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Artists On Review

Sculpture & Tech: Fang Xin

Civilization 1# - Bronze and stainless steel 38 x 38 x 55 €7,000

“My thinking is the relationship between the universe, life, wisdom, society and spirit. I think art itself is a unique language, which can convey information that words can not express, and I just use this language to convey my cosmological view. My works also use contemporary context to re-read the known, reshape the history on the time axis, and reshape the cognitive structure."

Visual Poetry: Isabel Herrera

Untitled - Polaroid photograph 3.5 x 4.2 in.

"The images I capture reveal my dreams, my fairy tale; that irrational language that feeds my spirit; an illusory encounter with myself, where I revisit my childhood, and where ordinary experiences become poetry. In stillness, I have found life to be a succession of vanishing, ephemeral moments."

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Nature's Dance: Georg Douglas

"I like my paintings to be strong, whether from colour, form or something else. I want them to invoke an immediate reaction, either confronting the viewers or drawing them in to the work. They do not require much analysis or philosophical consideration, but rather appeal to the emotions and create an atmosphere. The world of flowers and Irish dance have been my inspiration for some time."

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Dismantling Dichotomies: Iva Troj

What Gives - Oil on canvas

The underlying stories, especially the conflicts, are much more interesting to me than mere portraiture. I want to know what’s going on, which is why I have always been interested in research. When I went back to university for a second BA and a Master's, I chose software design, philosophy, and cognitive science rather than fine art, because science fascinates me. My themes are almost always about taking things apart and putting them back together and for that you need to look outside yourself.

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The Colorist: Dorothy Fagan

A healing colorist artist, Dorothy Fagan has written books including, Embrace the Mountain, in which she shares the development of her palette in France. She presents zoom studio talks, ColorME Energized. More information at JOYSGARDEN.ORG Fagan holds a BFA in printmaking and painting from East Carolina University, and did a ten-year mentorship in American Masters with Robert Bowers Mayo. She lives and paints in Virginia in her studio by the pond. See More >>

Digital Media: Eriko Kaniwa

Implantation, Digital media

"For me, photography is not a philosophical metaphor for death or the past, but rather a crystallization of the temporal dimension with which humans react so vitally, achieved through the medium of light."

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It's Like This, It's Like That: Barb RydzRoss

A Hidden Agenda

"I work abstractly, intuitively, with an overpowering need for balance and connection. My content is not literal but emotional, comprised of color, texture and light. By penetrating, stabbing, or touching shapes I make a desperate attempt to relate, to affect, to establish communication, to link together. I have observed that we don't relate to each other anymore because of our online presence."

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Constructing Spaces: Derek Morris

Same Old Pink and Green, 2020 - Mixed media 46 x 38 x 12 cm

"I always begin by creating a collage which is freely developed at the scale I am considering, using hand painted and bought coloured paper. This is the most volatile and uncertain part of my exploration, although change is always possible throughout the making process later on. Having arrived at a plan for the work, I then make paper patterns for each element, and proceed to construct individual pieces out of best grade plywood. These are glued and screwed for strength, before being individually painted according to the collage. Occasionally, plastic mirror or silver leaf enter the game at this point, when change can still take place before all the units are assembled into the whole construction. Colour change can still happen at this late stage."

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Intuitive Painting: Olga Kovtun

Honey - Pastel on paper 150 x 120 cm

"Art, for me, is life. An inner, deeply intimate space. Without borders between the inner and external world. No entrance, neither exit. Everything exists only a single moment on paper. This is a great symphony; going towards the inconceivable surprise. An interesting, enjoyable game.”

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Observing and Reacting: Liyuan Liu

Bubble - Oil on canvas 170 x 135 cm $86,000

Liu Liyuan graduated from the Department of Dyeing and Clothing department at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She loves painting and began to learn it during her childhood. Liyuan has completed research on classical and modern art and has excelled in studying figure painting. Now living in Vancouver, Liyuan has studied under the famous oil painter Xue Yanqun and the Chinese painting and calligraphy master Liang Zhaotang for many years.

