Adora Newton

"Painting is my passion. I love to take the visitor into my world of feelings. I have exhibited in Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, China... My paintings are also present in various art books."

Jungle of Illusions - Acrylic on canvas

"My inspiration is to express myself and immerse others in my artistic world. I am self-taught in various art techniques and I love to try out new techniques. I love to dive into another world and put my feelings on canvas. What drives me is that I touch people with my art. For many, my art is also a therapy.

For me, the definition of art is: To be one with my art. To develop artistically without limits. Live your life the way you want it. Not like others expect you to."

Adora Newton is an Austrian artist living in Vienna.

World - Acrylic on canvas
Fluid Love - Acrylic on canvas
Under the Sea - Acrylic on canvas
Flames - Acrylic on canvas

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