Cover Contest for ArtIDEAL Magazine

Results Announcement

With participating artists from around the world, sending in truly remarkable artworks, selecting only a handful of pieces was not an easy task. The artists selected for the cover presentations of this magazine are announced below:

1st Place Award (Front Cover) 
José Luis Ramírez (Mexico)


Últimas Noticias - Oil on canvas 200 x 140 cm

2nd Place Award (Back Cover)
Anna-Liisa Kilk (Estonia)

Too Much Too Bare, 2023 Oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm

3rd Place Award (First Artist) 
Lisa Ambler (USA)

Notes for Participating Artists

This magazine will be released at the end of month and that is where you will be able to read more about the selected artists.

All artists have been personally emailed regarding this announcement. In this contest, the placement & awards include 3 artists selected for the covers, 10 artists selected for free publication, 40 Contest Finalists, 50 Artistic Excellence Awards. All other artists have been issued Participation Certificates. 

If you entered work in this contest and have not received our results email, please contact us.

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