Alfons Cluyts


After Alfons Cluyts made the decision to fully dedicate himself as an independent caterer to his clients, the time had come for him to enjoy his retirement. In reality, he had pushed himself too hard in recent years and had paid too little attention to his body.

Alfons felt completely burnt out and urgently needed a way out. The general practitioner advised him to engage in activities that would energize him, allowing his batteries to gradually recharge. He didn't have to think long. As an autodidact, Alfons believed he could learn everything without formal education! Painting and drawing posed a significant challenge for him.

He draws and paints intuitively, often unsure of where he is heading on the canvas. Alfons works with pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and oil paint, occasionally combining these techniques into 'mixed media.' He has a keen interest in drawing and painting people, paying special attention to emotions, expressions, and body language.

Even in daily life, he finds a person's eyes, posture, and aura to be crucial. It's fascinating for Alfons to capture these elements in his artwork. Everyone should be able to form their own story about the person hidden behind the artwork. Through his website, Alfons invites you into his new world—one where he feels at home and can fully express his emotions. He recently felt honored when he coincidentally met an artist-teacher. The teacher could hardly believe it when Alfons told him he had never taken academic lessons.

Now, Alfons proudly considers himself an autodidact. Combined with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), he has learned to positively harness his talents.

Schone Schijn

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