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CFA Artist of the Month Contest

We invite fine artists working in all visual media (except video/film/sound art) to submit artwork and compete in the 5th CFA Artist of the Month contest for a list of titles, three cash grants totaling €2,000 and exposure on our website. Visit the contest page to see more details and participate.

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Circle Quarterly Art Review

Issue 7

An Examination of Current Trends and Original Practices in Visual Art

Leaf through the latest issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review to discover a unique selection of 194 artists from around the world. Inquire about purchasing a featured artwork or collaborating with a featured artist. Visit the magazine page to see more and order your print copies today.

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Artists On Review

Intricate Universes: Georg Douglas

By the roadside - Oil on canvas 100 x 140 cm

"I like my paintings to be strong, whether from colour, form or something else. I want them to invoke an immediate reaction, either confronting the viewers or drawing them in to the work. They do not require much analysis or philosophical consideration, but rather appeal to the emotions and create an atmosphere of joy. The world of flowers and Irish dance have been my inspiration for some time."

Subtleties in Ink: Imogen Clarke

Call to Prayer - Pen and ink 72.5 x 70 cm

I am inspired by natural law, pattern, and the subtle worlds of plants, animals, minerals, and the stars, and making art feels like the most direct way of communicating these perceptions in a way that can be shared with others. I also love being able to facilitate some kind of positive internal process in others, and if my work adds value to someone else's life then this brings great meaning and motivation to keep creating!

Forms of Nature: Shaun Haugen

I Am Dimension Flora, 2019 - Oil, spray paint, and neo megilp on canvas 76 x 53 x 1,5 in.

"My art practice is a very intuitive process. I organically rely on spontaneity to build up the surface of the paintings. I then attempt to make a fluid composition by relying on a variety of brushwork and mark-making while utilizing a variety of mediums to create the structure of the paintings. Flatness and texture work congruently. Color is important to me as well. I use color to illicit connotations of a psychic experience and as a reflection in the wild of poisonous warning symbols. I often work on two paintings at a time with similar content; moving back and forth lets me bounce ideas off of each painting. I know my paintings are finished after I have sat with them for months and I feel like it is not necessary to make another move."

Guided by Instinct: Lynn Letourneau

Subterranean Blues

"Painting abstractly connects me to an intuitive, emergent source. A visual language of personal and archetypal images will appear bridging the inner and outer worlds. I rely on my heart, body, and instincts to guide me."

Beautiful Bizarre: Lukas Kandl

“What matters to me is to show paintings in front of which the attentive spectator will settle down, enter into communion, take his own waking dream walk and dress, if only for a moment, in a rare, unusual sensation.”

Carved Aspen: Elizabeth Frank

Raven Shaman (Anthropocene Series) - Carved found aspen, bronze, found objects, acrylic paint, wax 75 x 15 x 15 in.

"Every summer or fall, I visit an aspen forest to collect wood for my carvings. Each visit is like a pilgrimage. Every time I return, I’m moved by the strength and the delicacy of the natural world. My love for the natural world and my concern for the environment often translate into works about the complex relationship between humans and nature in this modern age."

Dreamer: Nicolas Castell

The Meeting - Digital media 21 x 31 cm

“I like to explore the limits of the imagination; there is a nice sense of travel and freedom in this way of creating. I would like to offer a little journey to the spectator with my work. Where he can relax, imagine and feel free.”

Total Mood: Donglai Meng

Metro - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm

"My artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel the inner state of human beings in different contexts, such as dreams, fantasies, hallucinations; these subconscious activities that cannot be observed with eyes. I question their significance in real life."

Observation/Conversation: Tong Zhou

In front of the window - Oil paint on wooden board linen 120 x 120 cm

Tong Zhou was born in Baotou, Inner Mongolia in 1969 and lives in Shenzen, China. Zhou studied at the Li Keran Art Academy and Youth Art Academy. In 2010, Zhou studied contemporary oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, and completed the research course. He has been engaged in design work in Shenzhen and in Berlin, Germany.

In Flux: Susan Palmisano

First Light - Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in.

"Influenced by Buddhist philosophy, my work looks at the condition of being human from the perspective of interconnectedness and flux. I choose the language of abstraction to create a liminal space, a place of crossing where differences meet, exchange and transform in a tapestry of human experience."

Purely Abstract: Bogdan

"Abstract painting gives unlimited freedom for the artist to create his own language of symbols and forms. Like a jazz musician during improvisation, the artist lets his hands and imagination compose onto the canvas until it reverberates with beautiful music."

Total Mood: Antoine Dutilh

Melu - Digital painting 840 x 1188 mm

"My work is evolving towards creating scenes that subtly exaggerate reality. Patience is really important to me in art, it clearly shows when someone puts thought and time into a piece; Jeremy Geddes is the perfect example of this, I really admire his work."

Lyrical Explosion: Jerielyn Mao

Jupiter Rising - Mixed media on paper 6 x 7.7 in.

