The CFA Artist of the Year Award 2023-2024

Titles, Awards & Grants Announcement

With artists from around the world, submitting artwork in a variety of styles and representing every fine art category, selecting only a handful of images was not a simple task. As with our previous CFA Artist of the Year contests, we based our judgement on the aesthetic and technical aspects each piece, as well as the degree of originality and uniqueness of the artist's practice. Please continue below for the results' announcement of this season's titles and awards.

CFA Artist of the Year 2024

First Place Award

Noémie L. Côté

(Canada, Painter)

CFA Artist of the Year 2024

Second Place Award


(Macedonia, Painter)

CFA Artist of the Year 2024

Third Place Award

Anthea Kerou

(USA, Multidisciplinary)

Kathryn Bagwell
Alyson J Barton
Marcio Bravo
Nicolas Castell
Björn Dämpfling
Georg Douglas
Marino di Teana
Monica R Hilario
Elisa Holderman
Yoyo Hu
Irene Koroluk
Marek Krumpár
Ricky Montilla
Vanessa Onuk
Anatoly Popov
Wen Redmond
Deborah Scott
Coriolana Simon
Risa Wada
Gary Wagner
Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands

Important Notes for Participating Artists


All participating artists have been personally emailed regarding the results announcement.

If you participated in this contest and did not receive our email, please contact us at

Where can I read more about the selected artists? In the following days, we will post interviews and more work by the selected artists on our website. Check back to read more about their work. Also, in early summer, our top picks from this contest will be featured in the 4rth issue of Art IDEAL book.

Why are most selected artists painters? It is because about 85% of all contest entries submitted to the contest were paintings.

The awards in this contest included 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners and 21 Finalists, 50 Honorable Mention Awards, 50 Masterful Mind Awards, 50 Artistic Excellence Awards. All other artists have been notified on receiving their Participation Certificate.



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