“I believe in art understood primarily as a fundamental communication channel, free from critical schemes and the industry’s vocabulary. I do not place limits on using any communication medium to merge the technique I have outlined, called Crea_R_Evolution, as an extension of the history.”

Map For The Future - Mixed media sculpture 80 x 80 x 20 cm

Adele Arati was born in Parma, Italy 1967 where she lives and works. After 25 years of careful study and experimentation, she has created the project titled <adele_aRaTI.ram: aaRTI>. Arati was a semi-finalist at the Cairo Mondatori Art Prize (Arte October 2016) and contributes to the bi-monthly art edition, BIANCOSCURO. She was featured in the Book of Art (CAC) edited by Dr. Arpinè Sevagian, Truth and Lies Contemporary Art by Marc Chagall to Today (2018). Recent exhibitions include at the Museo MIIT di Torino, Emotion – Contemporary Art Fantasy k.M.B.– Miami- Private Party Miami Art Basel (2017),  the AccorsiArte in Venice within the Biennale di Venezia in 2017, as well as at ARTBOX.Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, Gallery Flyer in Rome and Caelum in Manhattan, NY, the 2015 BMM Art Biennial art MIIT Museum Torino and many more.  Arati graduated in Visual Arts and Applied Graphics Paolo Toschi Institute of art Parma in 1986 and has 25 years of professional experience working in the fields of photography, graphic design, and illustration.

Map Of Soul - Mixed technique 70 x 100 cm
Past Future - Mixed technique 70 x 100 cm
Possibility - Mixed technique 70 x 100 cm
Create_R_Evolution - Mixed technique 70 x 100 cm

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