Angelina Damenia

"If I don’t burn, And if you don’t burn,  And if we don’t burn,  Then who will disperse the darkness? :)"

The Bouquet, 2004 Oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm

Born 1972 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Angelina Damenia studied at The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Fine Arts History and Theory (1990-1995) specializing in Art Criticism. She is a member of the Georgian Artist’s Union since 1999 and a member of National Creative Unity of Georgian Artists since 2012. Damenia has received notable awards including First Place Award in the Abstract Category at the ART CLASH,  New York Realism Online Gallery, New York City, USA, 2016 and certificates and diplomas in the USA, England, Switzerland, and Russia. Her resume includes solo and group shows since 1990 with her works belonging to private and public collections around the world. Visit the artist’s website for a closer look at her career and more of her impressive canvases.

Memoirs At A Fire, 2012 Oil on canvas 90 x 70 cm
The Woman At The Sea, 2004 Oil on canvas 104 x 65 cm
Edge, 2017 Oil on canvas 90 x 70 cm
Monoceros, 2007 Oil on canvas 30 x 24 cm

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