Alexander Saner

“The greatest complexity is the greatest simplicity.”

Tension 5 - Steel 35 x 51 x 37 cm

Swiss self-taught artist, Alexander Saner was born in 1953 and in the early years of his career was active as a cartoonist for newspapers. Since 1993, Saner has produced three-dimensional art including sculptures, objects and photography.

The following statements of creative personalities have influenced his artistic work:

"Art is the Elimination everything superflous."

"The greatest complexity is the greatest simplicity."

"Clarity through simplicity."

"If nothing can be taken away, the work is completed."

Alexander Saner has received notable awards including the 2015 Sandro Botticelli Prize, the Roma Imperiale Award, Marco Polo International Prize, the Il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini International Award in Lecce, the 2015 Michelangelo International Prize in Rome, the MAMAG Modern Art Prize, Austria, Premio International Prize Tiepolo in 2017 and was voted Artist of the Month (March 2017) by Artavita, USA.

Static 3 - Steel 26 x 57 x 52 cm
Cut 11 - Steel 16 x 30 x 58 cm
Tension 7 - Steel 36 x 70 x 60 cm
Cut 66 - Steel 90 x 80 x 33 cm

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