Alexander Lee

"Immediate surroundings, being nature or city life as well as modern society, are of many sources to my inspiration. My art pieces of waves are influenced mainly from coastal life in Western Australia. I have lately taken interest in merging modern technology into old fashioned paintings."

Distratto - Acrylic on board 58 x 44 cm

Born 1975 in Blackburn, England, Alexander Lee studied fine art at  School of Fine Art Claremont in Perth Western Australia (1997-1999) and began his fulltime career as an artist with detailed pencil drawings. One of his earliest works is "Cat & Mouse" from 2008 which can be seen on the artist's personal website. In 2009, Alexander Lee started working more and more with acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

"A collection which I'm particularly proud of is black/white paintings with scenes from a Stockholm from the past. They have a lovely, old photograph feel about them. They quickly became popular with art lovers and other observers. One piece sold to Spain!

Stockholm was my inspiration source and focus of my work in 2009. I tried to capture the many faces of Stockholm; during the seasons changing and from different perspectives. One of these paintings was sold in Hong Kong!

A greater part of 2010 I spent in Margaret River, Western Australia, focusing mainly on creating from the sea and vineyards as inspirational motives. I worked with both pencils and acrylic paints, not only on paper but also on canvas. I worked among other things, along with surf photographers and exhibited drawings of waves and sea in their gallery. My works were influenced by the many vineyards in the area and the energetic coastal landscape. Western Australia is almost every year hit with bushfires and I also painted a few works with these fires as motifs.

At the end of the year, I started to experiment more with the abstract. Back in Stockholm, in 2011 and 2012 I worked on some assignments of individuals, portraits, paintings/drawings of summer houses, winter landscape, animal motifs etc."

Since the end of 2012, Lee has worked and lived between Stockholm, Sweden and Salzburg, Austria until 2019 when he moved to Stockholm.

Ballerina - Pencil drawing on paper 56 x 65 cm
Ballerina - Pencil drawing on paper 56 x 65 cm

My Wave - Acrylic on board 120 x 180 cm

Now and Forever - Pencil drawing on paper 78 x 62 cm

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  1. Hello Alex. We are still trying to decide which print we would like to order. It was great meeting you last October.

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