Angélique Véré

Les rêves d'Angélique - Livre 17 x 17 cm

French artist, Angélique Véré was born in 1970 in Laval and has been living near the city of Lyon since 2014.  Married for 23 years she is the mother of two boys and began creating artwork in 2000 after her firstborn son became handicap. Primarily self-taught, she has taken courses and workshops and participated in several group shows. Her artistic theme are “life’s little joys” and Angelique juxtaposes her poetry with watercolors or photographs. You can find her full book, "Les rêves d'Angélique” here

Symbiose - Photograph and text 2 x A4
Etretat - Photograph and text 2 x A4
La Tour Eiffel - Watercolor and text 2 x A4
Les Papillons - Watercolor and text 2 x A4

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