Cover Contest for ArtIDEAL Magazine

This contest has now ended and is under review. Results will be announced on our website and via email to all participants.

We invite visual artists working in all media that can be depicted on the printed page to submit artwork for consideration. Through this contest, a total of three (3) artists will be selected, for the Front and Back Covers as well as the First Artist presentation of ArtIDEAL online and print magazine - Issue 3.
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About this Magazine

Art IDEAL is a high-end magazine with an original and eye-catching look. We put our expertise in curating, art directing, designing and producing a publication that not only looks flawless in terms of design but which—most importantly, showcases remarkable content with notable fine artworks brought together from around the world in a unique curated collection.

Art IDEAL is distributed largely online and, like our other publications, is expected to reach thousands of readers. The magazine will be permanently on our website as well as, one of the most popular online publication platforms. We promote the publication through email to our list of about 75,000 art professionals (galleries, curators, critics, buyers, collectors, decorators etc.) and we publicize on social media. We provide an easy way for each artist to add the entire magazine, as well as a link to order the print from their personal website.

This contest is for the cover presentations of Issue 3, which will be released in late June 2023.

About This Contest

Participation Cost
: 20 Euro per image entry
Contest Deadline: May 31, 2023

 ✓ 1 Artist will be published on the Front cover
✓ 1 Artist will be published on the Back cover
✓ 1 Artist will be published on the First Artist presentation

✓ 50 Artists will receive a Finalist Certificate
✓ 50 Artists will receive a Artistic Excellence Certificate

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Join this Contest

Media Accepted: All artwork that can be depicted on the printed page. (Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Illustration, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Digital Art, Mixed media, Installation documentation, Performance documentation, Video Art stills)

Please note: After you upload your images you will receive a confirmation email. Your images will be added to the contest entries page within 3 business days. If you submitted your images but did not receive a confirmation message contact us.

Image upload: Please no files over 4MB. If you are the winning artist we will contact you for a print quality image.

Prepare your images and click the button to participate.

Presentation Design

Front Cover Presentation
This includes the Front cover of the magazine as well as the first two pages inside the magazine with the artist's biography and statement on the left page and a repetition of the cover image, fully covering the right page.
Back Cover Presentation
This includes the Back cover of the magazine as well as the last two pages inside the magazine with the artist's biography and statement on the left page and a repetition of the cover image, fully covering the right page.
First ArtistPresentation
This is a two-page spread right after the index page of the magazine. It includes a brief artist statement and/or bio text and the selected images with their captions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an online only magazine? No, this is also a print magazine. Our magazines are printed in Europe with high-quality full-color 115gram paper and a full-color cover of 200gram. Perfectly bound each issue is available in A4 size - Landscape Format with a glossy cover.
Who reads the magazine? Our magazines have a projected readership of over 75,000 international readers who are introduced to each new edition through our website, our social media, online publication platforms and of course our dedicated Newsletter.
When will the contest results be announced? The contest results will be announced in early June.
When will the magazine be published? The magazine is in production and will be released late June.
What payments do you accept? You can check out using PayPal or Card.
How many images can I add? You can add up to 10 images.
What size should my images be? The images you upload should be large enough to see the work but not too large. If you are selected for publication we will ask you to send us print quality images.
Is there another cost to publish? No. There is no other cost to publish.
How many free copies of the magazine do I get if I win this contest? No free print copies are included in this contest prize.
How much commission do you get if I sell my work through the magazine? We do NOT take any commission on artwork sold through the magazine.

How much is 20 Euro in US Dollars? 20 Euro is about 21 USD

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