“My work is more about asking, giving an impulse to reconsider preconceived notions, working out the right questions - a way of reaching a balance within a system.”

Web Acrylic on canvas, ink, wax 29 x40 cm

AINO was born in Russia in 1985 and today lives and works between Heidelberg and Berlin in Germany. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from MARHI, Moscow, Russia and a Master’s degree from KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany. She has exhibited her mixed media art internationally including at Spectrum Art Basel Miami, SCOPE Basel, Art Zürich in Switzerland, C.A.R. and ARTMUC in Germany. With notable awards and accolades, Aino’s work in part of public and private collections in many countries. 

Read Me I Paper 60 x 84 cm

“My works are primarily thoughts and ideas embodied in a specific material form.Working on a subject I investigate it as a phenomenon, considering it in a particular context, try to allocate it as a part of a system. The tenets of abstracting and scaling are thus often used as a thought process and as a composition principle as well. Abstract ideas, impressions or real experiences conveyed into metaphors. Depending on a subject it can be the choice of technique, material or the very processing itself serving as a symbol. This approach results in the invention of new techniques, use of conventional substances in non-conventional ways - a fascinating process of a permanent exploration.”

Read Me II Paper 60 x 84 cm

Almost of all of AINO’s works are three dimensional, sculptural objects that take into consideration their existence within and their interaction with the surrounding space. Repetitive markings make up patterns that are reminiscent of ancient scriptures or a lost mathematical vocabulary that the viewer is intrigued to decrypt and decode. Her use of natural materials combined with plastic media make us contemplate the work of Eva Hesse and in a similar way AINO’s compositions are delicately feminine with a rich, well-worked and sophisticated texture.

Needles Clay and needles on canvas 23 x 30 cm

Messages Wax 23 x 26 x 4 cm

Stones Series Mixed media Each 14 x 14 cm

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