Adolfo Martin

“I have been drawing since I was little. It is inevitable for me. Here I am, glued to the paper, the pen and ink. Without having received formal training in the field of art, I am inspired by cartoons that I saw as a child and the comics that have accompanied me since I was young. Waiting for (or chasing) the muses."

Con la música a otra parte - Paper, ink pen and ink 73 x 54 cm
La carretilla - Paper, ink pen and ink 90 x 45 cm
Noche de bodas - Paper, ink pen and ink 87 x 43 cm
La carreta - Paper, ink pen and ink 76 x 51 cm
Comitiva emotiva - Paper, ink pen and ink 89 x 51 cm

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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