Stéphane Vereecken

"With my images of the Rabid Animals series, I explore the relationship between human beings and beasts; A realistic universe and also surreal - an image photographed and also painted and drawn. The drawings on the walls, the floor, and the body show an unfinished project of life."

Hotel Mutation 001 - Photograph 40 x 40 cm

Belgian photographer and artist, Stéphane Vereecken holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Brussels. He has been actively exhibiting from a young age in cultural centers and galleries in Brussels. Classical studies in several art academies and different media have allowed the artist to develop a multidisciplinary vision. His Rabid Animal series began in 1999. Vereecken photographs models and landscapes and follows on to draw a story on the wall and their bodies.  Each image creates a mystical, open-ended narrative and in the artist’s own words, they “tell an unfinished story…”.

Hotel Mutation 010 - Photograph 40 x 40 cm
The Garden 020 - Photograph 42 x 30 cm
Hotel Mutation 006 - Photograph 40 x 40 cm
The Garden 012 - Photograph 42 x 30 cm
The Garden - 001
Rabid Animals Series - Portrait 002
White Wall Series - 008
The Garden - 002
Rabid Animals Series - White Wall 012

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