20 of my illustration images featured and exhibited on the Retroavangarda website for the “Gallery of Friends” section!


I am pleased and honored to be invited by my friend and great designer-artist, Anna Kłos who specializes in creating poster design, book design and non-commercial collage work to have 20 of my illustration images featured and exhibited on her wonderful Retroavangarda website for the “Gallery of Friends” section!

Some information about Retroavangarda:

Retroavangarda is a non-profit project that involves online promotion of artists from all over the world and organizing real life exhibitions. Retroavangarda Facebook fanpage is one of the leaders on the subject of international contemporary art and has over 100 000 fans. As a part of Retroavangarda project, Anna Kłos has recently organized a number of international exhibitions of which she was the curator, i.e. Post-Ecuador Poster Bienal, International Collage Exhibition, exhibition of contemporary Peruvian art and more. At first, the exhibitions were held in renowned, befriended galleries, but since April 2018 Retroavangarda has its own gallery space in Jerozolimskie Business Park – a modern office complex in the centre of Warsaw, placing itself at the same time in the worldwide trend of promoting good contemporary art in attractive public spaces.

Some information of 1 of the 20 illustration images selected for exhibition of the Retroavangarda website for the “Gallery of Friends” section and featured for this news:

Title: A Whisper to a Scream (version 6)
Medium: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: Approximately 22 inches by 20 inches

An illustration about the deeply troublesome journey and insurmountable battle for victims who suffer from tragic consequences from horrific crimes they have experienced and to battle always to find lightness and peace within the never-ending darkness that lingers and haunts them forever.

Thank you very much to my friend and designer-artist, Anna Klos.

Here is the link to review my work on Retroavangarda website for the “Gallery of Friends” section: