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CFA Artist of the Month Competition

Open Call for Artists

We are now accepting submissions for the CFA Artist of the Month Award.

Artists working in all visual media (except video/film/sound art) are invited to submit their artwork in order to be considered for a list of titles and three cash awards.

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Artists On Review

What Is It? Boris Marinin

Venus Bubble, Video

Multidisciplinary artist and curator Boris Marinin born in 1987 in the city of Moscow, Russia, and immigrated to Israel in 1997. Marinin holds a BFA in Screen Arts and MFA at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. His artistic process is influenced mainly by self-study, the practice of frustration, and psychoanalytic analysis. Artists Judith Sasportas, Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney, and the musical genre Black Metal, inspired artistic decisions and are an integral part of his developmental process.

It's Complicated: Jonas Vansteenkiste

"US" is a relational object; a pillow that connects two humans and concurrently detains them together. The two of them make up this image and step by step it seems that their identity fades and they are seen as one. This object creates a symbiosis of these two people in which each one is depending on the other. However charming and recognisable this object is in its appearance, one feels the negative tension this object bears. The longer these persons are sharing this intimate dialogue the more they seem to lose themselves and even suffocate each other. "Us" tells the story about an unseen space and a social space that is not pronounced but wears a tangible tension.

A Rococo Dream: Kathryn Neale

Eden II - Acrylic, chalk paint, pastel on canvas 66 x 44 in.

"I’m a painter who primarily works in acrylics but also experiments in multi-media, collage and chalk paints on a variety of surfaces. I am constantly drawn back again and again to pattern that evokes nature, specifically plants and flowers."

Perfection of Imperfections: Marjon Trap

Withered Tulips - Photograph

Marjon has a predilection for things that are not perfect. When she was told in one work that she hadn't used the most perfect flower, it inspired her to investigate how she could use dead flowers in her work.

Beautiful Bizarre: Lukas Kandl

Cheval à la rose magique - Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm

“What matters to me is to show paintings in front of which the attentive spectator will settle down, enter into communion, take his own waking dream walk and dress, if only for a moment, in a rare, unusual sensation.”

A Healing Hand: Melinda Crider

"This work is about transformation; physical or spiritual with the guidance of a healing hand."

Feminist Perspective: Lannie Hart

ST. LUCIA - Brass, steel, polymer clay, glass eyes, pigment, patina and found objects. 38 x 18 x 27 in.

"My work examines the perception of women in contemporary society as informed by their portrayal in history and myth. My figurative sculpture, installation and painting embrace ornate found object assemblage as I work to merge the past with the present."

Total Mood: Donglai Meng

Metro - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm

"My artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel the inner state of human beings in different contexts, such as dreams, fantasies, hallucinations; these subconscious activities that cannot be observed with eyes. I question their significance in real life."

Observations: Luiz Todeschi

The resonance of the ant - Hannemule paper 40 x 60 cm

Luiz Guilherme Todeschi, (b. Curitiba Pr, 1977) Global Ambassador, has been an infomanager for 25 years, writer, poet, speaker, photographer, video maker, visual artist and visionary of the way. Founder of the Save Eco Space Movement (2019), a human development and societal regeneration network, Luiz combines his activist and artistic work, taking with him the possibility of new creations and the desire to manifest his intuitive side of the INTEGRATED BEING.

In Flux: Susan Palmisano

Perch - Oil on canvas 20 x 16 in.

"Influenced by Buddhist philosophy, my work looks at the condition of being human from the perspective of interconnectedness and flux. I choose the language of abstraction to create a liminal space, a place of crossing where differences meet, exchange and transform in a tapestry of human experience."

Prophecy: Ulla Karttune

"The work was made in 2012, long before anyone knew about the coronavirus pandemic. However, the work seems to illustrate the virus itself and its insidious spreading on surfaces. A virus-like object rests like a crystal ball in the middle of space. The atmosphere in this series seems to reflect times of the pandemic: social distancing, deserted empty spaces, masked faces, anxious atmosphere and nearness of death.
Originally, the series interpreted the blind spots of society, how luxurious overconsumption has led to surreal dimensions. The work spoke of death masked under Western prosperity. - Today, researchers see pandemics as becoming visible of one blind spot, how man has lived on Earth by destroying it. The planet of death and lost biodiversity must learn a new way of life."

Documenting Isolation: Clark James Mishler

"This image documents the thoughts of one person on one day during the past eight months when Americans of all ages have dealt with a combination of crises brought about by the world-wide Covid 19 Pandemic. This single portrait is one of over 250 produced these past eight months intended to record everyday people during this unique year. The caption best describes the image: (5:50 PM, Wednesday, September 30, 2020) "I think the whole world is lonely - I know I am. I don't think there will be one day, one moment when everything goes back to normal. I don't think it will be normal ever again." -Nine-year-old Mya Shuler, reflects upon the world during the Covid pandemic at her home in Martinez, CA."

