"Exploring various painting technics, I use my knowledge of photography to create original paintings mixed with photography – New Pop Realism."

Catherine Deneuve I - Mixed media painted on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Visual artist, Adélia Clavien was born in Portugal and has lived in Switzerland since 1981, now based in Trélex. Adélia spent a long time with the artist community in Valais, attending painting courses and studying photography in St. Gall where she lived for a decade. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by the arts from a young age although she has been working in the IT sector for over 20 years.

As a self-taught artist, she is passionate about exploring various techniques and incorporates her photographic skills and knowledge to create original mixed media and cross-discipline paintings in a New Pop Realism style. The various themes allow the viewer to escape into a colorful and mysterious universe -Adélia’s universe.

Adélia is employed part-time in order to have more time for her artistic activities. Self-educated, she is multitalented, speaks several languages, plays several musical instruments, is comfortable with new technology, and is naturally an open person. Please feel free to have a look at her personal website

Reines Herens III - Mixed media painted on canvas 75 x 100 cm
Michael Jackson I - Mixed media painted on canvas 75 x 100 cm
Lutteuses Mixed media painted on canvas 75 x 100 cm
Appel au Combat I - Mixed media painted on canvas 75 x 100 cm

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