More information for Contest Finalists

Congratulations on your distinction in this contest!

We offer you a 20% off the regular cost to exhibit at Artexpo New York in collaboration with one of the largest booths at the show, the World Wide Art & Artavita pavilion. We provide artists three options from which they can choose: to physically exhibit their work at the show, to be published in the show catalog and/or to include images in a digital display (an HD video mounted on our booth wall).

If you decide to exhibit at Artexpo:

- Read all details on this page carefully.

- Submit the form below, with the size and number of works you wish to show.

- We will provide an exact quote on the cost.

- You will then fill out the Application for the WWA+Artavita Pavilion at Artexpo art fair.


The deadline to submit the form below  is November, 9, 2022.
No submissions will be accepted after this deadline.

Exhibition Costs and what it includes
Fill out the form
Read the FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the show?  The show dates are March 30 - April 2, 2023

Where is the show? Pier 36,  299 South Street New York, NY 10002

What booth will I exhibit in? You will be exhibiting in the World Wide Art and Artavita pavilion. Booth 108. One of the biggest and best-placed booths at the show.

Do I need to come to the show? No, you do not need to travel to NYC for the show.

Commissions  The booth receives 20% commission on any sold artwork at the exhibit.

What opportunities do you offer? You can exhibit at the art fair. You can be published in the show catalog. You can be featured in the digital presentation (video.)

What is the cost to exhibit? Please see below for details on cost. Fill out the preliminary application form above to provide us details of the work(s) you want to show and we will provide an exact quote.

Can I submit different works than the those entered in the contest? Yes, you can submit any works you wish to show at the art fair.

What is the cost to ship my work to New York?  You must inquire with your local post office to find out the cost to ship your works.

Special Booth Prices for Contest Finalists

Prices for Art on the Wall

Minimum wall space for 1 piece: 1x1 foot or 30x30 cm is $800 - 20% = $640. In this  case, we would hang the work in a vertical column with two other works of the same size, by other artists.

$1,550 - 20% = $1,240 per linear foot (30 cm) width, and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

$1,250 - 20% = $1000 per linear foot (or per 30 cm) for spaces between 3 and 7 feet (90 – 210 cm) width and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

$995 - 20% = $796 per linear foot (or per 30 cm) for wall spaces over 7 feet (210 cm)and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

For single works of height less than 4 feet or 120 cm, if we hang a work by another artist above or below it, the cost will be 40% of the cost of the entire height of the wall.

All works must be shipped ready to hang.

It is possible to hang works on top of each other, but we need to see photos of the works and the dimensions, to see if they go well together and make an attractive combination, and are not overcrowded.

For single works that we hang above or below a work by another artist, the cost is 60% of the cost for the entire height of the wall.


Prices Prices for 3D Art (sculpture or installation)

3D art in space (sculpture or installation). If works need a pedestal, this must be provided by the artist.

Up to 5 square feet (4500 square cm): $1,265 - 20% = $1,012 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters. 

5 – 10 square feet (4500 - 9000 square cm): $920 - 20% = $736 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters.

10 square feet (9000 square cm) and more: $690 - 20% = $552 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters.

If works need a pedestal, this must be provided by the artist.


The participation cost includes

• Insurance when the works are at the venue, for the duration of the show • Packing and Unpacking of Art • Hanging and Installation • Quality Exhibition Lighting • Wall Tags (Title, Size, Medium, Price) • Display table for Business cards, books and flyers • Unlimited Guest passes • Optional shipping of works from our offices in Santa Barbara to the venue and back, at the artist’s expense. • Index listing of each artist in our catalog for the show and in the promotional email campaign for the show.

Show Catalog

The show catalog, which will be distributed to visitors to our space at the show, will be a booklet measuring 11 x 8.5 inches (28 x 21.5 cm). Artists have the option of having in addition to their regular listing the following individual presentations:

Front cover: $1500
Back cover: $750 
First Page: $1000 
Two pages: $750
One Page: $450
1/2 Page: $250
¼ Page: $190


Digital Presentation (Video)

inclusion in a continuous loop to be played on a monitor mounted on a wall.

One work: $190
Two works: $300
Three works: $420
Four works and more: $120