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Open Call for Artists

Compete for participation in the Artavita - World Wide Art Pavilion at Artexpo New York (March 30 - April 2, 2023, Pier 36, New York City)

We invite artists working in all fine art media to participate in our contest, in order to be considered for free participation with one, two, three or four artworks at this season’s Artexpo New York, art fair.

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Artists On Review

Visual Poetry: Sona Asemani

Let's hug (No.3) - Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm

“Painting is like visual poetry, and oil makes it smoothly flows on my canvas. I believe creating a painting is the only way to stay motivated. The combination of vivid colours and tempting women's portraits represents the fiery part of me that I usually don't dare to show in society.”

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One of A Kind: Billy the Kid Neon

The Adventures of Roy Rogers & Dale Evans & The Known God & Abraxas & The Unknown God in the Lost Canyon - Mixed media 9 x 5 x 5 ft

"I am an outsider artist. I am self-taught and use unusual materials in my work such as sheetrock and neon paint. My work is for me a spiritual path. I became an artist when I was "Richard Dreyfussed" (as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) at Home Depot one day and have been at it ever since."

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Texture Adventure: Morten Saether

ESSENCE - Mixed photography and digital collage 50 x 70 cm

“Photography is often the essence of my Art. I also love traditional collages. So often my work consists of different photos put together in layers and presented in a new way, mostly abstract but sometimes with elements you can recognize.”

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Baroque Skies: Jason Engelbart

FESTIVAL OF A MAGNIFICENT TRANSFORMATION - Digital Neo Painting, Fine Art Print on Alu Dibond 104 x 160 cm

"My abstract-baroque works are based on my personal exploration of the diversity of our being. They are at the same time a reflection of the universal love that unites us all and they are an expression of my deep respect for our being, for the wonders of life and for every creature in this world. Against this background, my works are a homage to life, to our being."

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Fiercely Graceful: Nicola Majocchi

Birth Of Venus - Photograph (Digital capture) 20 x 20 in.

"FIERCELY GRACEFUL is a body of work dedicated to all dancers to celebrate their power and their grace as the ultimate expression of the sheer strength of human physical performance at its best. The balance between Power and Grace as the interaction of two opposite worlds coming together."

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The Big Small: Angelica Jerzewski

Vollkommenheit und Harmonie III - Digitalphotographie - FineArtPrint AluDibond 60 x 80 cm

“My intention is to bring small and unnoticed things into focus, to track down the hidden diversity of artistic architecture and structures and to find what is characteristic of their peculiarities. Against the light, delicate network structures are transformed into "natural" works of art.”

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Contemporary Context: Kaitlyn Jo Smith

Fixtures - Porcelain, PVA, Wood, Steel 48 x 36 x 72 in.

Kaitlyn Jo Smith is an interdisciplinary artist whose works address issues surrounding automation by utilizing processes that have rendered the shift worker nearly obsolete.

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Color & Light: Jean-Pierre Alban

After Kelly Series: Untitled Color Study 73

“I am inspired by color. In my work right now I am focusing on great masters and create compositions that deal with the concept of balance. I work with digital media and have a background in Painting.”

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Exploring the Landscape: Marta Nyrkova

Second fly - Watercolor 25.5x39.3 in

Marta Nyrkova is a research artist, exploring changes in the city, terrain, and types of landscapes. Working with nostalgia, she reproduces the moments of fixation here and now, because due to the rapid passage of time the present immediately becomes the past. Nyrkova experiments with a variety of materials and motifs.

Real Life: Feng Fei

Happy Birthday - Tempera 30 x 40 cm

Feng Fei, professional advertiser, designer and artist, is a member of the California Artists’ League and the Federation of Canadian Artists. She has won various art awards, including in China, the United States, Canada, and Europe. She was born into an artistic family in Beijing. Fei majored in advertising when she was at university and graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Design and a Master’s Degree in Art.

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Texture Adventure: Marvel Maring

Bardo #21 - Mixed media collage, 22" x 30"

"These collages demand that I trust the process–a very tangible act of embracing my so-called “mistakes” and transforming them into something fresh. Philip Guston said, “What joy it is for paint to become a thing--a being. Believe in this miracle-it is your only hope.” I believe in this miracle."

