Aneesha Parrone

“In our life, there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.” - Marc Chagall

"My work is an expression of my intuition. Nature inspires with her vast panorama of diversity."

Window of Opportunity - Tapestry weaving 14 x 12 in.

American Artist, Aneesha Parrone has been a weaver and fiber artist since 1977 when she was selected by the North Carolina Arts Council as a Third Century Artist. Aneesha further studied Weaving at Barton College.

"From the beginning, weaving has been intuitive. Inspiration, for me, is not defined within the parameters of fibers or even the visual arts. I began to experiment with pulling warp threads and embellishing with such materials as sandstone, copper screen, gemstones."

She began to exhibit throughout the state of N. Caroline and nationally and then internationally, expressing a unique style that reflected on her natural surroundings.

"I find my own tapestries connect in an internal dialog as well as with the world of nature and the viewer. My work is a visceral expression of my inspirations."

Her piece, "The Door of Refuge" was published in Best of NC Artists and Artisans, 2006. In addition, two pieces,  "Fallen Angels" and "Waterfall Retreat" were selected for the book Best in America Artists and Artisans, Mixed Media, 2007. “Converging Conversations,” “Door” and “Window of Opportunity” were selected for publication in Best of Worldwide Mixed Media, 2012. Aneesha was selected as a participating artist in the Florence Biennial.

She has learned from master weavers, participated in visual arts programs offered by internationally acclaimed visual and performing artists.

"I have learned the art of raku pottery from Toshio Ohi, 11th generation potter from Japan; puppetry from Hoby Ford, student of Jim Henson; participated in Shakespearean workshops from the NC Shakespeare Festival. I was also selected to serve as educator/coordinator for the international project sponsored by NHK TV/Japan: "Superteacher, James Turell." The integrity of excellence these artists live is integrated into each of my works of art; thus, the essence of all my experiences are woven into my tapestries and writing."

Door of Refuge - Tapestry weaving 24 x 28 in.
Window of Opportunity - Tapestry weaving 14 x 12 in.
Planting Seeds - Tapestry weaving 10 x 12 in.
Door of Refuge - Tapestry weaving 24 x 28 in.

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