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Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine

Issue 11
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Yanika Anukulpun ∙ Jiaranai Apaipak ∙ Cristian Bodogan ∙ Kathrin Broden ∙ Małgorzata Buczek-Śledzińska ∙ Balazs Buda ∙ Mandy Budan ∙ Francesca Busca ∙ Laara Cassells ∙ Monika Casutt ∙ Janice Corkin Rudolf ∙ Lynden Cowan ∙ Barbara Crimella ∙ Barrie Dale ∙ Krasi Dimtch ∙ Yuxuan Ding ∙ Cordelia Doll ∙ Stacie Flint ∙ Linda Foard Roberts ∙ Eduardo Fujii ∙ Egon Gade Artwork ∙ Michael Ian Goulding ∙ Martin Hagen ∙ Imre Hasanic ∙ Yaman Hu ∙ Toshio Ishikawa ∙ Muge Karamanci ∙ Heike Karcher ∙ Yvonne M. Klug ∙ Carol Ladewig ∙ Karen Landrigan ∙ Reiner Langer ∙ Nikolay Lavetsky ∙ Derwin Leiva ∙ Justin Love ∙ Tobbe Malm ∙ Daria Martinoni ∙ Attila Mata ∙ Nevine Mattar ∙ MB Photography ∙ Elizabeth Miller Mccue ∙ Tatiana McWethy ∙ Guillaume Menuel ∙ Manuel Morquecho ∙ Chad Mount ∙ George Emil Odthermat ∙ Viral Padiya ∙ Nadja Petrovic ∙ Laura Phelps Rogers ∙ Jose Luis Quinones ∙ Arturo Javier Reyes Medina ∙ Peter Riss ∙ Peisy Ting ∙ Adele Venter ∙ Stéphane Vereecken ∙ Laurens G. Vermaesen ∙ Avril Ward ∙ J. Thomas Wells ∙ Charles Whiting ∙ Evgeny Yakovlev ∙ Guilherme Zawa

Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine

Issue 9
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Octavio Aburto ∙ Ariane Ahlmann ∙ Nadal Antelmo ∙ Leila Bokel ∙ Natalia Bragina ∙ Cookie Ashton ∙ Behzodiy ∙ Peter Bremers ∙ Troy Bunch ∙ Daniel Butterworth ∙ Mary Chaplin ∙ Lynn Chen ∙ Kaya Cheung Chin Hang ∙ Paul Christener ∙ Williams Delabona ∙ Gunilla Daga ∙ Barrie Dale ∙ Daniel Dociu ∙ Andrey Epishin ∙ Egon Gade ∙ Mara Galvão ∙ Constantin Gorelov ∙ Michael Ian Goulding ∙ Marek Grychczynski ∙ Miya Hannan ∙ Garry D Harley ∙ Alexandra Hunter ∙ Eric Christopher Jackson ∙ Martyna Jastrzebska ∙ Nancy Ellen Jones ∙ Simon Jugovic Fink ∙ Shigeru K ∙ Carol Lynn Kirchner ∙ Jean Marc La Roque ∙ Gunter Langer ∙ Jerome Chia-Horng Lin ∙ Debbie O Lucas ∙ Marilyn Macgregor ∙ Stephen Mangum ∙ Volker Mayr ∙ Siegfried Lehmann ∙ Julie Moss ∙ Allisdhair McNaull ∙ Noel Myles ∙ Keiko Nabila Yamazaki ∙ Paul Nam ∙ Federico Pisciotta ∙ Olivier Pringal ∙ Molly Scannell ∙ Greta Schnall ∙ Bernd Steinert ∙ N H Teetelli ∙ Chris Thomas ∙ Zephyra Vun ∙ Robert Van De Graaf ∙ Roxana Werner ∙ Nan Xu ∙ Evgeny Yakovlev ∙ Kyle Yip

Artists On Review

Caustically Precise: Gary Aagaard

Sambuca & Cigarettes (After Degas)

"I tend to be irked by political and religious hypocrisy, apathy (relating to war, the environment, etc.) and dogma of any stripe leading to social and spiritual tunnel vision. These themes are prevalent in many of my paintings although often explored using satire and humor as opposed to a sledgehammer."

