Annabelle Frenette

"I undertook photographic research on the transformation and representation of reality. I'm doing researches in actual photography using photography, installations and mixed media. In 2009 I founded Nag, an international group who is working on non-anecdotal photography."

Dans Son 1 et Demi 4 - Photograph

Canadian Artist, Annabelle Frenette lived in Paris between 2000-5 and then to Madrid for 2006 and in London, 2007. The next year her work began being auctioned and in 2009 she discovered NAG, an international group working on non-narrative photography. Annabelle is currently living and working in Québec, Canada.


Artifact, New York

Rogue Studio,  New York

Espace Alleray, France Télécom, Paris

19th District of Paris Town Hall

Espace Contemporain, Québec, Canada

Copenhagen Rahuset, Copenhagen

Ride Amt Kunst Museum, Denmark

Alborg Kunst Museum, Denmark

Art Gallery of Xiamen University, China

Art Gallery of Guanzhou University, China

Galeriazero, Barcelona

Usine 106U, Montréal, Canada

Primo Piano Living Gallery, Italy


Oeil sur la Photographie d'art, Julien Grill, Institiut Européen des Arts Contemporains Edition, 2013 France.

Art in America, 2012 Guide Museums Galleries Artists.

Everything is Art, New York


Catalogue of Iris Collection deposit at the London Library.

Dictionary 2019-2004 Drouot Cotation, Paris, Larousse Edition.

Catalogue des collections de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Forêt 2 - Photograph
Voiture 05 - Photograph
Forêt 3 - Photograph
Voiture 09 - Photograph

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