Alison Barrows-Young

“What begins in my studio as a personal conversation ultimately relies on my faith that you the viewer will gravitate to my journey. I believe in the exceptional power of visual imagery, the exchange of ideas that occurs between the artist and her audience, that is indelibly a product of both of us.”

Woman In Mist - Oil on canvas 91.5 x 122 cm

“As I was late to speak, my artistic practice started before I can even remember. I was raised within a formal fine art education alongside my academic studies. My education has included several apprenticeships with professional artists. I have completed the highest level of artistic study and have spent many years teaching painting and drawing as well as all aspects of art theory and design. Through the years my work has gone through progressive phases using a variety of media. I have received a number of awards and honors including a grant from the New Jersey Endowment of the Arts in 1986. My showing record is broad and international in scope. Today I live in Northern Idaho where I devote myself, exclusively to the life of a practicing artist.”

Giant - Oil on canvas 152 x 91.5 cm
Hoping For Rain - Oil on canvas 91.5 x 122 cm
In The Company Of Ravens - Oil on canvas 183 x 91.5 cm
Crazy Clouds and Beautiful Koans - Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm

American Artist, Alison Barrows-Young holds a BFA from Antioch College, a Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University as well as a Master of Education from Concordia University.

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