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We invite visual artists working in all media that can be depicted on the printed page to submit art to be considered for publication in the Spring Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine.

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Circle Quarterly Art Review

Winter 2018 Issue

In this issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review, we examine work by 108 mid-career and established artists working in a variety of discipline and style. From sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital and mixed media we look at each work for its unique aesthetic as well as how it reflects upon current trends and practices in contemporary art. In compiling this diverse curated selection we aim at creating a narrative through...

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Spotlight Magazine | Issue 5

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Featuring recent artwork by 70 select international artists, the latest issue of SPOTLIGHT Magazine covers a variety of discipline and style. Flip through the pages of the e-magazine to discover artwork worth collecting and order your print copies (available in 2 sizes) today...

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Artists On Review

Storytelling: JMSaarenpaa

Solace - Oil on canvas 41 x 34 cm

Utilizing both digital and traditional media, Johanna finds fantastic and surreal art to be particularly compelling. Furthermore, she’s interested in painting subjects that are usually associated with illustration and storytelling. She continues to strive to improve her technique as she believes technical skill to be just as important as one’s vision.

Pointilism: Jingfeng Li

Contemplating - Pen and ink on sketching paper 76.4 x 52.3 cm

Jingfeng Li’s pen and ink paintings are mainly based on figurative realism and are rich in detailed expressions. He has won many awards in European and American realistic painting competitions. In Li’s work,  the pens are used to draw rich levels and textures. There are two kinds of realistic pen and ink paintings, one is pure black ink, and the other is colored ink.

Expressions in Polymer Clay: Elisabetta Visentini

One Sad Egg - Polymer clay 9 cm

"The beautiful material is the same for everyone. Creating beauty with a modest material is instead of a few.  The beautiful material, then, does not exist. The right material exists. " - Giò Pont

Photography as a Language: Mike DeCesare

Gone But Not Forgotten

"Photography is my first language, expressed in images that draw the viewer inside a scene to see, feel, interact with, and add their personal interpretation of a place or a time when light, color, and form combined to make both a unique and memorable human experience."

Chinese Perfectionism: Kexin Di

Waiting for the Wind - Oil on canvas 120 x 80 cm

“In my oil painting technique, I am inspired by Rembrandt’s works to catch the color of light. With the classical skill of cover to dye, painting can be powerful by layering oil colors decorously. Meanwhile, I often use color directly, like modern painters, combining them together."

Erotic Strokes: Constantin Gorelov

Foxy from "Dark Alley" - Watercolor on paper 29 x 39 cm

"I started painting at 14. My first creations were painted in oil. Then I had a break. Only 5 years later I started painting again to train and reestablish my hand after surgery. Then I loved to draw fruits because in this theme I always felt the circularity and infinity of life, its renewability, and vastness. I also started to study pastel, tempera, charcoal, China ink, and watercolor."

Storytelling: June Sira

A Girl With Flowers On Her Shirt - Tempera on canvas 120 x 87 cm

"I have always made drawings. Ever since I was a young child. It was just unnatural for me to do anything else even though my parents thought artists was not a profession. The role of an artist is to be true to yourself."

Unique Technique: Linda Lasson


"I work with embroidery on lining paper. My motifs are inspired by nature surrounding me."

New Alphabet: Dave Weindorf

Zodiac, 2017 - Acrylic enamel, glazing and watercolor on clay panel 48 x 36 in.

“I read a lot about historical figures, primitive cultures, and ancient symbols. That definitely influences my art. I feel like I'm bringing the past to today in my expressionistic paintings with bold compositions of line work, watercolor, and abstract glyphs.”

Pending Mystery: Nan Xu

Grand Sonata - Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in.

“I am concerned with the communication of the unknown energy between nature and human through the event of nature or civilization transformation in a magic-realistic world.”

Art Deco Influences: Marina Koraki

5th Dimension Earth II - Mixed media on gold leaf 40 cm

"I've always been concerned with humanity and how things always "worked" on our planet. That's why I'm trying to discover and understand through my art, basic terms of existence. I'm trying to depict the soul, always in an optimistic way, by using archetypal symbols with Art Deco influences."

Beautiful Abstract: Katherine Houston

Mythical Moonlight - Reverse painting of acrylic on Plexiglas 60 x 48 in.

"Much like trying to hold on to sand in your hand, control is the surprising outcome of letting go. It is this push-and-pull that drives me to make my art. By fully relenting to my work, I somehow gain control."

Young Energy: Barbara Demsar

To The Light, 2017 - Acrylic and collage on canvas 100 x 100 cm

"The artistic world I have created is centered on abstract landscapes. My deepest emotions, perceptions of the real world, thought and expression are subtly imbued in my works. I purposefully strive for a pictorial space that is harmonious, bright and airy, dominated by an energy that is childlike."

Pastel Dreams: Bea Garding Schubert

Garden of Eden I - Mixed media 50 x 50 cm

"I have taken a clear decision: To create art, for me, is power and confidence. My paintings should be a carrier of hope and beauty."

Texture Adventure: Ida Schjaerff

Wintertales 3 - Magic Snowdrops - Acrylics, pen and transfer on canvas 140 x 120 cm

“ I love the simple fantasy-world of a child that has not yet lost her innocence. I believe in what she perceives, and I believe she is delicate, vulnerable and invincible in her immediate perception of the world.”

What is it? D.H. Boutin

My Friends from Hell - Acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 x 2 in.

“My art is creative, bright and sometimes downright weird. I enjoy the fun and laughter that comes with each piece. My goal is to share the fun with others and with reasonable prices collecting my art is attainable for all. Perhaps a great fun, family tradition can start with my crazy creations.”

Experiments with Light: John Brooks

Warehouse - Digital composite, archival print 60 x 45 cm

John Brooks has practiced the art of photography since his teen years and has employed the full range of equipment and techniques in this art including processing his own films and printing his own images. Extensive use of film cameras across all formats and a wide range of digital equipment allows him to take on most subject matters with technical expertise. His main philosophy is that to create a good image a camera is unnecessary, but the eye and brain are the key essentials for composition and creativity. With numerous exhibitions of his work across the continents in recent years, he has accumulated over 10 international awards for his work.

Freedom to Paint: Evgenya Severskaya

Arousal - Oil on canvas 130 x 70 cm

"I want to express my delight for being and the feeling when you realize that you are, you live. So you can act and manage the part of the world that is adjacent to you, you can increase the beauty of the world, participate in its construction."

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