#WantToLiveHere: Asta Caplan

An Extract from a Sleepwalker’s Diary IV Oil on canvas 80 x 120 cm

"As an artist, I'm captivated by light and life. To observe short-lived, mesmerizingly manifold and constantly changing aspects of beauty in life is enough - I believe - to capture something deeper in human intellect and wonder. At their best artworks become life companions to their viewer."

Ceramics and Installation: Mary Di Iorio

Untitled - Ceramics

Mary Di Iorio collaborated in the formation of the Faculty of Arts, Federal University of Uberlândia - MG, where she was a teacher and Chair of the Department. She is the author of the book "Ceramics in Brazil: Systematization Bibliographic." and has been published in critical catalogs, magazines, books, newspapers etc.

Mixed media: Ritva Georgiades

Pansies - Mixed media collage 67 x 65 framed

Born and raised in Finland, Ritva Georgiades has lived in England since 1969. Her art has been in many group exhibits and international art fairs. Ritva enjoys experimenting with different materials to express her ideas. Rather than focusing on a single style, her practice covers themes from figurative to abstract. The artist holds a BA (Honors) in Fine Arts Degree from Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky: Romantic Naturalism

Serenity - Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in.

Dimitrina Kutriansky's style can best be characterized as "romantic naturalism," an expression of her desire to capture and convey the inherent beauty that can be found within the seemingly ordinary corners of the natural world, while also creating a strong sense of place and atmosphere.

Painterly Political: Christopher Pothier

Mechanics Of The Pack - Oil on wooden panel 31 x 61 in.

“Masterfully executed, rich brushstroke and an intricately balanced focus guiding the viewer’s eye around the canvas and forcing it into the center of the scene, Christopher Pothier’s paintings carry the surreal to the political in an array of visual metaphors. His works, sumptuous yet delicate, present philosophical allegories that invite the viewer to contemplate social, civil and very intimate issues.” - Myrina Tunberg Georgiou (Circle Foundation Curator)

Pastel Bridges: Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna

Own Space, 2016 - Pastel 66 x 83 cm

"I search for the tangible surface between the inner and the observable world by introspection during the painting process. I get ignited when something gets a metaphorical meaning. I bridge the soul and reason within the concept of time. Through imagery, I consider the complexities of these dualities."

The Between World: Sam Barrow

Leah - Digital photography on canvas 200 x 300 mm

"Photography is my way of entering a magical ‘Between World’ – a world that is more vital and real than our everyday illusory experience would have us believe. Playing with mystery and fooling with dark and light allows me to reveal half-truths within my sanctuary of harmony and serenity."

Painstakingly Beautiful: Daisuke Okamoto

Mushpace - Ink on paper 15 x 20 in.

Daisuke Okamoto’s drawing “OKAINA IMAGE” investigates the cycle of life in the complex, biomorphic, narratives of the organic. Influenced by all that are sci-fi, nationalism and psychedelic culture; Okamoto’s drawings are intricate systems of penmanship.

Passages: Greta Schnall

White Village - Digital media 6179 x 5367 px

"My main focus is photography with extreme digital editing processing. This means that I am creating pictures and graphics from architectural, natural and abstract subjects with often surreal components. My favorite themes are facades of modern buildings or parts of them, which I'm digitally editing.”

The Medium is the Message: Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger

OT 1 - Tissue paper, acrylic, paper wool on wooden plate 54,5 x 54,5 cm

“The material finds the idea, the idea finds the material.”

Nodular Creatures: Satomi Sugimoto

Moonlight , 2017 - Oil and glue on stone powder clay 18 x 6 x 10 in. / 46 x 15 x 25.5 cm

"I have always been attracted to forms and lines since I was a child. I see motifs of life reflected in my work including organic forms, elemental forces, body parts of humans, insects and animals. My art-making is a spiritual process; a search for the essence of objects."

