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Natural Order: Gary Wagner

Dune View - Photograph 16 x 20 in.

"I find the creation of photographic art today to offer endless possibilities for creativity and the making and sharing of visual art. As an artist, I try to not only pay respect to the natural order and beauty of the earth but also to show my vision of the land, sea, and light."

Electric: Linda Riseley

Linda Riseley uses art to express the wordless but loud voice of the world and the truth that lies within. They are inspired by a personal understanding of the life she inhabits and her own spiritual journey. These poetic visualizations portray the essence of her experiences and are translated into a moving form that touches our emotions and whispers to our very core.

Texture Adventure: Morten Saether

ESSENCE - Mixed photography and digital collage 50 x 70 cm

“Photography is often the essence of my Art. I also love traditional collages. So often my work consists of different photos put together in layers and presented in a new way, mostly abstract but sometimes with elements you can recognize.”

Baroque Skies: Jason Engelbart

EUPHORIA II - Digital Neo Painting, Fine Art Print on Alu Dibond 180 x 145 cm

"My abstract-baroque works are based on my personal exploration of the diversity of our being. They are at the same time a reflection of the universal love that unites us all and they are an expression of my deep respect for our being, for the wonders of life and for every creature in this world. Against this background, my works are a homage to life, to our being."

Old School: Noam Ben-Jacov

Room - Aluminum and nylon

"...the coming to be of my work is collection of small anecdotes, situations or just series of experiences which is being translated into sketches, reliefs and forms. It is much about the ‘journey’, there I am in away both, the viewer and the participants at the same time..."

The Reductionist: LGDyrby

The Horse - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm

Lone Gadegaard Dyrby is a Danish self-taught artist who finds her inspiration in imagination, joy, good mood and all kinds of colors. Her paintings are whimsical and imaginative so she can give the viewer a happy and positive feeling.

Art, Past, Present: Todd Jones

"I am creating a visual language with wasteful commodities that allows for social critique that raises provocative questions of our consumer society. I am looking at our history and practices through our use of house paint. Through my sourcing of mistints and discarded house paint, I bring attention to these paints as they are manifestations of culture and carriers of invisible memory."

New Age Expressionism: Eric Wixon

"Inner conflict / inner peace seems to be the most commonly recurring theme in my work. Often, my paintings attempt to process the whirlwind of emotions associated with the human experience. I find intent, meaning, and relation are all coincidental with creation, regardless truly personal work speaks to the collective consciousness."

Unique Aesthetic: Jill Krasner

PINK HOTEL - Mixed media 60x60 in.

“Making art is my anchor. The process of creating grounds me, keeping me in the moment. There is no past in my studio, no future. There is just now — and now is where I belong, where I do my best work. My art is boldly colored, whimsical and deeply layered. I use a variety of media to narrate my story.”

Spartan Opulence: Michael Herbert Dorn

David's Oath of the Horatii (David's Le Serment des Horaces) - Oil on oil primed linen 140 x 110 cm

"The painting series entitled, SYLLOGY, combines "traditional European painting techniques" and intermedia elements including the use of digital mobile devices to view the exhibited paintings as "color-inverted" digital images. This new painting series appropriates "canonical" European paintings in order to create and vitalize a new context for art historical and contemporary representation."

New Genres: Yiannis Galanakis

Untitled - Digital photo collage 80 x 120 cm

"In my work, I try to introduce a transformative reality already grafted with elements of the imagination. I think of my works as narrative quotes, movie frames or reflective fragments of an essay on our fragmentary, fluid, and transitional world, more like metaphors for ways of seeing."

From Ukraine with Love: Sergey Piskunov

Portrait with gold hand - Oil on canvas 160 x 120 cm

"In my works, I try to capture with maximum accuracy a single moment, a fleeting emotion that will disappear in the next instant and convey it on canvas. I want to reflect female beauty and emotionality, framing it with a combination of reflections and highlights."

Color Burst: Dorothy Fagan

Shimmering - Oil 36 x 48 in.

"I can taste the colors! As if the flavor, aroma, essence of each delicious hue flows from an aquafir within."

Just Right: Eduardo Blanco

Red Leg - Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm

"I think that a true artist is selfish in his work. A painter does not paint for society or for others. A true artist paints for himself, because he needs to express himself and because it is something that fulfills him. That doesn't mean that art does not contribute to society, quite the contrary, it does a lot. Art doesn't operate any differently now than it did 200 or 500 years ago."

Visual Innuendos: Junru Xie

Balloon earplug, concept piece

"With the interest of storytelling through objects, I work from personal experience and in my creative thinking, jewelry can be a form of therapy. With a humorous engaging and emotional approach in jewelery design to empathize with the wearer."

Becoming a Motif: Rebecca L. Fraser


"My work is anthropomorphic and whimsical. Subtle and varied influences have shaped my unfolding as a ceramist artist: patterns revealed in the rhythm of life, and the constant vitality of contemporary reality.

The Romantics of Ann Seale

Debutante - Oil 24 x 36 in.

