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Magazine Contest Results

 With over 450 participating artists in our magazine contest, who submitted artwork in a variety of discipline, media and styles, selecting only a portion of the images was not a simple task. We announce the artists and artworks selected for publication in the Spring 2018 Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review.

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Circle Quarterly Review | Winter Issue

In this issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review, we examine work by 108 mid-career and established artists working in a variety of discipline and style. From sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital and mixed media we look at each work...

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Spotlight Magazine | Issue 5

Featuring recent artwork by 70 select international artists, the latest issue of SPOTLIGHT Magazine covers a variety of discipline and style. Flip through the pages of the e-magazine to discover artwork worth collecting and order your print copies (available in 2 sizes) today...

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Artists On Review

American Photographer: Kathy Brady

Bridge - Digital photograph 16 x 20 in.

American photographer Kathy Brady’s work has won multiple awards and has appeared in physical and online galleries including “Shoot the Frame’s Shoot the Wild”, “Fusion Art” in Palm Springs, CA, “1650 Gallery” in Los Angeles, CA, “The Gallery in the Park” at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester, NY, “Gallery MC” in New York City, “Colors of Humanity Art Gallery,” "Light Space Time,” “Confluence Art Gallery,”  and “Green Door Art Gallery” in St. Louis, MO.  Kathy has also been published in Wildlife Photography World, a UK magazine.

Pointilism: Jingfeng Li

Contemplating - Pen and ink on sketching paper 76.4 x 52.3 cm

Jingfeng Li’s pen and ink paintings are mainly based on figurative realism and are rich in detailed expressions. He has won many awards in European and American realistic painting competitions. In Li’s work,  the pens are used to draw rich levels and textures. There are two kinds of realistic pen and ink paintings, one is pure black ink, and the other is colored ink.

Reconstructed Reality: Jussi Pirttioja

Shipwreck - Oil on canvas 150 x 90 cm

"I paint what I would like to see and what does not yet exist. I pick random fragments from the flood of images I face every day and try to tie them together with the language of paint. Sometimes the results intrigue me, hopefully, others too. Meanings should not be imposed too heavily on my work."

Between Metaphors: Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna

Own Space, 2016 - Pastel 66 x 83 cm

"I search for the tangible surface between the inner and the observable world by introspection during the painting process. I get ignited when something gets a metaphorical meaning. I bridge the soul and reason within the concept of time. Through imagery, I consider the complexities of these dualities."

Pink Minimalism: Oto Rimele

Lumiquadro 1 Wood, color 195 x 37 x 8 cm

"The problem of light is in its being so self-evident that we do not see it; it only becomes marked through its shadow.”

Sentimental Chaos: Eva Cocco

N.015 - White porcelain 19 x 13 in.

"I am a self-taught sculptor and by far my favorite narrative tool is porcelain. Besides other things, I am a sci-fi geek and through my pieces, I talk about meandering cities and tortuous architectures, about heritage and ancestral stories, entropy and chaos, life and death in this and other planets."

Erotic Strokes: Constantin Gorelov

Foxy from "Dark Alley" - Watercolor on paper 29 x 39 cm

"I started painting at 14. My first creations were painted in oil. Then I had a break. Only 5 years later I started painting again to train and reestablish my hand after surgery. Then I loved to draw fruits because in this theme I always felt the circularity and infinity of life, its renewability, and vastness. I also started to study pastel, tempera, charcoal, China ink, and watercolor."

Storytelling: June Sira

A Girl With Flowers On Her Shirt - Tempera on canvas 120 x 87 cm

"I have always made drawings. Ever since I was a young child. It was just unnatural for me to do anything else even though my parents thought artists was not a profession. The role of an artist is to be true to yourself."

Painting Today: Arthur Jacob

Grace of A Mum - Photograph 36 x 36 in.

"My canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse as my brush. From that point on, my creative work focuses on exploring shapes, colors, and movement that are in the photograph. I don’t record the steps taken to achieve this focus, so each work is unique and new. This allows me to take a new journey of discovery with each piece I create."

Unique Style: Anna Green

Coastal Cruisers - Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 in.

