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The first issue of Art IDEAL magazine includes the work of 116 contemporary artists from around the world. We explore a variety of practices; from painters working in traditional oil on canvas, contemporary realism and abstract expressionism, photographers capturing in film and digital in the studio and outdoors as well as a variety of unique techniques in 2D, 3D and digital media. This diverse anthology provides an opportunity to discover mid-career and established artists and explore a wide spectrum of contemporary aesthetics.

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Artists On Review

Transitions: Weiting Wei

Seed - Polymer clay 5 x 12 x 5 in.

"Transitioning from girl to mother feels like the moment that we acquire our protective layers, our feathers, scales and armor. But our interior becomes softer, more sensitive with the love and bond we develop for our children. So in some ways, we are weaker should something pierce through our armor."

The Classicist: Luba Stolper

Chalice and Lace - Oil on board 12 x 16 in.

I paint directly from life, trying to create an interesting set-up with different objects. It is important to capture color harmony and a sense of movement. I draw my inspiration from the timeless work of the old masters. I truly believe it is never too late to be passionate about learning."

Unique Technique: Derek Morris

Same Old Pink and Green, 2020 - Mixed media 46 x 38 x 12 cm

"I have always been stimulated by landscapes and certain kinds of architecture, particularly Romanesque and British Arts and Craft. But I am not a copyist and consider myself to be an Abstract/Concrete artist. Geometric form and the increasing use of colour as structure animate my reliefs."

Visible/Invisible: William Catling

Guardian of the Sacred, 2017 - Stoneware 82 x 16.5 x 16.5 in.

"Using the figure as a vessel for ideas and concepts, the work is about the continual discovery of the true human condition residing deep within the earth and the human form. The art is a blending of the visible and the invisible; Matter and spirit joining. The work of the artist, the alchemy of art."

Marks: Joyce Pommer

Curtain Call, acrylic, handmade papers, fabrics on canvas, 30 x 48 in.

"My paintings evolve out of my subconscious in a free-flowing intuitive process; I do not start with a preconceived idea or plan – the art is my reflection. The work I create makes people feel good and instills positive emotions and harmony, along with a curiosity. My work frees the mind and spirit."

Feminist Perspective: Yvonne Welman

Since Leucippos - Acrylic and mixed media 140 x 140 cm

"I recycle cultural pictures and put them together to make my feminist opinion visible on all kinds of issues in our society."

Total Mood: Donglai Meng

Hairy-Legs in Quarantine 2/14 - Oil on canvas paper 50 x 70 cm

"My artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel the inner state of human beings in different contexts, such as dreams, fantasies, hallucinations; these subconscious activities that cannot be observed with eyes. I question their significance in real life."

Eastern Subtlety: Hsiung Yu

Red Chair, 2019 - Oil on canvas 100 x 72.5 cm

"My inspiration comes from the veins of the leaves and the texture of minerals. I use the interactive characteristics of oil paint, water and oil to invent a unique way to integrate human figures and text lines, painted on linen, to complete unique abstract expressionist works."

Ode to Nature: Kimberly Wurster

Between Flights - Watercolor 17 3/8 x 14 1/4 framed

"Nature is the inspiration for my art. I have discovered joy and peace in the creation of paintings that depict the beauty that surrounds me. Realizing that my work sometimes touches the heart of another person gives wonderful significance to my artistic expressions."

Order out of Chaos: Silaro

Feeding of carnivorous plants, 2019 - Oil on canvas 130 x 106 cm

"Ignoring actual trends, the paintings are inspired by social phenomena and nature. My works are images of inner memory. They create themselves through me."

Beautiful Abstract: Jan Cristaudo

The Waterhole - Oil on canvas 94 x 89 cm

"Colour has always fascinated me. It is the first thing I see, then comes shape and form. As an abstract artist, I use colour to interpret the way I see the world."

Bold Rhythms: Rosario Bond

Happy Ashes I, 2016 -Acrylic-Flashe Paint on Canvas 72 x 72 in.

