Amir Ehrlich

"Everyone sees nature, but each one looks at it in a different way. As a landscape photographer, my main inspiration comes from nature itself. I find myself more and more, seeing landscape in terms of possible frames, always looking for an interesting and unique composition."

Imagine in pastel colors

Israel-based photographer, Amir Ehrlich has been honing his skills in landscape and night photography in the past several years. As someone who grew up in a village and traveled a lot, Amir loves nature and his photography works enable him to represent it in his special way. Using mainly long exposures, Amir is “painting” with his camera sensor to show nature as he imagines it and not as it is seen to the naked eye.

Since 2018, Amir also specializes in interior design and architectural photography which is, to him, a landscape confined between four walls. Amir is combining methods of landscape photography into his interior design works and vice versa.

Descent to hell
Psychedelic mushroom
The lone tree
Broken land

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