Aleksandr Shablyko

"I explore other worlds that sometimes manifest themselves in our world and influence it. My paintings are artifacts from expeditions to parallel dimensions. The works are united by a common concept, the interweaving of storylines and a geographical map."

Approach to the Core of Matter - Oil on MDF 50,5 x 51 cm

“Belarusian artist, Aleksandr Shablyko creates sublimely intricate tableaus which draw the viewer into complex parallel universes of mythical and transcendental aura. Brushstroke by brushstroke these painstakingly builts paths which invite us into the otherworldly and feast in a buoyancy of color and texture. A cohesive body of work,   Shablyko’s paintings are very recognizable and unique.”

- Myrina Tunberg Georgiou (Circle Foundation Curator)

Evening Twinkle - Acrylic on MDF 52 x 42 cm
Dragon Road - Acrylic on canvas 45 x 60 cm
Under the Diamond-Shaped Moon - Oil on MDF 88 x 56,5 cm
The Ark and the Axis of World - Oil on MDF 50 x 80 cm

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