"I keep a notepad of ideas that I would one day life to draw from. Sometimes I get a spark in my mind, and I will begin sketching. There are many times where I perform the act of automatic drawing--simply putting down line or brushwork continuously as if my hand is led by something greater than I am, without having a specific purpose in mind. I've recently come to realize that this is a form of channeling energy. Many pieces have been formed this way, and this is definitely my most preferred way of creating."

Right on Point: Jim Tsinganos

Modern Classical - Digital media 90 x 130 cm

"I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of my dad sitting me down before our house guests and having me draw them. He was my first art director and that was my first assignment."

Jim received the 1st Place Award in the CFA contest to exhibit at Spectrum Brooklyn Art Fair.

A million brushstrokes: Monika Furmana

Victim with a Thousands Faces - Oil on canvas 210 x 530 cm

"Contrasts captivate me. They allow me to complicate my existence. Such surfaces turn into intense energetic knots in which the relation between body and thing is crucial – the life hiding in the thing and the thing-like quality of the body. In my work, these two components began to slowly intertwine into a single cyborg “woman-machine”, into a woman whose body is shot through with history."

The Rhythm of the Seasons: Marie Diane Bessette

Au rythme de l'été (The Rhythm of Summer) - Acrylic on wood R. 61 cm

“Painting the dance of the birds; mainly the crow, the falcon, the goose, the eagle —these subtle beings with their broad wings and feathers that spread like fingers in the great circle of the living kingdom.”

In the Round: Joel Shapses

Spiral of Life - Alabaster 27 x 17 x 3 in.

"During my 55-year career, many changes and growth have come to me. I am now more excited about new techniques and materials to create than I have since I started. I get my inspiration from many sources which include nature, spirituality and my emotions."

Rhythm: Vicki McFarland

Stories of my youth, Volume 1 - Acrylic on canvas 44 x 44 in.

"I am rewarded by being able to express my feelings in a piece of art. I liken the experience to a runner’s high which many artists feel. To cross the ‘finish line’ as I bring a painting to its conclusion brings me the greatest joy."

Landscapes: Stefanie Schairer

In my work, I am exploring and playing with different types of paint, colors, forms patterns and materials. My inspiration to play comes from observing human interactions and behaviors."

Visual Journey: Holly Wilmeth

Calm in the Storm - Photograph

Holly creates images that embody elements of nature, mysticism, and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies, symbolism, diverse cultures and a deep spiritual practice, her images are a personal interpretation of her life’s sacred dance. Both wisdom and wonder speak through her images, as they reveal a visual journey of the alchemy of being human and being part of this earth.

Spiritual Histories : Emiko Aida

Sinfonietta - Rising, Mixed media 120 x 160 x 5 cm

Why do I make art? Because I need it to live. I am losing my self-esteem and even reason to live, if I am not able to produce art. As some saying, one can choose own partner, but job chooses one.

Pigment on Velvet: Marc Bowditch

"A composition, its shapes and forms, is quickly sketched out and then drawn carefully to scale on the computer. This becomes an accurate template to build a painting. When it comes to each painted element, other than horizontal bands of colour, there are no rules. I immerse myself for days creating colours upon colours, whatever comes to mind - colour flow is loose, spontaneous and intuitive, meandering through darks and lights, earthy, ethereal, cold and warm tones. I explore the elementary qualities unique to watercolour - texture, sediment differences, water tension, colour strength and its unique ethereal transparency resulting in an incomparable light reflection. Then I turn back to the template, with as few preconceptions as possible, to find where the two can meet."

Part of the Process: Todd Jones

"I am creating a visual language with wasteful commodities that allows for social critique that raises provocative questions of our consumer society. I am looking at our history and practices through our use of house paint. Through my sourcing of mistints and discarded house paint, I bring attention to these paints as they are manifestations of culture and carriers of invisible memory."

Drama: Huaqi Li

“The above pice, the “Puzzle” expresses the emotional dilemma of contemporary people in the information age. In such a world, human beings are confronted with the duality of virtual vs reality, which is a contradiction of human existence. Especially around the virtual existence there are multiple contradictions of mutual negation and rejection between the real and the virtual.”

Into the Deep: Misa Aihara

Verko G-3 - Oil on canvas 90.9 x 72.7 cm

Aihara has had numerous solo shows and participated in many group events in her home country as well as abroad in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the United States. She also participated in art events like Florence Art Biennale, London Art Biennale, Art Expo New York, Chianciano Art Awards and many more.

Speaks Volumes: Witold Śliwiński

Molecule - Glass 435 x 170 x 395 mm
"I seek inspiration in the things that get my attention and admiration. New ideas come to my mind during my trips. The Concept consists of the Inspiration and the Idea. The sculptures need to be well thought through and they need to be clean and neat as calligraphy. Every piece is carefully planned."

The Perfectionist: Gerard Huber

Classical Figures X - Sub Rosa

"My strategy is to employ beauty as a subversive instrument of seduction, a peacefully sensual way of drawing the viewer into a space that challenges heteronormative assumptions of male competition, and which demonstrates that same-sex relationships are wholesome, healthy and life-affirming."

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Issue 25

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