Anita Kovacevic

"My whole concept and approach to art is simple just as my philosophy of mind is. I'm inspired by the simplest and quieter side of life and enjoy peaceful natural escapes. My images reflect my inner vision and my floating between memories and dreams."

Sirene - Photograph 42 x 42 cm

"In my work, I have drawn inspiration from the beauty expressed in simple things in unexpected ways. I create from my own life experiences."

Anita Kovacevic is a Canadian/Bosnian fine art photographer and visual artist, working primarily in monochrome photography.

Born in 1975 in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) and after many years of wandering through many countries (Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland, Canada, USA, and Austria); being a former refugee and immigrant; she currently lives with her family in a small village near Derventa in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I'm an internationally published and exhibited award-winning, fine art photographer, and visual artist. My art reflects me; my thoughts, my emotions, my life experience; and is essentially centered and inspired by the simplest, uncomplicated and quieter side of life, as well as the beauty of the natural world. I try to stimulate the viewers' imagination by touching them through sometimes dramatic and poetic creations. I believe that all creative work is essentially autobiographical; everything that we are, feel, our heritage, curiosity, imagination, longing, our thoughts, and emotions merge into our artwork."

Anita creates fine art photography, but she also has interest in street photography and photojournalism. Her images are found in private collections worldwide - USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, etc. Her artworks have been published both in print (art books and magazines) and online (ebooks and galleries) in various countries - USA, UK, India, Germany, Portugal, etc. She is a contributing photographer at Transterra Media, a member/photojournalist of the Camerapixo -International Photography Magazine, a stock contributor at iStockphoto, and a hobbyist jewelry/card designer at Artful Mind Studio.

Anita is a contributing artist of project 'Trees of the planet - Planet of trees'  and is currently enrolled in the Professional Photography Course in the New York Institute of Photography.

Neverending - Photograph 96.5 x 72 cm
Pure White I - Photograph 72 x 72 cm
Land of Snow - Photograph 102 x 68.5 cm
Perfect Sense V - Photograph 72 x 72 cm

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