Amigos(Friends). And also cosmic. The muses of the artists are real. I have an engagement. Continue my work to prove that my cosmic muses are real. And i can be in direct contact with them. A breakthrough of technology. And not exactly ours, even though I’m moving forward. And we’ll get better. My work is visionary. Ahead of my own time. Image after image my work can be subjected to analysis and be understood. In this way we will learn to understand that beyond there are beings who care about our well-being. And they express the self that way. Through readable light, shadows, color, shapes and silhouettes. Let me say that the photograph I present in this article was not created by me, but my cosmic muses. And it’s a gift, yes. A commitment to friendship. Mutual. In order to evolve. Image after image. Event after event. There is life beyond photographic capture. And each capture is a cosmic test. That’s how I set my aesthetics.At present, this photograph participates in the international Color Awards 2019 competition. And Will son participate in the contest to publish in the Fall 2019 issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review magazine. It´s exhibition in Miami 2.0 by ArtBox projects it´s also planned.

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