Adele Sciortino

“Every figure that I create has their own soul and personality…”

Ming ‘Origami Gypsy’ - Cloth - 24 in. (including base)

Figurative artist and sculptor, Adele Sciortino was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her artistic abilities are a direct result of a strong heritage of creativity stemming from talented grandparents and parents who were master tailors, quilt makers, and music teachers, who handed down a myriad of learning techniques to bring forth a creative and artistic presentation. Her endeavors to bring fabric and clay from its most simple form to a delicate creation of distinction are a constant driving force.

Each distinctive figurative sculpture has their own unique quality, made with the utmost care and imaginative focus. Adele Sciortino’s scope widens as she continues to build her creative process moving from cloth to sculpting polymer clay figures to achieve a more realistic look of the character.

Sciortino has been involved with figurative sculpture making for the last 25 years while running a very successful business, commercial printing, and online class site, on a full-time basis. Adele is also a Certified Graphic Designer as well as a watercolor artist and photographer. In addition, she owns a successful doll and mixed media online class site,, served as President of the Original Doll Artist Council of America and is the publisher of the A For Artistic quarterly e-magazine.

Each figurative sculpture is as important as the next. Each with their own souls and personalities, Adele has captured the enlightenment and spirit of true doll making. Many figurative pieces adorn the homes and hospitalities of celebrities and continue to be appreciated by all those who view them.  Her creative journey will continue to grow as she merges more into the polymer world of sculpting realistic figures.

Journey Women's Fish Tale - Cloth 24 in. (including base)
Faylinn ‘Fairy Princess’ - Polymer Clay Figure 10 in. Glass case 20 in.
Orian - Polymer Clay 14 in. (including base)
Marilia Dryad - Polymer Clay 11 in. (including base)

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