Monika Furmana

Born 1978, Vilnius, Lithuania

Lives in: Vilnius, Lithuania

Media: Painting

Describe your art in 3 words: Painted Pain Passion

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Victim with a Thousands Faces - Oil on canvas 210 x 530 cm

"Contrasts captivate me. They allow me to complicate my existence. Such surfaces turn into intense energetic knots in which the relation between body and thing is crucial – the life hiding in the thing and the thing-like quality of the body. In my work, these two components began to slowly intertwine into a single cyborg “woman-machine”, into a woman whose body is shot through with history."

What themes does your work involve?
My art investigates what a contemporary woman is.
Describe your creative process.
Usually, I'm inspired by searching material for my art. Mainly it is all kinds of pictures from the internet which I combine to create one body. Sometimes some striking news on TV is a cause of a new piece. This way I express my attitude toward my surroundings, often it's an expression of the sadness and despair I feel in other people. I don't work in series, on purpose, but it seems my paintings are changing every year, so sometimes it looks like series. The creation of a new work starts from one corner if I don't have a particular idea and I follow my intuition until it turns into some idea of which painting is proposing me. It's always a dialog between me and the canvas.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
I feel the necessity to paint from my childhood. That is how I communicate to the world and that's the way I understand myself - what condition am I at?
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Good art has to involve much space for the spectator to see his/her own story in it. For me, it has to represent today's world and its problems.
What is the role of the artist today?
Artist is a mirror of the world he/she lives in. The art will remain telling our story after we are gone.

"I am in the final phase of my first book. This collection is already dear to me. Not only the photo works of the last 4 years will be included, but also my stories about my works and other themes. Shooting for this series, which was 4 years in the making, Kaat Stieber made use of various locations and a variety of different media. Photos of objects, still life and people are shot at her studio. The scenery is found on her travels and on walks through nature. Kaat carries her camera with her wherever she goes. A beautiful sky, a lonely tree or a solitary cow, she captures the images to add them to her private collection."


This interview was published by Circle Foundation of the Arts. © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist