Sam Barrow

"Photography is my way of entering a magical ‘Between World’ – a world that is more vital and real than our everyday illusory experience would have us believe. Playing with mystery and fooling with dark and light allows me to reveal half-truths within my sanctuary of harmony and serenity."

Leah - Digital photography on canvas 200 x 300 mm

"My images have been described as ethereal renderings delving into the mysteries inscribed in New Zealand landscapes. Creating a sense of space and stillness, with a dash of playfulness and mystery are instinctual tendencies in my life as well as my art. When I introduce a character into my landscapes, it gives me scope to explore these mysteries in a way that’s a little more overt than in the landscape alone. In the Stasis Series, some of which are shown here, I do this by suggesting possible open-ended narratives involving paleontological and galactic mysteries that, in all reality, are now organically flooding into our collective consciousness and being veraciously queried on every continent and in every culture like never before."

Sam Barrow was born and currently resides in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today he works as a self-taught, fine art landscape and creative portrait photographer. His formal training and work are in the earth sciences, but he has also studied Landscape Architecture, Music and Publishing and draws upon all of these in his work. Working intuitively, he transmutes the intangible spirituality of the local New Zealand terrain into atmospheric and often painterly photographs that reveal a universe more dynamic and alive than our daily experiences allow us to perceive. As well as a permanent display in Christchurch at Windsor Gallery, Sam’s work has been exhibited in New York and Italy, with shows in these and other cities planned in 2019.

Stasis #6a - Digital Photograph on canvas 700 x 700 mm
Stasis #1 - Digital photography on canvas 700 x 700 mm
Stasis #5 - Digital Photograph on canvas 700 x 700 mm
Stasis #3 - Digital Photograph on canvas 700 x 700 mm

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