Alla GrAnde

“Art is my way of life. All we need in life is love. Love is the only real reason we came into this world. With my art i have declared myself an ambassador of love. My “KISS” works are diverse ambassadors of our inner love.”

ROLLING STONES LIP - Mixed media 104x84x13cm

Alla GrAnde lives in Germany, where she works as an artist, sculptor and designer. She studied at the Institute of Architecture & Fine Arts by Prof. Valery Urenev / State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Her practice relies on a dynamic and multi-faceted approach to art making, incorporating sculpture, objects, drawing, painting and design.

Alla GrAnde concentrates on relations between form, structure, perception and consciousness. A constant search for new ways of expression drives Alla Grande to the limits of the relationship between color, scale and texture.

Having mastered various techniques, she reaches new levels of creation. The exploration of various mediums results in work of great originality and novelty.

"A journey through my diverse art reveals many elements that we feel and see, sometimes perhaps hidden deep in our souls. Works of art arise first in mind and soul, after which they are ready to take the form. I am always in creative processes, whether I walk, feel, see, hear, eat, talk, think or sleep.

The ideas have already formed in my mind before they are realized. It is my own creative world that seeks its expression - I just have to choose the right moment so that the artistic vision can unfold in its uniqueness."

KISS OF THE OCEAN - Household gloss on canvas 83x83x3,5cm
FUTURA RED GLITTER LIPS - Mixed media 115x115x10cm
FUTURA HOT SUMMER LIPS - Mixed media 70x70x10cm
GOLDEN LIPS - Mixed media 113x113x12cm

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