Mystical Tension: Saba Besier

Detrahamus - Porcelain, quartz, copper, brass, steel and glass on wood base 36 x 38 x 38 in.

"My sculptural works are inspired by delightful freaks of nature, bringing awareness to their plight, but also celebrating the bizarre beauty of the many species we are losing due to climate change. The luminosity of porcelain adds an element of hope to the despondency of my subject."

Bubbles: Alexis McKeown

"This work is about our intrinsic need to connect with others and the power of the human spirit to do so, even in these times of being discouraged from physically getting together. It is a composite image, made from photographs I took of my own hands, using a glass fishbowl and an antique fishing float. I stitched the photographs together and added finishing touches digitally. I have shared behind the scenes of the process here: I hope the piece communicates how hopeful and resilient the human spirit can be, and how important it is that we find ways to stay connected with one another as we go through this strange era."

The Rhythm of the Seasons: Marie Diane Bessette

Au rythme de l'été (The Rhythm of Summer) - Acrylic on wood R. 61 cm

“Painting the dance of the birds; mainly the crow, the falcon, the goose, the eagle —these subtle beings with their broad wings and feathers that spread like fingers in the great circle of the living kingdom.”

Egg Motif: Jerome Chia-Horng Lin

A moment of glancing back in the egg forest - Oil on canvas 32 x 24 in.

"Art is a state of mind. Artworks showcase the vibration of my mind in a tangible way. They are the bridges connecting the external and internal world. For me, art is an excellent means to express my pondering about the universe. I explore my life using art as my main tool."

Spirited: Jeanette Adams

Around In The Forest - Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in.

"I'm guiding you to the place where I live, using oil paint and medium as watercolor wash or thick sculptural texture as perspective with white to symbolize the purity of the Mountain Ash Forest. Things that could be interpreted as traditional are removed blurring the line between realism and imagination.”

Spotted: Nettie Wakefield

"This work was made during the first lockdown and is part of a series. The drawings were intended to visually describe social distancing. Showing us all together, but apart, floating in space as time stops and days merge into one."

Archite-xtural: Greta Schnall

"...It's about a lonely house in the night. Regarding the current crisis around the lonely individual households. This work shows us what loneliness looks like. I photographed the facade of an office building, edited it digitally and cut it out."

A Game of Art: Olga Kovtun

Melancholy - Pastel on paper 152 x 123 cm

“Art, for me, is life. An inner, deeply intimate space. Without borders between the inner and external world. No entrance, neither exit. Everything exists only a single moment on paper. This is a great symphony; going towards the inconceivable surprise. An interesting, enjoyable game.”

The Photographer: Harry Giglio

Pink Veil

Harry Giglio is an American photographer and videographer specializing in commercial imagery with a finer focus on the areas of education, medicine, corporate and lifestyle. His imagery explores aspects of people and environments usually not seen by most people. He is a master at portraiture, gaining trust from his subjects quickly and easily. With breathtaking lighting and composition, Harry Giglio creates images that are timeless and haunting.

Perspectives: Symona Colina

Nightlight - Colored pencil on paper A3

"Perspective is like a world to see and to see a world, in which it is often more important how we see than what we see."

Black Holes: Shuai Xu

Redemption between black holes Ⅱ - Digital media
"I integrate these sources of inspiration into my works by thinking about dreams, starry sky, reality and nothingness, combined with Chinese cultural elements, like Ching. I hope to explore my own world more deeply while expanding outward. Every one of us is familiar with dreams."

Into the Deep: Petra Knezic

0 100 0 0 : Magenta - Ink on paper 51 x 80 cm (20.1 x 31.5 in.)

"The core of my art process is the transformation of any given situation that occupies my mind, with all its colours, into the basic molecules, the building bricks. There are so many issues that cannot be settled because of their density, without being analysed and understood. I draw them."

Letting the brush speak: Sally Gordon

Freedom Seekers - Acrylic on paper 60 x 45 cm
"Underpinned by themes of identity, endurance and relationship to space, foremost my work is a reaction to what I see and feel around me at a given time - a narrative or form of documentation of contemporary life from a personal perspective."

Collage: Lize Krüger

"I am passionate about giving a voice to the sometimes voiceless. Mostly children who are victims of a system that does not protect them, refugees and mental health issues. This is what drives me, and not being an orator, this is my most effective way of communicating my concerns."

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