Public Sculpture: Walter Gordinier

American sculptor, Walter Gordinier was born in 1950 in El Paso, Texas and today lives in Portland. Gordinier is a Blue Chip American artist specializing in large-scale sculpture for private and public venues. He conceives, fabricates and installs proprietary, site-specific works of art for both interior and exterior placement. Walter has a highly motivated vision concerning the environment surrounding the sculpture. He designs urban plazas, healing gardens and develops the landscape theme.

Touched by Philip McKay

Another Life - Digital media 60 x 60 cm

"After years of creating digital art I was still searching what exactly I wanted to achieve and create in my work. I came across the Belgian surreal artist Rene Magritte. When I first saw his work it was then that I wanted to create scenes of idiotic and unreal places."

Confronting the Soul: Brigitte Kratochwill

Verstecktes Juwel (Hidden Jewel) - Mixed media on paper 21 x 29 cm

"When I paint I embark on a journey into my subconscious. I integrate sensory experiences into the painting process. What emerges is a confrontation with something like a reflection of my soul. I search for suitable forms, structures, colours, hues/shades, and sensitive surfaces."

Unique Technique: Federico Pisciotta

The Game Exhibition Mixed media and oil on shaped board, plexiglass and ultra white Led lamps 167 x 98 cm

"The video player in plexiglass backlit by RGB led lamps, distorts the balance of traditional painting, creating a transitional space within the picture that underlines the precariousness and the illusions of the post-modern society."

Patricia Van Den Nieuwenhuijzen (Manzitti): Sensual Abstraction

Flower Garden - Oil on linen 91 x 91 x 3.8 cm

Patricia Manzitti was born and raised in Australia to Italian parents. A self-taught artist, over the years she has developed her artistic skills through a variety of mediums, including acrylics, pastels, oil, and charcoal but she prefers oil.

The Small Things: Rina Suzuki

Secret Garden - Acrylic 20 x 16 in.

Rina Suzuki was born in Taiwan and raised in Japan to a family of artists. She is currently attending a small liberal arts college and is in the process of earning a Degree in Visual & Performing Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art.

Afloat the Surreal: Fuminori Ohashi

Edo Banana - Oil on panel 146 x 112 cm

Fuminori Ohashi was born 1976 in Kanumacity Tochigi, Japan and has exhibited internationally.

Young Photographer: Sarang Bhand

Pollen - Mobile Photograph - Archival paper print 10 x 10 in.

"A keen student of photography, I’m still exploring the Art and love to experiment with new techniques."

Carving New Narratives: Elizabeth Frank

Migration #3 - Carved fallen aspen, bronze, acrylic paint, metal leaf, wax, 18.5 x 18 x 8 in.

"My carving style is inspired by iconic images found in folk, tribal and primitive art. The themes I choose are personal yet universal. My love for the natural world and my concern for the environment translate into works about the complex relationship between humans and nature in this modern age."

Life in a Glass House: Zephyra Vun

Here Is The House - Pencil on paper 24 x 36 in.

"How do we challenge our understanding of architecture + design as it relates to the self, process, and scale? Rooted in translating design ideas through more relatable conditions, my work imaginatively expresses architecture as a concept through the subjective context of visual art."

Visual Thinking: Wolfgang Bellingradt

AMPHORE BLUE, 1999 - Acrylic pigments 190 x 150 cm

"My painting is visualized thinking. I do not see myself as a reminder or a missionary, but as researcher, perceiver, observer, questioner, and documentarist, for instance in the sense of Alexander von Humboldt or Charles Darwin."

The CFA Artist of the Year Award

Nicolas Bruno (USA/Photographer) accepts 2nd Place
This year we had an overwhelming participation of over 860 visual artists who competed for Circle Foundation’s Artists of The Year Award. Art is undeniably subjective and comparing artworks is arguably impossible. The purpose of our annual competition is not to compare or to measure the artists and their artworks, but instead to award and reward as many artists possible, artists who make remarkable work, who have a dedicated and exceptional practice. In 2018/9, we gave away 2,000€ in 3 grants and then the front and back cover as well as pages in our magazines. We also awarded 150 more artists with Finalist and Excellence Certificates.

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