Antonio Aleixo Cristo

Canção O Grito das Cinzas

Portuguese Artist, António Aleixo Cristo was born in 1946 and had his first exhibition in 1972  at the Kultur – Centrum Gallery of Stockholm. He has made many trips to Italy, France,  Spain,  Holland and Scandinavia. His resume includes a First Prize Award at The International Art Fair (Portimão, Portugal, 1992) for his work ‘The Famous Wall Decomposition’ and he won 3rd place in the National Contest sponsored by Daily Gallery News, Lisbon (1992-3) with ‘Remote Time II’ and ‘Bronze Palette’ at the  Inter-District Competition 1992/3 by Infante Dom  Henrique Museum Faro, Portugal. The artist is currently undertaking research in Tiling, Painting, Digital Art, and Photography, whose influence is prominent throughout his experimental, expressionistic work in a variety of media.

Paisagem Urbana IV
Lua Cheia, e Menina com Vestido Azul
Lua Cheia, e Menina com Vestido Azul
Estorias sem Palavras IV

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