"While I still love the challenge of portrait work and the serenity of landscapes and still life, the female image has become my trademark. My "feminine spirits" have evolved from fairies to yogis to women with attitude (the girlfriend's series); all symbolizing the inner strength and grace of the female. My paintings often evoke a smile or a chuckle, as the viewer can often see elements of themselves in each.”

Open-ended Narratives: Max Werner

Con Art - Acrylic and graphite on canvas 38 x 58 in.

"My work is generally based on observation of my environment, or what surrounds me. Landscapes, public places such as museums, libraries pubs, etc... This feeds my imagination, produces ideas, and the result of this has variously been described as realist narrative, with a touch of surrealism."

Textures: Gastao Cristofani

Center of Life

Brazilian painter, Gastao Cristofani was born in 1964. He has been recognized by several art critics and has had exhibits at the House of Culture for both the private and public sectors of Ribeirão Preto and also in the city of Sāo Paulo capital. Today he lives in Tadworth, England.

Reclaiming The Sacred Source: Lynn Creighton

Reclaiming the Sacred Source: Gaia - Bronze 13 x 10 x 8 in.

“I create the female form from a sacred source of inspiration and commitment. This work has evolved from my deep inner conviction that female energy, fully aware of itself, will contribute essential wisdom to critical issues facing the planet.”

A Place Where Possibility Exists: Arrachme

Embracing Freedom - Mixed media, brushes and tools on canvas - 48 x 36 x 1.5 in.

Arrachme is an internationally renowned artist with current work in museums worldwide. She is included in exhibitions for specific worthy causes. Her consistently published award-winning series have a thread of peaceful energy and take you to that needed respite where time stands still. Not limited to galleries and events in New York, Monte Carlo, Art Basel Miami, South Korea, Portugal, England, etc., her work is collected privately. 

New Realism: Jon Bøe Paulsen

The Trespasser - Oil on canvas 73 x 86 cm

"I consider myself an artist belonging to the group of New Realists where the human being is looked upon in a new light and painted strongly figuratively. The meaning of Clair Obscure, in Italian chiaroscuro, is light in the darkness. Less light, less colour."

Pastel Dreams: Bea Garding Schubert

Garden of Eden I - Mixed media 50 x 50 cm

"I have taken a clear decision: To create art, for me, is power and confidence. My paintings should be a carrier of hope and beauty."

Soft Light: Enzo Crispino

Winter Morning Fine Art Print 45 x 60 cm

 Enzo Crispino's work is published byVogue Italia and Art + Commerce agency, New York. Since 2015 he has been a member of the American agency  Freelance Blink Photographers in New York. His images have received numerous awards and titles, in India, Australia, Italy, Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Crispino continues to actively exhibit and sell work internationally. He is represented by InArte / Werkkunst Gallery in Bergamo.

What is it? Jon Kraja

Political Movement In Developing Countries - Acrylic on canvas 150 x 150 cm

Born 1970 in Tirana, Albania to a family of creators, Jon Kraja was raised during the period of communist dictatorship in Albania. His work is characterized by an original style, result of a self-taught research, going beyond the limits of conformism. He creates powerful and astonishing art in painting, graphics, installation, sculpture and stage design. He is concerned with the subconscious, which leads him to the universe, to the attractiveness of lifeless objects, to the exploration of the human being, to the combination of life and death, shadows, and lights that enlighten unexplored spaces of creation.

Painting with Light: Rune Baashus

Ferrari F250GT SWG II - Photograph on Hanemühle fine art paper 29 x 29 in. or 73 x 73 cm

Norwegian artist and photographer, Rune Baashus has been active in commercial photography for many years, including in advertising, the car industry as well as architectural and industrial photography. Over recent years he has taken a step back from his commercial practice and today he is mostly concerned with Photography as art. With a technical background, as well as experience in graphic design, Rune has the developed the ability to create photographs which look like paintings.

Digital Media: Wayne Charles Roth

Pocket Dream - Digital painting 48 x 48 x 1 in.

After earning his MFA from The Rochester Institute of Technology, Wayne Charles Roth moved to NYC and began his career working at top design firms and agencies in the city. He was a co-founder of Chiselvision, one of the first digital imaging firms in the United States, and deeply influenced this important medium. In the late 90’s he launched 2face a hybrid digital creative firm. 2face conceived and produced digital art, photography, and campaigns for major clients such as Adobe, Ford, Sony, Time-Warner, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

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