Britta Ortiz

"In a changing world, we need to look at the world with new eyes and return to something more original and real, namely nature, being with other people - family, friends and colleagues and old crafts. The pandemic helped show us that there are other values as it pulled us away from our stressful lives. We were forced to slow down, and many found new interests such as baking, knitting, dyeing yarn, and much more, and where people have for many years sought the cities, there is now also a movement that goes the opposite way."

The forest trip - Linocut printed on paper 43 x 53 cm with frame and passepartout, €800

Britta Ortiz has been immersed in the world of art throughout her life, yet it wasn't until 2010 that she decided to unveil her creations to the external sphere. The compulsion to create art emerges from her need to engage both the analytical and creative faculties of her mind within the bustling canvas of daily existence. Within the realm of art, she discovers her sanctuary of unrestrained expression.

An autodidact in the realm of artistry, Britta has gleaned wisdom from diverse workshops and mentors. These experiences have imparted to her a range of techniques, which she adeptly employs. Nevertheless, it was through the liberation from formal training that she found her unique artistic voice.

Her artistic endeavors traverse a variety of mediums, with graphic design, oil painting, drawing, watercolor, and ceramics occupying significant spaces within her creative repertoire. Britta's thirst for knowledge is evident as she consistently integrates novel artistic forms into her expanding domain of creativity.

Since 2010, her works have graced numerous exhibitions in Denmark, as well as international venues spanning the United States, England, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Beyond her individual accomplishments, Britta has played an integral role in establishing multiple artists' collectives. Her impact reverberates through the pages of art volumes and magazines, where her work finds its place.

Notably, Britta Ortiz possesses a medical education and has delved into the fields of psychology and health anthropology. Despite her bustling schedule, she remains fully committed to her professional responsibilities. Her erudition continues to inform her endeavors, enriching her dynamic journey.

Sagnlandet Lejre - Linocut printed on paper 43 x 53 cm with frame and passepartout, €800
The cycle of life - Linocut printed on paper 53 x 43 cm with frame and passepartout, €800
The dangers lurk - Linocut printed on paper 43 x 33 cm with frame and passepartout, €400
The highest price - Linocut printed on paper 43 x 53 cm with frame and passepartout, €800

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist

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