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Botanical Dreams: Egon Gade

Botanical Dreams 4 - Digital Photo, Acrylic glass 60 x 90 cm

Egon Gade works out of Copenhagen for Danish and Scandinavian design companies. International design icons such as Bang & Olufsen, Fritz Hansen, Maersk Sealine, Carlsberg, Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen are amongst some of his clients. Simplicity best describes Egon's pictures. Growing-up in a country with famous designers like Arne Jacobsen, Paul Kjærholm and Hans J. Wegner has significantly influenced his work as a photographer.

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Spiritual Captures: Holly Wilmeth

Holly creates images that embody elements of nature, mysticism, and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies, symbolism, diverse cultures and a deep spiritual practice, her images are a personal interpretation of her life’s sacred dance.

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Point by Point: Jingfeng Li

Encounter - Pen and ink on paper, 55.5 x 75.8 cm

Jingfeng is a painter who focuses on pen-and-ink drawing. He likes black and white tones; he loves realistic expression techniques. The real and natural expressions moved the pictures he visited. Art is endless and he always on the road of exploration.

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Beyond the Surface: Klara Sedlo

Static Electricity - Oil on canvas 80×60 cm (SOLD)

Klara focuses on symbolic depictions of situations, persons, feelings, or objects. She paints the world around her using significant contemporary elements and a bit of sad or scary feeling that is common to all of us. She also likes to insert absurd jokes and moments into the paintings as well – so the result is not only scary or weird but also funny in a way.

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Lingering: Vanessa Onuk

“My abstract landscapes are intended to capture a moment in which we want to linger because the sight, the light, the color or the silhouette of an environment captivates us and we want to absorb it. My own observation of my works is not about subtleties and details, but rather I reduce them to shapes, colors and feelings."

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Neat Little Worlds: Hsiung Yu

Computers in Human Behaviors - Acrylic on canvas 91 x 72.5 cm €8,000

"My works involve the past, present, and future, echoing the connection of distant things in time and space. My creative construction is based on future primitivism, combining symbols, philosophy, literature, music, and mechanical installation art. I blend and weave a world of strange fantasy.
I don't aim to paint realistic surfaces of various species; the lines do not necessarily need to be delicate. Sometimes they are blurred, and sometimes clear. What I am depicting is the beautiful atmosphere of life. If I can lead the way, I'm sure I'll receive feedback too."

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Giving Body to the Surreal: Saba Besier

Inversion - Porcelain 26 x 26 in.

"My sculptural works are inspired by delightful freaks of nature, bringing awareness to their plight, but also celebrating the bizarre beauty of the many species we are losing due to climate change. The luminosity of porcelain adds an element of hope to the despondency of my subject."

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Nicolas Castell: Blending History and Fantasy

"I have been working as an artist with more than twenty exhibitions in recent years, as a freelance illustrator for advertising, children's books, comics, cinema, music, and more. Some of my clients have included The Times, The Washington Post, Dupuis, SM, Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, Paradores, and Santillana. In my illustrations, I strive to create narrative scenes that blend elements of history and fantasy, weaving together compelling visual stories that captivate and engage viewers."

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A Lot Going On: Marcio Bravo

"My creative process appears on my mental screen at first as an intuitive flash of unknown origin, however, patrolled by the rational. The emergence of the work does not arise from random unconscious processes, this is somewhat contrary to the classic concepts of surrealism. The sketch embodies the idea and in the composition, I try to make clear what is being proposed without needing interpretative contortions. In my way of expressing beauty, anthropomorphisms are complementary and not protagonists."

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Animal Portraits: Debbie K Morris

Fields of Gold - Pastel pencils on Pastelmat 30 x 40 cm

"Currently I am enjoying painting wildlife but I honestly enjoy any subject that I find a challenge and am happy with whatever theme and subject I choose. I especially like painting eyes, they are the window to the soul and give so much expression and meaning to a subject. I also love to paint metal objects and I love to include water droplets in some of my work. I enjoy painting people and I am more recently becoming inspired by movement within a theme such as dancing or natural actions such as wildlife chase."

