Anna-Kajsa Alaoui

“An artist without light is like a traveler without goods.”

I sleep - Oil on canvas 165 x 60 cm

“Nature has been my teacher since I was a kid. With my watercolours and crayons I found peace and beauty in the forest, the meadows, the shores. I attended art school in the late 70s. At that time painting "beautiful landscapes" was not encouraged, almost ridiculed. I moved from the city of Stockholm to the countryside. From the late 80s I have worked as a professional artist. I mainly meet my audience at my summer residence on Öland, an island in the Baltic Sea, where I built my own gallery in 2004. My visitors love this island as I do and it is where I find inspiration for my landscapes. 

The meaning of nature and how I relate to it has much changed since my time at art school. I think this is reflected in my work, but it is not anything I force myself into. I wanted to become a journalist during my upbringing but replaced the pen with brushes; examine, described and understanding have still been the driving force. Understanding what I see and how I relate to it.

I have participated in collective shows in Hanoi, New York, Rockford Illinois, Hamburg, Kopenhagen, Bruges, Florence and had several solo exhibitions in Stockholm.”

It’s most beautiful when it’s obscuring - Oil on canvas 120 x 95 cm
Song of the meadow - Oil on canvas 112 x 104 cm
The tree the wind and blue fire - Oil on canvas 67 x 44 cm
Tree voices - Oil on canvas 112 x 104 cm

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