Anja Semling

"Painting opens up worlds of thought that would otherwise remain hidden from me."

Kingfisher - Painting on Stretcher Frame 80 x 80 cm $1,000

Anja Semling, born in 1966 in Germany, is a versatile graphic designer and visual artist whose work embodies a unique aesthetic standard across various subject areas. With a background in applied art, she seamlessly integrates her graphic design expertise into her artistic endeavors. However, it was her latent passion for painting that led her to actively pursue art in 2012.

Initially, Anja explored classical painting styles, honing her techniques over time. However, her artistic journey took a transformative turn as she began experimenting with different materials and techniques, eventually leading her to discover Fluid Art, also known as pouring. This innovative approach allowed her to blend naturalism with expressionism, resulting in a rare and perfected combination.

Anja's thematic focus revolves around living beings, particularly people and animals. Drawing inspiration from her home country's wildlife, she captures the uniqueness and beauty of various bird species in her paintings. Her artwork serves as a testament to her love for painting and animals, as well as her desire to highlight their individuality and vulnerability.

In addition to her realistic portrayals, Anja delves into abstract painting, finding fascination in its forms and structures. Her paintings are characterized by their expressiveness, captivating viewers with their vibrancy and quality of execution.

As an emerging artist, Anja has also ventured into portraiture, particularly focusing on women, showcasing her versatility in capturing different styles and expressions. Through her art, she seeks to shine a spotlight on animals and faces, portraying them in her own unique and captivating manner.

Big Tusker - Painting on Stretcher Frame 75 x 100 cm $1,000
Pete Burns - Painting on Stretcher Frame 40 x 50 cm $1,000
Miss Extravaganza - Painting on Stretcher Frame 40 x 50 cm $1,000
Fragile Souls - Painting and Gold Leaf on Stretcher Frame 60 x 60 cm $1,000

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