"In my work, the process is where the excitement is. I really need to be in the present, it is like a meditation, my work is completely intuitive and develops as I go along. It is also very physical, gestural and dynamic. I tend to work very fast at the beginning then I start slowing down, observing and editing. I like the element of surprise."

Textural Discourse: Bernd Steinert

Untitled - Mixed media 17 x 34 cm

"There are two complementary directions in my paintings. On the one hand, I create mostly abstract pictures and on the other hand pictures in which a predominantly figurative scene must assert itself against non-figurative picture elements."

Canvas that Speaks: JHoward

The Way of Faith - Soft pastels 36 x 36 in.

"Drawing can be the most direct way of bringing what is in the mind on to a chosen surface. I enjoy the sheer spontaneity of drawing. I strive to take hyperrealism further, developing ways to include a narrative, charm and emotion into a drawing. I never want to leave it void of 'personality'."

Esoteric Explorations on Canvas: Dominique Meunier

Éphémère, 2020 - Mixed media on canvas 50 x 60 cm

“I aspire to a spirituality, to a harmony of man and nature, often through the prism of nostalgia, questioning what seems to be in question: the unity of man and the cosmos, the unity of man and meaning, the interdependence of phenomena.”

Imperfections: Joakim Sederholm

Black&White - Painted wood 78 cm

"My focus is on the human experience, on what it feels like to be human. The warmth and kindness within us inspire me. Like us humans, my sculptures have their shortcomings and defects. Patches and stitches hold parts together. By sharing things life becomes easier for everybody. Nobody is perfect…”

Glitz in the Landscape: Ruth Lantz

Back Lit Bright Lights - Acrylic, Graphite, Watercolor Pencil on Panel, 50 x 60 in.

"I use paint to question how screens have shifted our understanding of the landscape. I merge landscape images with abstract techniques to create works that capture the tension between a painted surface and a screen. Using applications that are both controlled and improvisational, I play with flatness vs. depth and opacity vs. transparency. Condensing the digital impression and the painterly into one surface, I create an image that is at once familiar but also removed, thus challenging the viewer to question technology’s role in our perception of nature."

Moon & Stars: Jisoo Kang

Pine trees and Stars - Color slide film 60 x 60 mm

"We are passengers traveling together on a spaceship called Earth. I circled the sun 44 times in this spaceship, which is spinning around itself once a day. One of my favorite works is the panning shot about this spin with color slide films."

The Big Picture: Stephen Mauldin

Five One - Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50 in.

My work has always addressed "the big picture," that is, the nature of the universe and the intelligence(s) that inhabit it. It is an attempt to explore the possibilities that our universe presents. I have done this by a variety of means, most recently by slinging very small quantities of paint."

Perfect Relections: James Hartel

Rose Dore - Watercolor 40 x 28 in.

"Watercolor is an inspiration, it has a mind of its own, no matter how much I try to control it, it does its own thing..."

Hybrid Recollections: Denise Jones Adler

Same Battles, Same Victims
"I am interested in creating portraits and dreamscapes that express a mythical and legendary sense. Innate in my work are my reactions to information from current events and the world around me. My portraits and dreamscapes are not really “of this world,” but representative of my reactions to stimuli: empathy, apprehension, or disbelief. I like to examine identity and its reflection on contemporary culture. The multifaceted connections between the internal, external and virtual distilled into hybrid creations that illustrate my sense of our collective human experience."

Collage: Lebasille

Once Upon A Time - Collage on paper 18 x 24 cm

"My inspiration is life itself, rediscovering the past, creating a vintage future."

Porcelain Dreams: Eva Cocco

2019 Android's Dream - Porcelain 13 x 12 in.
"My heritage is a main theme in my creative process: I use as reference the corals, the shells and sea-urchins of the Sardinian sea, the unique design of ancient jewelry that still nowadays decorates our traditional costumes. I get inspired by the distinctive shape of the typical sweets of my hometown, Nuoro.”

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