Anya Lauchlan

"Learn how to do it properly, you can always spoil it later."

"I was trained by a student of Marc Chagall in the tradition, and influenced by the 1905-1940 art of the School of Paris group. I explore different media and subjects: from landscape, marine and still-life to portrait and abstracts."

Daydreamer - Oil on canvas 914 x 914 mm

“A British national, living in France, I was born after the war in Moscow in a family of Jewish doctors in the middle of the Stalin's era and grew up in that strangely polarised environment. My artistic upbringing was based on Western art, mainly the School of Paris; at that time officially considered as decadent, nearly criminal. I was trained in art since eight years old and worked as an illustrator since sixteen. By 1979, in my thirties I was put out of work as a ''refusenik'' and managed to get away in 1989, settling in the UK.

I worked as in-house book designer/illustrator for The Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, a private tutor, and a linguist.  In all, I have illustrated, designed and published over fifty books. I began painting again in 1991 and have been actively exhibiting solo in the UK and France since as well as group shows in Europe. My painting appeared on English National Ballet,  BBC TV with the ENB 1998-99.

I am now based in Normandy, France since 2006.”

Tranquillity - Oil on canvas 914 x 914 mm
Etruscan Summer 3 - Oil on canvas 914 x 914 mm
Blue Mountain - Oil on canvas 800 x 800 mm
Le Bateau Ivre - Oil on canvas 1500 x 1500 mm

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