Alison Barrows-Young

“I have come to believe that I require art. For me art is a compelling way of life, it promotes essential self-expression as well as inter-relational and intercultural connection. It is for me the most powerful way to articulate my quandaries as well as my discoveries, passions, and dreams.”

Mortal Sorrows - Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in.

Alison Barrows-Young was born in New York City and raised in Hamilton Ontario CA. She has always been an artist and can’t remember a time when the awareness of her artistic path was not a significant part of her consciousness. Her family counts back through several generations of artists and she began training in drawing and painting with her parents when she was a small child.  After taking a BFA from Antioch & SVA and an MFA from Florida State University, she divided her career between being an art professor as well as a professional studio artist. Alison is married and is the mother of four adult children.

Night's Life - Oils on canvas 20 x 40 in.
Enigmatic Wilderness - Oils on canvas 36 x 72 in.
Wind and Lightning - Oils and ground pigments on canvas 24 x 48 in.
The Dying Light - Oils and ground pigments on canvas 20 x 60 in.

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