Alexandra Miliopoulou

"My goal is to participate through my painting in the 'new picture of life'. May my love be an element in your shield."

The climbing supplies - Oil on canvas, 24K gold 38 x 61 cm €7,000

Alexandra Miliopoulou, born in 1953 in Thessaloniki, is a renowned artist with a multifaceted journey in the world of art.

In 1970, she earned recognition as a painter, marking the beginning of her artistic pursuits. Subsequently, Alexandra embarked on a transformative journey from Greece to Germany, where she was accepted to study theatre costume design in Frankfurt. While in Frankfurt, she successfully passed examinations to enroll in a school for models, but unforeseen life events led her to diverge from that path. Undeterred, she continued her artistic education by taking courses in painting, including learning from street artists and engaging with critics and art historians in German and French museums.

Her artistic talents were showcased when the Greek Embassy hosted her first individual painting exhibition, marking a significant milestone in her career. Alexandra's dedication to her craft led her to attend various professional schools and ultimately return to Thessaloniki, her hometown, with a wealth of artistic knowledge.

Since 1979, she has served as an art teacher for children, and in 1982, she ventured into the realm of performance art, now commonly referred to as drama therapy, in collaboration with Richmodis Dalke. Her artistic journey includes numerous individual exhibitions, participation in collective showcases, involvement in multidisciplinary events encompassing music, dance, painting, and speech, as well as extensive research, seminars, public speaking engagements, and scholarly studies.

For Alexandra, art transcends being a mere goal; it becomes the means through which she explores her inner journey and evolution. Starting in 1986, she began to capture her internal experiences and personal growth in her artworks, paving the way for a unique and introspective artistic expression.

In 2000, Alexandra's contributions to the art world were further recognized when a dedicated section for painters was established in the Historical Macedonian Archive, and she was included among its distinguished members. Her commitment to holistic understanding led her to achieve an additional degree in 2008 from an American University in Athens, specializing in Human Studies and Jungian Psychology. This academic pursuit complemented her innate knowledge, allowing her to bridge the realms of art and healing therapy, with a profound focus on rejuvenating individuals, communities, and the environment.

Since 1991, Alexandra has been called upon to share her seasoned insights through individual and group meetings, as well as seminars. In 2018, she authored a comprehensive work titled "The Art of Painting serving Evolution," providing guidance not only to aspiring painters in the New Era but also to anyone seeking to live as an Artist of Life.

Alexandra Miliopoulou's artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to art's transformative power and its profound role in healing and personal evolution.

Get up I am holding you tight - Oil on canvas, 24K gold 100 x 81 cm €17,000
The Dance - Oil on canvas, 24k gold 100 x 73 cm  €17,000
The entrance - Oil on canvas, 24K gold 100 x 65 cm €9,000
I recycle the precious materials - Oil on canvas, 24K gold 32 x 30 cm €1,500

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