Annuli Viherjuuri

"I work with oil on canvas. I like to play with thin and thick layers, and also with glossy transparency and velvety of beeswax. My goal is to create an organic whole of different shapes and color, and to leave space for surprises and for many interpretations."

Peaceful Sentiment, 2022 - Oil on canvas 110 x 95 cm

Finnish artist, Annuli Viherjuuri (b. 1984) has been involved in joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has had solo exhibitions since 2006. Annuli earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in 2008. Viherjuuri was 'The Young Artist of Summer 2010' at The Art Center Salmela. Her artworks are found in public collections; for example in Oulu Museum of Art (OMA). She lives and works in Kokkola, Finland.

Possible and Desirable, 2022 - Oil on canvas 130 x 110 cm
Enthusiasm and Moderation, 2021 - Oil on canvas 110 x 95 cm
Consideration and Maturity, 2022 - Oil on canvas 110 x 95 cm
Effortless Sentiment, 2021 - Oil on canvas 110 x 95 cm

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