Svetlana Melik-Nubarova

"I was very interested in painting from an early age. Therefore, the painting of such great masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Verrocchio, Brueghel, Bosch, Raphael, Rembrandt, had a huge impact on my style of photography."

Motherhood - Photograph 6321 x 6528px, $900

Born in Kazakhstan, Svetlana Melik-Nubarova studied music and painting starting at a young age. She graduated the Kazakh National Conservatory, as a pianist and later received a Psychology education in Novosibirsk (Russia). She has been in many exhibits and won international awards including solo shows in Almaty, a Gold Metal in Trienberg (Linz, Austria), Finalist Award for the Cliftons Art Prize 2017, a Gold Award at 2018 Paris Photo Prize and many more accolades.

"Seven years ago I've got carried away with photography.  I prefer the genre of portraiture. Passion for painting has a great influence on my photography."

Portrait - Photograph 4899 x 5832 px, $800
Dreams - Photograph 6404 x 8529px, $900
Gold Fish - Photograph 5640 x 8009px, $900
Angel - Photograph 6054 x 7800px, $900

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