Antonieta Martinho

“My painting speaks of the language of the time in which we live, in search of a new expression adapted to the rhythm, freedom, and context of current life. I have always been interested in abstract works. In my search came the choice of a new support material, using new painting techniques.”

STILLNESS, 2020 – Installation, mixed media on copolyester, twelve canvases, White Land – 200 x 120 cm each and Serpentine, floor piece (overall dimensions – 250 x 250 x 440 cm)

Solo Shows

2020 – “BEYOND THE PLASTIC” – Casino Lisbon

2020 – “THE LINE WALK” – Municipal Library of Setúbal


2019 – “STILLNESS…”, Gallery of Modern Art, S.N.B.A., Lisbon

2018 – “recoding-recodificar”, FMP, Oeiras

2017- “CHANGING DIALOG” – Lisbon Municipal Chamber

2016 – “deconstruction” Gallery of Modern Art, S.N.B.A., Lisbon


"Since 2006, I have regularly participated in several collectives, biennials and competitions (selection). My work has a reflective component about the world. I am disturbed by the impact of the images that invade our daily lives and which we cannot remain indifferent to, and my works represent what I feel. 

In the atelier, my work practice conveys joy, exploring the relationships of colors, infinite varieties of contrast, vibrant interaction as well as the search for balance and serenity in soft colors, an expression of the resignation of this period in which humanity lives. I can start a painting with an idea of colors and composition, but the painting process turns out to be an experimental conversation. Each successive layer of paint is a reaction to the previous layer, a dialogue between the self and the painting. For me, painting becomes as necessary as food, it is a constant call to face the present and follow the flow. The movement of the brush, the application of the paint, are partly conditioned by feelings, experiences and thoughts. I paint because I feel a deep desire to give expression to things for which I cannot find words. 

My conceptual approach has always been linked to the landscape, the little we see and how we see it. I am interested in showing the landscape as an (abstract) part of the image of a whole (figurative). The attendance of several art schools allowed me to develop technical content and theoretical approaches, in order to affirm the choice of a multidisciplinary vision in my artistic creation."

SIGHTINGS #6, 2017 - Mixed media
INTERACTION #7, 2021 - Mixed media on copolyester 30 x 30 cm
FLASH, 2018 - Photograph, PVC printing 85 x 70 cm
RITUAL #II, 2016 - Oil on linen 100 x 150 cm

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