Bryce August LeFort

Born in: 1984, Philadelphia,PA, USA
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Describe your art in three words: Fluid Intentional Respectful
Education: University of Pennsylvania – BA
International Yacht Restoration School
California College of the Arts – MFA
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Let's Meet Back Here - Laminated Poplar ; 5' x 8' x 5' ; $11800

"My work is an intersection of organic design and craftsmanship. My sculpture originates from the traditional, yet contemporary, art form of boatbuilding. It evolves from the developing of techniques and processes, to create pieces that are immersed with fluidity and movement. With a tireless pursuit of excellence, my work is immersive and inspirational as both art and craft."

What themes does your work involve?
In my work, I hope the process and production stand equal in content as their result. I create pieces built on the techniques and craftsmanship of generations of makers that honors their history. The time and dedication allow me to reflect what I see and want to see in the world around me. In my art, I capture fluid movement and passage of time in the moment.
Describe your creative process.
Each of my works is arrived at differently. Some pieces are fully conceived, and it becomes a process of how to create the work. Other pieces are born from a material or technique that I think needs to be explored further to realize the possibilities. Almost all my work is a combination of the two creative processes. My practice is a journey that is constantly evolving as I work.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
Everything influences my art. How objects around us are made, the materials, shapes, color, and our interactions with each. Nature and specifically the ocean I feel a deep connection. The fluid movement of water and my background as a boatbuilder resonate throughout my practice. I hope my work can inspire others to look for the potential in materials and process, not to replace what exists but to evolve and expand.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
The best part of art is it can be great in different ways to everyone. For me being able to make art is a gift, that I try to pass along to the viewer. Great art draws in the viewer, it can shift our perspective of what is possible, it can completely capture a feeling or a moment, it can transport us to a place we have never been, or we are eager to return. Great art is made with respect for the materials, process, and the viewer.
What is the role of the artist today?
I believe an artist is responsible for listening as well as communicating. While the individual artist can only create from their own perspective, it is experienced by many. An artist can look beyond oneself to give the viewer the opportunity to participate with the work. An artist is a vessel for creation, that does not conclude upon completion, it continues with the viewer in their thoughts and memories. It is an honor.
Paper Rings - Laminated Douglas Fir and Copper Foil ; 36" x 32" x 16" ; $1750
The Way I Am (2022) - Laminated Douglas Fir ; 7' x 5' x 5' ; $12500
Ain't No Mountain High Enough, 2022 - Laminated Douglas Fir ; 48" x 54" x 28" ; $4200
Call My Name, 2023 - Laminated Mahogany ; 68" x 38" x 10"


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