Alex Di Meglio

“Una vibrante sensazione di vivacità, energia, vigoria negli ultimi dipinti di Alex Di Meglio.Fiori composti e ricomposti come un patchwork, una giustapposizione di pezzi di disegno e colori diversi"cuciti"insieme, che dà movimento alla divenire, una ricerca semi-surrealista.” - Gina Affinito

La Stanza Della Memoria E Dei Ricordi

Born in New York in 1964, Italian painter, Alex Di Meglio lives and works in Rome. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Liceo Artistico Statale Lisippo Taranto and studied at Università Di Architettura Di Roma and Arts And Craft Lignarius Rome.

“Paintings as you would see in your dreams: fragments of images, spectacular enchantments, realistic and abstract landscapes. A myriad of emotions meet on the canvas as dictated by the fervid imagination of the artist.  Colors and light are fundamental to inspire interest, understanding, and serenity.

Alexander Luigi Di Meglio looks inside himself to produce a series of offerings that are born from reality and imagination. Between brush and pencil, he expresses his innovative artistic style creating semi-abstract art with color on color, with paint on paint, with a blend of textural materials: abstract expressionism. His work is reminiscent of the German painters from the middle of the last century as can be seen in the integrity of the picture plane, in the definition of geometric elements in nature and the attention to details of objects and in their interaction.

For many years I have been following the work of Alexander Luigi Di Meglio, and through a careful study of his paintings, one can continually observe the intense growth of experience and expression. I believe that the most relevant aspect of Di Meglio’s art is his inexhaustible, unending research, but the element that is even more important is his capacity to engage the observer, to start a dialogue with him, to start a journey where color is an expression, and the destination is a new and different world born from his paintings.  In this world, the daily mediocrity does not exist nor does the wretched squalor of preconceptions.  It is a world where intense emotions can confuse the soul, but where losing yourself can bring to self-renewal through a miracle that only art can create.” - Antonietta Campilongo

Dimmelo Tu Cos'è. Bambina Che Gioca Con Il Cerchio In Piazza
Roma, Via Merulana, In Fondo Ai Platani L'incanto Di San Giovanni Ed Il Suo Battistero
Sotto Il Sole, Mi Perdo Tra Le Pietre Di Selinunte

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