Ann Seale is a seasoned painter from Jackson, Mississippi. She has been exhibiting her work professionally in galleries since 2007. Ann exhibited her work, a portrait of an artist colleague and friend, Rosalind (Roz) Roy, in the “Artists by Artists” exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art in 2011.

Lyrical Lines & Forms: Katarina Kalmanova

Happy Bubbles IV - Mixed media D. 60 cm

"Painting is the opportunity to look inside, reconnect with my inner-self… It is my adventure and meditation. I use mainly acrylic and a mixed media technique which allows me to explore and play alongside and enjoy this amazing intuitive process."

Memories: Kazumasa Taniguchi

Home - Oil painting 652 x 330 mm

While looking back on his childhood memories, Kazumasa Taniguchi draws the original scenery of Japan that is disappearing.

Big Volumes: Jan-Williams

Life at the Cafe - Polyester, Coffee, fibreglass 50 x 50 x 120 cm

I became an artist naturally, because most of my family are artists or otherwise connected to the visual arts. I'm inspired by the people who live around me. Actually, I'm inspired by all sorts of things from the natural and human world, anything that can be expressed using the human body format.

Animal Lover: Natali Ayas

Merlin - Soft pastel on paper 24 x 26 cm

"imarily self-taught, in recent years I have completed painting and drawing courses at several online and local art schools, being supported by talented and remarkable painters. Since 2018, I have been regularly participating in art workshops and learning from foreign and local artists, broadening my skill set and developing my own unique style."

The Free Flow of Edo

Untitled #179 - China ink on cotton paper 12 x 16 in.

Edo has no gender, no time, no rules. Edo is a flow from left to right and then from right to left, from the completed interweaving to its expansion, free and delicate like a pulsion, a wave, an ineluctable and perpetual motion. It happens. The lines intersect, flow, are interrupted and resume, leaving fields unresolved, open to the user’s interpretation.

Painterly: Cora Vogtschmid

Here Comes The Sun - Oil on canvas 110 x 120 cm
"Good art is art that moves you or even disturbs you, Takes you out of your daily grind. A stand still-image, a painting is a good painting when you can look at it endlessly."

Off the Wall: Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson

The Matter of If (Green) - Mixed media relief sculpture 80 x 80 x 17 cm

"Artists should be present, live the today with the knowledge of the past and an eye for the future, be representative and project a world to the world. Being an artist doesn't mean just producing art but thinking artistically, and thinking that way means live above and beyond, somewhere between the lines."

Happening Now! Ell Treese

The Tunnel - Acrylic and pipe cleaner 6 x 4 in.
"I’m a painter, but branch out into different media to explore form and materials. My work focuses on the complexities of the Multiverse, gender and multidimensional identity using abstract expression as language and material metaphors."

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News from our Latest Contest

CFA Artist of the Month

Rafael De Armas

(Painter, Uruguay/New Zealand)

Rafael De Armas was born in Uruguay, South America. He completed tertiary studies at the Uruguayan School of Fine Arts using Bauhaus methods. As the result of Rafael's high achievement he was accepted by well-known landscape artist Eduardo Amezaga and Italian Master Lino Dinetto as an apprentice. After many years of vocational training Rafael joined a number of advertising agencies and worked as a free-lance illustrator.

Rafael received the 1st Place Award in the 6th CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting his artwork.

Nathan Miller

(Painter, USA)

Nathan Miller is a contemporary realist painter of wildlife and people. His work primarily explores the theme of coexistence. Nathan began his professional career from the beach town of Nosara, Costa Rica, where he spent five years painting the wildlife and people of that region. In 2017 Nathan returned to his home state of Florida where he has since been featured in the American Art Collector Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, and the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine online.

Nathan currently lives in Covington, Georgia where he is working on a series portraying vulnerable species often immersed in scenes with man-made artifacts of cultural significance.

Nathan received the 2nd Place Award in the CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting his artwork.

Read a Q&A with the artist >>

Hari Lualhati

(Painter, Philippinnes/South Africa)

Hari Lualhati is a full-time artist who is permanently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She calls her latest works “SOULWORKS” because they are a direct connection to her soul. Her figurative subject being accompanied by animals and nature shows that we are all connected. Hari’s pieces harmoniously combine impressive realism with fine details, and amazing expressionism with her techniques and symbolism that unfold a story behind the elements used.

Hari received the  2nd Place Award in the CFA Artist of the Month competition. Visit his website and contact the artist directly to inquire about a collaboration or collecting her artwork.

Read a Q&A with the artist >>

Michele Benzamin-Miki

(Painting/Drawing - USA)

"My art is inspired by my work over the past three decades as a teacher of Zen and a mentor to artists, activists, business people, and prison inmates. I use large calligraphic brushes with Sumi inks on paper. Each stroke involves meditation, a ‘point zero’ inner stillness before or as I am creating each piece. I want to make visible this inner world. The intention is to invite the viewer to access "a whole body state of being present, in the presence of the art." To see the art with the experience I had while I was painting. A transmission."

Visit Michele's website >>

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