A Quiet Place

A quiet place, a happy place, a dream, a pause.

Group Exhibit curated by Myrina Tunberg Georgiou

Featuring Artwork by

Paul Kingsley Squire ∙ Tejbir Singh ∙ Francesca Busca ∙ Atom Hovhanesyan ∙ Satomi Sugimoto ∙ Mary Di Iorio ∙ Thorsten Boehm ∙ Gus Fine Art ∙ Angeles Gonzalez ∙ Mathieu Nozieres ∙ Philip Mckay ∙ Weiting Wei ∙ Vanja Basic ∙ Asta Caplan ∙ Wolfgang Bellingradt ∙ Michael Ian Goulding ∙ Marshall Gould ∙ Giacomo Giannelli ∙ Haimi Fenichel ∙ Svetlana Melik-Nubarova ∙ Egon Gade ∙ Catherine Pickop ∙ Newel Hunter ∙ Jingfeng Li ∙ Sam Barrow ∙ Ola Lis ∙ Eva Cocco ∙ Carmen Rey ∙ Gary Wagner ∙ Elizabeth Frank ∙ Stéphane Vereecken ∙ Anne Jeffery ∙ Jaco Putker ∙ Moving Elephant by Mark ∙ Zu Sheng Yu ∙ Zephyra Vun

Meet The Artists

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Paul Kingsley Squire

“For me, art and music have always served as a form of escape, toward a freedom of sorts. I am expressing an inner state of being, a yearning for other worlds and realities, whether through painting, digital art, drawing or music composition.”

Tejbir Singh

An architect by profession, Tejbir Singh has always been fond of doodling, sketching and painting. In school, his teachers encouraged and introduced him to oils at a very young age. His tryst with watercolors started when he joined University to study Architecture. He also keeps dabbling with pastels, charcoal and pen and ink.

Francesca Busca

Haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction, Francesca believes in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through re-thinking, re-purposing and reducing, pushing for a swift move to an all-encompassing circular economy. Her works are made of rubbish and found material.

Atom Hovhanesyan

After refining and continuing to develop the post divisionist technique by painting not so much in a narrative sense, Atom painted bits and pieces of thoughts or emotions/memories, at times incidental, at times directed consciously, unified in one mood or an atmosphere.

Satomi Sugimoto

Satomi Sugimoto was born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1982 and currently lives and works in Tokyo. She received her BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York. As a sculptor, she creates intimate-scale forms which are very raw, primitive, and organic with a very sensitive use of painting.

Mary Di Iorio

Born in Itabirito, MG, Brazil, Mary Di Iorio began her life as a plastic artist in the spring of 1969, exhibiting at Galeria do Minas Tenis Clube - Salão Jovem. She collaborated in the formation of the Faculty of Arts, Federal University of Uberlândia - MG, where she was a teacher and Chair of the Department. She is the author of the book Ceramics in Brazil: Systematization Bibliographic.

Thorsten Boehm

German Artist, Thorsten Boehm was born in 1974 in Hamburg where he lives and works today. His unique body of work exemplifies a unique way of working by blending an array of graphic techniques including drawing, hatching and airbrushing resulting in intricately precise and beautiful pictures.

Gus Fine Art

"A self-taught artist in constant formation, I try to transmit with my works the emotions that fill me, they pass through my mind and I imagine when I see a landscape, a street, or I simply create them from the beginning, creative edit, I let out what goes through my mind."

Angeles Gonzalez

"I use photography as a medium of personal expression in function of the perception that I have for Art. I recreate qualities that represent my vision of human nature — constantly looking inside the light for the shadows. I create a personal style and experiment with a world closer to pictorial art."

Mathieu Nozieres

"I'm inspired by humanity and its various cultures. Through my artworks, I aim to create a bridge between the past, the present, and hopefully, the future."

Philip Mckay

Award-winning, self-taught digital artist from Liverpool, UK, Philip McKay's art has been exhibited in many art galleries across the world and has adorned book covers for popular authors as well as music album covers.

