Anette Lillhammar

"My art emerges from my subconsciousness and is usually preceded with a meditation session. I then fill the canvas with color, form and energy. The process is entirely intuitive. "My art comes from my heart." I love this quote by Leonardo Da Vinci: "The painter has the universe in his mind and hands"."

Just let it go - Acrylic on linen 104 x 141 cm

Swedish artist Anette Lillhammar was born in Stockholm and lives and works in Gothenburg. Between 2017 and 2020, Anette and her daughter Sofia ran an art gallery in Gothenburg.

Anette has always been passionate about art. She receives energy from her subconscious, practicing meditation before commencing any creative work. She doesn’t predeterminate what is going to be painted. She feeds the canvas with energy, love, color and structure. She uses acrylic and oil on linen canvas. Occasionally she pauses the course awaiting the “art goddess” to come and bring the painting to life. It is during the creative process that Anette determines the message and name for her artwork.

After a while, enigmatic faces and odd symbols make their appearance on canvas. Works that tell the sentiments felt by the figures represented. Anette through a figure I would call sublime, tells the observer her stories. Stories, whose beauty seduces the eyes of the observer, who cannot do anything but observe them with dreamy eyes. Anette´s visual representations do not need to “scream” to be heard. The fine texture and the cultured language make these works true masterpieces.

Masterpieces, free from external conditioning destined to last in time.

Her artwork has been shown in art galleries in Sweden, USA (New York), Italy (Roma, Florence, Verona, Palermo, Lecce, Milano), France (Paris, Monaco), Spain (Barcelona), Morocco, Germany (Berlin, Hamburg) and Greece. Her artworks have been published in art books/magazines and she has received numerous international Art Awards. She is represented on and in 2020 represented in the prestigious Italian catalog “50 International Contemporary Artists to invest in."

Tunnel of light - Acrylic on cotton 60 x 80 cm
Dare to be strong - Acrylic on linen 97 x 142 cm
Stay calm - Acrylic on cotton 40 x 51 cm
Spread out your wings - Acrylic on linen 99 x 140 cm

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