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Transformations: Daniel Grannan

Transformation LG12 (Alizarin Crimson) - Oil on Panel 36 x 48 in. $2,250

The rugged and ever-changing landscape of the Southwest has consistently served as a wellspring of inspiration and challenge for Grannan's creative journey. The shapes, patterns, and textures inherent in the landscape continually stimulate new ideas and propel the completion of his oil paintings. With each stroke, Grannan's intention is to ignite inspiration and spark the imagination of the viewer.

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Still Life Drama: Coriolana Simon

Still Life with Grand Tulipiere - Archival digital photograph
"I have long admired the still lifes by Dutch artists of the 17th century. Painted in a style as realistic as photographs, they give us a detailed view of Dutch culture and society. Today I create still lifes in the Dutch style as realistic as paintings with my camera. While never copying a painting, my visual vocabulary, approach to composition, and use of lighting all bow to the Dutch golden age." See More >>

Smooth Connection: Kristin Holm Dybvig

Cascading Vivacity 3 - Dry Pastels on 300g cotton paper 48 x 36 cm

From Norway, Kristin Holm Dybvig has been a full-time visual artist since 2017. Kirstin worked as Ad assistant for Ottesen Bates advertising agency, Stavanger between 1985-7 and was the art director for Bates advertising agency, Stavanger between 1987 - 1993. In 1997 she became a color consultant and painter for DogH A/S Stavanger. Between 1997-2016 Kristin worked as art therapist and manager of the Special Education and Therapy program at the Waldorf school in Stavanger. In 2016 Kirstin entered a year-long rehabilitation after an operation for a physical injury.

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Dada: Serena Rossi

Stand By - Bricks and Wool 80 x 40 x 30 cm €1100
Serena Rossi was born in Milan in 1972. In 1999, she graduated in Pharmacy. She attended various visual arts courses, and since 2002, she has exhibited her works in Italian and international art shows, some of which are now part of private and public collections, such as the open-air museum in Camo and the BPL Collection. See More >>

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Art IDEAL #3

CFA Artist of the Year

1st Place Award

Noémie L. Côté

(Canada, Painter)

Looking at a piece by Noemie L. Cote you are at once hit by the sugar-pop of colour that reimagines the landscapes she brings to life on canvas. It’s hard not to be swept along in the bounce of her impasto painted strokes and moved by the sheer joy that emanates from her work.

Noémie specializes in vibrant open-impressionist landscapes that capture the essence of a scene, breathes new life into it and leaves the observer uplifted. It’s as if her mind were a prism that takes in the white light that she sees and disperses the component colours on the rolling hills or through the branches of a tree. This gives her work the quality of blown glass where colours play off each other and come together as a whole to define the feeling of a scene.

CFA Artist of the Year

2nd Place Award


(Macedonia, Painter)

     "My art is predominantly based around realism, shrouded with elements of mystery which are coming from my inner world and sublime thinking. In many cases, the composition is set in a form of a rebus, with a desire to provoke the audience's imagination to unlock the true meaning of the story."

CFA Artist of the Year

3rd Place Award

Anthea Kerou

(USA, Multidisciplinary)

"As an artist, I use a variety of mediums to explore themes of purity, communication, inspiration, and rebirth. I focus on the sacred and the forgotten, and the wild expansion of the imagination. I strive to create art that transforms and transcends difficult emotions, and that has a unique energy and presence that can be felt by the viewer."

Anthea Kerou is an American artist of Greek and English descent, known for her diverse and experimental approach to art. With a background in 3D character animation and a passion for health and personal growth, Anthea brings a unique perspective to her work. Born in New Jersey, Anthea has lived and traveled extensively, including stints in New York City, Los Angeles, Madrid, England, and Montreal. She is currently based in Palm Beach, Florida, where she has been enhancing her fine art & augmented reality skills.


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