Anja Diabaté

"My photographic version stands for the freedom of art. It marks my work. Trough this, fantasies arise, which are spread out and become part of the story. Art is free. This also means that I don't block myself, instead, I give myself full freedom to become expressed though art. I love what I am doing."

Do You Think About Me? - Your Earth

Photographic artist, Anja Diabaté is based in Hamburg, Germany. She uses Fine Art Photography to transform her concepts and ideas into unique artworks. Her strong ideas are powerfully transformed into creative and extremely expressive and suggestive, soulful photographs. Each image tells a unique story, with Diabaté's aim being to always inspire the viewer to go deeper and experience a moment of reflection.

For the artist is always a requirement to create multiple versions of a single original but without ever losing the cohesion to the embedding series. Each artwork represents a definite concept and encourages Diabaté's viewers to begin creating their own story in their minds.

Some of her series are self-portraits and she takes the dual role of photographer and model. The ornate face paintings and make-up depicted are also all created and performed by Anja.

Anja's nature is to dive deeply into her creativity, to create something completely new and to fully enjoy every step of this process. This is the highest representation of herself.

From Touching 
Bird Of Paradise II
Bird Of Paradise I

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