Aleksandra Sheren

"In my work I am pursuing to explore sensuality and otherworldliness of humans. I am mixing photography, digital art, videography, and sometimes sound. My portraits show how I see who people are when nobody is looking at them, their inner search for freedom, and their answer to this search."


An artist and film maker residing in Latin America, Aleksandra Sheren graduated as a theoretical linguist from Saint- Petersburg State University, Russia and received her second degree from the International School of Photography and Cinema and a degree in Directing from a world - renowned School of Documentary Filmmaking . She has been numerously featured in 'Photographize Magazine' and included in the 'Photographize Magazine Annual Book', as well as published at the Marvelous Art Magazine. Sheren has exhibited at Agora Gallery, New York, at the Photo D’Femme Contest “Seeing Women” exhibitions in France, and had an online exhibition in the Marvelous Art Gallery. She has been featured as an emerging artist to watch for by ArtConnect, a platform for contemporary art worldwide. Her style in photography is leaning most towards photo surrealism and cinematic photography, but not confined to it. As a linguist by her first degree, she has special passion to symbols and ancient esoteric symbolic systems. Besides her photo art, Sheren is currently working on a project in documentary filmmaking dedicated to shamanism. Her music short "Portraiture" has received several awards at the film festivals worldwide.

Inner Shadow
Letting Go
Healing II - Portrait and mixed media
A Rose - Portrait and mixed media
Low Key Esoteric Portrait - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
The Window - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Sensual Venus: Freedom - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Mars in Libra - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Healing - Portrait and mixed media
Erotic Sci Fi - Portrait and mixed media
Calming the Storm - Portrait and mixed media
No Story
Uranus Sensuality
The Power of Silence - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Praying to my Moon: Self- Portrait - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Cello Moon - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
State of Mind - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Morning Dream - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)
Pomegranate - Caravaggio style - Mixed Media (photography, digital art)

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