Cover Contest - Art Ideal Magazine

Selections Announcement

Here are the selected artists for the cover presentations of Art Ideal Magazine, Issue #2.

Front Cover Presentation

Angela Banks (South Africa)

Inviting danger in as a friend - Oil on canvas 180 x 130 cm

Back Cover Presentation

Petra Schott (Germany)

Beauty of the unspoken II - Oil and oil pigment pencils on canvas 130 x 130 x 4.5 cm

First Page Presentation

Jae Young Park (S. Korea)

Woolscape - Symbiosis - Oil on canvas 53 x 73 cm

Important Notes for Participating Artists

All participants have been personally emailed regarding this announcement.

If you participated in this contest and did not receive our email, please email us right away (it means that you mistyped your email in the participation form.)

For this contest, there are not other distinctions except the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards.

All artists can email us, as described in our email, to receive their unique & signed Participation Certificate, which we issue for your professional record.

This magazine will be released on our website and in print by the end of the month.

For all other questions, please email us at