Ambro Louwe

"Serendipity is the joy of discovering new ways and materials. Every material has its own way of expressing beauty."

Pyamas - Mixed media 164 x 153 cm

Dutch artist, Ambro Louwe was born the son of a baker who turned to be a musician and was raised with a cultivated admiration for classical artists.

"It was just after WWII and there was poverty and a lack of many materials. Reading, playing, enjoying nature and creating with what little material was available; old clothes, pencil, wood stones. We made many things ourselves and had fun. The world was simple and beautiful. I was a happy child. The world changed very quickly and my parents wanted me to give me a secure start so I was educated to become a teacher. I loved learning and I still do. So painting, sculpting history, law, IT, management were fields of interest."

Ambro Louwe worked as a teacher and headmaster in Dubai, teaching a variety of subjects to high school students, politicians and entertainers. A  keen sportsman, the artist did raft races, sports and martial arts.  He has also directed several musicals and acted. Sculpture and painting have always been his central passions and Ambro Louwe has exhibited in several countries and his native Holland.

Ineke and Tommy - Acrylic 130 x 200 cm
Cabaret - Acrylic 120 x 180 cm
Mother and child - Clay 60 x 100 x 25 cm
Heemskerk - Oil on canvas 180 x 210 cm

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