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From Denmark with Love: LGDyrby

The Horse - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm

Lone Gadegaard Dyrby is a Danish self-taught artist who finds her inspiration in imagination, joy, good mood and all kinds of colors. Her paintings are whimsical and imaginative so she can give the viewer a happy and positive feeling.

Retro-futurism: Scott Troxel

King (2021)

"I draw on the aesthetics of bygone technology and the forward-looking designs of the Atomic Age and mid-century modernism to make dynamic, retro-futurist wooden sculptures that evoke nostalgia for the past as much as they look to the future. I am fascinated by the way pieces of technology, culture, and design reveal their age and aim to make work that cannot be pinned to a specific era."

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Who We Are: Nevena Ivanović Guagliumi

Enjoy the silence - Combined technique on paper 24 x 30 cm

"My work is an analytical study on emotional intelligence and it's a constant work on the raising awareness on that, the most important sphere in the evolution of the personality, but the one so little has been researched about. Yet, it's in our genetic code."

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The Perfectionist: Junru Xie

In Sunshine - Ink pen on paper 44 x 43 cm

"The beauty of realistic pen-and-ink painting is that it uses just a black line to paint a rich and delicate picture. It presents a beauty of vicissitudes. I like the color of black, white and gray. Its deep, quiet yet noble quality profoundly attracts me."

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Secret Garden: Mary Chaplin

My secret garden - Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120 cm

Professional French artist, Mary Chaplin was born in Picardy, and now lives and works in Cany-Barville, Normandy. From a figurative beginning, an art form to which she remains faithful, Mary Chaplin has become a multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself in different fields all having a connection with light; the essence of her work.

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Formalism: Ulla Ferdinandsen

Untitled/2 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 x 4 cm

"My paintings do not represent anything recognizable only geometric shapes. The color has its own tone, the empathy and passion I display in the use of the color in relation to form and space, I hope, opens up the experience of space as unpredictable and a movement towards freedom."

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Topographies: Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

TEMPO SQUISITO the north parallel 5 & 6, Diptych, 2020, Hahnemühle™ Archival Photo Rag Ultra Smooth archival digital print, 100 x 66.67 cm (unframed) and 180 x 120 cm (unframed).

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin is an Australian-based artist whose work engages photographic imagery, sculptural objects & video, interrogating contexts and topographies of cultural and environmental tension. Roberts-Goodwin has exhibited extensively, and her work is held in private and public collections

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Pop! Art: Lenore Rae Lampi

Powder Puff - Ceramics 18 x 12 x 14 in.

"In stark contrast to past work, the new series explores the notion of adornment of the affordable kind. Ribbons, bows, and streamers in a historical context may evoke feelings of nostalgia, kitsch, and pomp. Allow me to reference Pop Art to describe the work, with the intention to monumentalize these humble objects."

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Caustic: Jiawei Fu

Charging - Acrylic with egg yolk on canvas 24 x 18 in.

Jiawei’s practice depicts mundanity and emptiness through a surreal reality. Utilize the understated diary to wake up subconsciousness and create a new conversation between people.

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Mystical Visions: Letta Sed

Different Look - Tergum - Photograph 34 x 26 cm

Letta Sed's fine art photography is often a reflection of her emotions, the condition she experiences at a given time, her inner world, or her view of the world.

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Digital Dream: Daman Gill-Tur

Monday blues
"My art tells my visual story, as my distorted eye perceives the world in fragments with much haze and blurriness.. The layers, the hazy colors, the blur, the lines, the spots all depict my own visual story expressed digitally." See More >>

Finnish Stories: Anni Hurmila

Girls playing upon the shore

"Colors are important part of my paintings. When I'm drawing or using mixed media the pieces can be also black and white. Painting is still my main technique .My paintings are usually about the people. Subjects are from family albums, peoples on the street or even social media."

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Spiritualized: Joel Shapses

Spiral of Life - Alabaster 27 x 17 x 3 in.
"During my 55-year career, many changes and growth have come to me. I am now more excited about new techniques and materials to create than I have since I started. I get my inspiration from many sources which include nature, spirituality and my emotions."

Pure Form: Elena Saracino

Gravity - Black Belgian marble 9 x 11 x 11 cm

"My sculptures investigate an inner world veiled in symbolic metaphors. I look for pure and essential forms aided by the intrinsic light of the natural material which varies from marble to stone of various colors and hardness. Art for me must speak to the soul through a simple and immediate message."

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