Ana Backhaus

“I try to capture the human experience, the relationship between my subjects and their environment, with a blend of depth, quirkiness, and meticulous attention to detail. I embrace ambiguity and like to ignite curiosity, leaving room for interpretation. I delve into subtle nuances, leading to introspection.”

Graceful Simplicity - Digital File, €250

Ana Backhaus, a Portuguese photographer specializing in documentary, family, and wedding photography, is currently based in Dubai. Her passion for the art of photography is deeply intertwined with her love for artistic expression and the entire photographic process, driving her to consistently seek ways to enhance her creative insight.

As a devoted visual artist, Ana excels in the intricate tasks of capturing and editing images with meticulous attention to detail. Firmly believing that every individual possesses a unique story, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to creatively conveying these narratives through her work.

Through the lens of her camera, Ana endeavors to immortalize genuine moments, emotions, and connections, highlighting the distinctive qualities of each subject. Her ultimate aim is to craft timeless images that not only artistically showcase the beauty of real-life moments but also evoke a profound sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

Ana is proud to be acknowledged as an award-winning photographer and expresses gratitude for the opportunities that have allowed her to showcase her talent. Leveraging a combination of technical expertise and artistic vision, she strives to produce images that deeply resonate with viewers, leaving a lasting impression.

Throughout her artistic journey, Ana derives joy from the process of capturing moments and transforming them into a cherished archive of memories.

The Flowy Hair - Digital File, €250
The Girl and The Bucket - Digital File, €250
Elevating Joy - Digital File, €250
The Blue Umbrella - Digital File, €250

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