Cora Vogtschmid

Born 1952, The Netherlands

Lives in: Amsterdam

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Here Comes The Sun - Oil on canvas 110 x 120 cm

"I've been drawing and painting since I was young. In my father's family there were many painters, so I kind of grew up with it and was encouraged by them. After a visit to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam at the age of nine, I was determined, that was what I wanted to be, a painter."

What themes does your work involve?
There are no chosen themes. It's mostly about what is dear and near to me. My family, the canals around my house in the centre of Amsterdam. But also the sea, the beach and a walk through the dunes towards it. Above all what light does, it's the beginning of everything.
Describe your creative process.
I'm always drawing, mostly with black ink on paper, from pictures I took with my phone or sometimes from the paper. Somewhere there starts the image, that can be in oil or in a bigger drawing in charcoal.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
As I mentioned before, the things around me, To have a closer look. Why I make it? It,s my profession and may be also a kind of defect. Then why keep on doing it and earn so little! And I look at other painters, how they solved things and handled paint. I go to galleries to see young artists and so on.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Good art is art that moves you or even disturbs you, Takes you out of your daily grind. A stand still-image, a painting is a good painting when you can look at it endlessly.
What is the role of the artist today?
I think to open up things show people a closer and different look.


This interview was published by Circle Foundation of the Arts. © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist