Amir Chodorov

"Being a photographer for me is a kind of creation. Every object exists out there for a long time but my goal is to bring the beauty, power, and something that "on the way" you were never going to see - what I call - 'to create narrative beyond the lens'.”

Ground Zero Station

Israeli photographer, Amir Chodorov has been shooting for more than 40 years. In his work, he deals with categories and in the last years, he has been focusing on special panoramas utilizing special techniques that he has created especially for shooting in challenging places.

According to Chodorov, "In a world where everybody has a cell phone camera and almost 2 billion pictures are taken every single day, I am not satisfied with one and simple picture only. When we are looking at an urban scene, we see more than one frame at a time and I wanted to make sure that my work captures that moment and keeps it alive. I am using a special technique where I combine 40 to 500 frames in one photograph."

"I try to encapsulate the full story of places and objects surrounding us and I am also trying to create excitement for the observer. The inspiration for my technique also came by studying the work of the great masters of the Renaissance and later, such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and others who created large works of art that could be observed for hours, where we could always find new elements and details constantly."

"The purpose of my art is achieved when I manage to create an emotional impact and a reflection between people and the reality around them,” explains Chodorov. 

Roosevelt Island
Time Square
Jerusalem Old City
Brooklyn Bridge

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