Weiting Wei

Weiting Wei (b. 1984, FuJian China) received her MFA in Visual Art from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2018. She is a multimedia artist creating works out of paper, wax, clay, and soap. Her sculptural work uses traditional elements to explore very personal, yet universal, experiences of motherhood.

Vanja Basic

Vanja Basic is a Serbian Artist living in France. She holds an MA in Design, Management, and Eco-Design and a BA Graphic and Interior Design.

Asta Caplan

Born 1982 in Finland, to a family of artists, Asta Caplan graduated the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts in Painting with studies in printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Since 2014, Caplan lives in Munich, Germany selling and exhibiting art internationally.

Wolfgang Bellingradt

Born 1952 in Aachen, Wolfgang Bellingradt studied at the University of Design and Art (MFA). He has received the 1st prize European Polaroid Competition and did a study visit with photographer, Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park in California, USA. Bellingradt's illustrations have been in national and international publications, and he has proposed medical and anatomical drawings for innovative surgical methods.

Michael Ian Goulding

"I think the world would be a better place if we all focused more of our attention on creating and appreciating beauty. Although I greatly enjoy exhibiting my artwork, over the last few years, I have focused my attention on publishing my artwork in order to reach a wider audience with whom to share it. I thank Circle Foundation for the Arts for providing that opportunity."

Marshall Gould

Often taking candid, documentary-style shots on location with natural light, Gould’s latest subject matter might involve a landscape of the American West, a series of equine portraits or documentary images that show the intimate relationship between a mare and her newborn foal, or a culture/lifestyle image, making these gritty, regional works as conceptually dense as they are compositionally superb.

Giacomo Giannelli

Italian fine art photographer, Giacomo Giannelli is based in London.  He has a background as videographer and storyteller which provides an emotional advantage and perspective in his photography. Bathed in masterful light and with a mysterious undertone, each of Giannelli's picture tells a very unique story. 

Haimi Fenichel

Fenichel produces finely detailed objects in diverse materials, applying elaborate techniques and technologies. His complex, refined sculptures are informed by the forms, styles, and materials of early modernist architecture in Israel. He employs construction materials prevalent in Israeli interiors and urban settings, such as sand, concrete, and terrazzo.

Svetlana Melik-Nubarova

Born in Kazakhstan, Svetlana Melik-Nubarova studied music and painting starting at a young age. She graduated the Kazakh National Conservatory, as a pianist and later received a Psychology education in Novosibirsk. She has been in many exhibits and won international awards including solo shows in Almaty, a Gold Metal in Trienberg, Finalist Award for the Cliftons Art Prize 2017, a Gold Award at 2018 Paris Photo Prize and many more accolades.

Egon Gade

Egon Gade works out of Copenhagen for Danish and Scandinavian design companies. International design icons such as Bang & Olufsen, Fritz Hansen, Maersk Sealine, Carlsberg, Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen are amongst some of his clients. Simplicity best describes Egon's pictures. Growing-up in a country with famous designers like Arne Jacobsen, Paul Kjærholm and Hans J. Wegner has significantly influenced his work as a photographer.

Catherine Pickop

Repetition, stillness, and rhythm are essential elements in Catherine Pickop’s work. She is particularly interested in how art can help to express internal emotions and rationalize inner thoughts. She began using coffee residue as a material in her art-making, exploring feelings consciously and subconsciously as a method of self-discovery.

Newel Hunter

Newel Hunter is an award-winning American artist who has developed a dynamic style of painting crafted around action, drama, and vitality. His stated ambition is to create a body of work where, "ideas, discovery and surprise reign supreme." And in doing so, he skirts the boundaries between realism and abstract, fiction and fact. Every image is a whole body exercise in storytelling.

Sam Barrow

Sam Barrow was born and currently resides in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today he works as a self-taught, fine art landscape and creative portrait photographer. His formal training and work are in the earth sciences, but he has also studied Landscape Architecture, Music and Publishing and draws upon all of these in his work.

