“27.09.2021” El Greco Museum exhibition


The great artist Mandalena Vozniak-Melissourgaki takes over the baton at the exhibitions of the El Greco Museum. Every year we welcome Maddalena to the museum with a different visual proposal, both in terms of technique and in terms of the thematic content it presents to us. People with eyes open to the world cannot help but be influenced by what they see, the beauty, but also the difficulties, the mundane but also supernatural and inexplicable situations. Maddalena, a deeply sensitized artist, could not remain unmoved by the tragedy that began last fall with the earthquakes in the hinterland of Heraklion and still today are an open wound in the society of Crete. She states:

My report is related to a dramatic event that took place in Crete, it was a big earthquake, more than 7,000 houses were destroyed. This event greatly influenced my approach to life. I was at home during the earthquake, the only thought I had was to go outside. This prompted me to think deeply about what is important in our lives. We work hard all our life, we forget family, friends, ourselves etc. and finally a few seconds are enough to lose all these material things. Worth;

The exhibition concerns her personal look at this disaster, through her photographic lens, but also through works with the collage technique. At the same time, in the adjacent exhibition space, a short, but highly interesting international exhibition is held, with works of various genres and techniques, by artists from Brazil, China, Malaysia, Poland, Ukraine and Nigeria.

The duration of the exhibitions is August 14-31 and admission is free. Open daily 09:00-19:00 – EXCEPT TUESDAY.