Alexander Saner

“Clarity through simplicity.”

Tension 5 - Steel 33 x 54 x 38 cm

Swiss artist, Alexander Saner is self-taught and lives in Breitenbach, near Basel. In his early years, Saner worked as a cartoonist for newspapers. Since 1993 he creates three-dimensional sculptures.

"The object depends on the subject. The real dynamic part of a static artwork is the living observer himself."

The following statements of creative personalities influence his practice:

-"Art is the elimination of everything superfluous."

-"The greatest complexity is the greatest simplicity."

-"Clarity through simplicity."

-"If nothing can be taken away, the work is completed."

Cut 77 - Steel 90 x 80 x 26 cm
Dynamic-Static 22 - Steel 16 x 33 x 170 cm
Cut 11 - Steel 16 x 30 x 58 cm
Static 1 - Steel 12 x 57 x 41 cm

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