A. Saez de Lafuente

"My artistic works are the expression of feelings and emotions of experiences I have lived. The photography is the beginning of the idea. The paper as a support for watercolor painting interacts with the work intervening with the textures obtained after its treatment, with the aim of being an integral part and protagonist, at the same time, together with the painting of the treated subject. I paint, tear, paste, sew the paper, to create a pictorial work in which the paper takes center stage and interacts with the concept to be expressed."

En la Costa III - Photograph with acrylic 70 x 52 cm

Versatile and multidisciplinary artist, Arantzazu Saez de Lafuente (Bilbao, Spain 1966) works as a fashion stylist, fashion designer, personal image consultant. Art is her vocation and an allergy to chemical products has marked her pictorial technique and her artistic training in painting, sculpture, and photography.

En la Orilla II - Acrylic with varied materials collected from the seashore 30 x 30 cm
Más - Watercolor 29 x 20 cm
Forma - Watercolor 29 x 20 cm
Dreaming - Handmade paper, watercolor, shells, jute on canvas 55 x 46 cm

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