Ola Lis

"Despite my education, I am not so interested in Architecture as much as I am in Man. As a scientist, I explore issues regarding the relationship between Man and the environment and, aside from my research and teaching work, Man is a subject for my painting studies in various portrait impressions."

Eva Cocco

Ceramic artist, Eva Cocco was born on the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy where she grew up surrounded by nature and wild things. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Roma TRE University, a Master’s of Urban Design at Roma TRE University Italy (2007) and Master’s in Landscape Design at The City College of New York (2011). She lives and works in NYC.

Carmen Rey

"I strive to achieve an emotional representation of the figure, through realistic or imaginative details. Trying to capture the real nature of a person is what propels my art."

Gary Wagner

" work exclusively in black and white. This medium best relates to the shapes, lines, and tones of the landscape and more fully captures what I am viewing when I look at a scene. Color imagery for me is too close to reality and more of a visual record, than an artistic interpretation. I understand that the world is in color, and we see in color, but I find the magic of light on the sea and land to best be conveyed in black and white."

Elizabeth Frank

Arizona-based, American artist Elizabeth Frank feels a communion with trees. It began with a childhood spent exploring the outdoors. At age nine her family moved for several years to Olympia, Washington. There the rainforests near her home became her sanctuary. Now living in the Sonoran Desert she still visits the forests of Nothern Arizona or New Mexico at least once a year to gather aspen for her carvings. She thinks of each visit as a pilgrimage.

Stéphane Vereecken

Belgian photographer and artist, Stéphane Vereecken holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Brussels. He has been actively exhibiting from a young age in cultural centers and galleries in Brussels. Classical studies in several art academies and different media have allowed the artist to develop a multidisciplinary vision.

Anne Jeffery

"My photomontages may be composed of up to 70 different layers.  A layer may be an original digital photograph, a digital creation such as flare, fog, stars, shadows, color splashes or a layer may modify another layer by adjusting exposure, hue, saturation, color, and/or texture."

Jaco Putker

Jaco Putker composes vivid, fantastical scenes reminiscent of strange dreams that transcend the boundaries between magical and dangerous, nostalgic and futuristic.

Moving Elephant by Mark

For Mark, the art of photography is synonymous with life, embodying a never-ending journey which is manifested in his creativity and artistic vision. Capturing his scenes with only naturally available light as well as directly shot monochrome, his images hold power in their underlying preservation of photography in its most natural and raw form.

Zu Sheng Yu

Not limited by the skills and techniques acquired throughout life, Zu Sheng Yu passionately discovers ways to express his ideas – a desire that drives him to constantly innovate and create.

Zephyra Vun

"How do we challenge our understanding of architecture + design as it relates to the self, process, and scale? Rooted in translating design ideas through more relatable conditions, my work imaginatively expresses architecture as a concept through the subjective context of visual art."

Brief by the Curator

A quiet place, a happy place, a dream, a pause.

Violently engaged in a participatory culture that requires us to be constantly connected, our minds are incessantly bombarded with an array of unsolicited information pleading for our emotional reactions. The media has become a cacophony of commercial and political propaganda never ceasing to deliver us personally-outfitted messages aiming to reach our pockets or our deepest feelings.

Our social instinct of belonging has been downgraded to a bunch of pixels forming an upward-pointing-thumb.

Whether we lack the understanding of how our collected data can become the collective enemy or whether we are willingly letting it be gathered for the sake of a bit more comfort in our lives, the cost of our digital habits is about to equal the loss not only of our political democracy, but of our true identities altogether. Can you truly form your own identity when you are constantly occupied with what others are, say, do, think, or want you to be, say, do or think?

What becomes the purpose of art in a society constantly soliciting our emotional reactions?
What can a simple quiet moment of gazing offer to our tirelessly assessing eyes?
Can art provide solitude? Can an image guide us into peacefulness?
Can we find ourselves a quiet place through art?

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