIONE - Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm

"I look for a way to every beyond, every mystery, enigma beyond the boundaries of knowledge, to worlds in which I feel I exist, where bright white calms my thirst for infinity."

Botanical Illustration: Martha Espinoza

Oxypogon Lindenii - Watercolor 22 x 14 in.

Martha Espinoza is a bird, marine life, wildlife, and botanic illustrator. On every artwork she wants to show the beauty that can be found at national parks, wildlife refuges and biological center of her home country, Costa Rica and other countries.

From Japan with Love: IHARA

“My goal is to create a harmonious relationship between nature and artifact. By combining these two conflicting factors, we can remove nature (living organic matter) and non-natural boundaries.”

Circle Annex: A Quiet Place

A quiet place, a happy place, a dream, a pause.

Violently engaged in a participatory culture that requires us to be constantly connected, our minds are incessantly bombarded with an array of unsolicited information pleading for our emotional reactions. The media has become a cacophony of commercial and political propaganda never ceasing to deliver us personally-outfitted messages aiming to reach our pockets or our deepest feelings.

Our social instinct of belonging has been downgraded to a bunch of pixels forming an upward-pointing-thumb.

Whether we lack the understanding of how our collected data can become the collective enemy or whether we are willingly letting it be gathered for the sake of a bit more comfort in our lives, the cost of our digital habits is about to equal the loss not only of our political democracy, but of our true identities altogether. Can you truly form your own identity when you are constantly occupied with what others are, say, do, think, or want you to be, say, do or think?

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Lukas Kandl accepts his award

Paris based painter, Lukas Kandl ( accepts his award. Lukas was selected as 1st Place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

“What is the most important to me is to offer paintings in front of which the spectator will take time to sit down, to enter in harmony with the painting, and then have his own walk, as an awaken dream, giving him, even for a short time, a rare and unusual feeling.”

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Sarah Ann Weber accepts her award

Los Angeles based artist, Sarah Ann Weber ( accepts her award. Sarah was selected as 3rd place recipient through Circle Foundation's annual Artist of the Year competition. More details:

"I draw landscapes that combine my observations and memories of the natural world with abstraction. Here, figures are camouflaged, androgynous, and more plant-based than human. There is beauty, but upon closer inspection, violence and decay are also present."

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